Introduction Of Cindy The Pink Haired Girl

[2009-06-01 13:51:58] * ClockworkMage rushes in and grabs the hookah he'd left sitting in the break room, inspecting it for use. "Oh thank god, last thing we need is it used in here."
[2009-06-01 13:52:23] * Dr-Machina proceeds to run a double-check on his computer.
[2009-06-01 13:53:07] * Lurker creeps into the room slowly and quietly, grabs a cup of coffee, and goes to sit in a corner, leaning up against the wall. Finally back to normal.
[2009-06-01 13:53:07] <Dr-Machina> "That's… that can't be right. That doesn't even really make sense."
[2009-06-01 13:53:41] * Imants opens the ventilation grille and steps out
[2009-06-01 13:54:10] <Imants> "Hello"
[2009-06-01 13:54:55] * Dr-Machina watcher as his computer shows a "CHECKING" screen, for a few seconds, then show "CONFIRMED MATCH" again.
[2009-06-01 13:55:12] * ClockworkMage is inspecting the hookah here no that he's not on the road.
[2009-06-01 13:55:37] * Imants opens the fridge, and rummages.
[2009-06-01 13:55:44] * Dr-Machina sighs, and leans back in his hair.
[2009-06-01 13:55:53] * Dr-Machina looks around.
[2009-06-01 13:55:56] <Dumount> Dumount walks into the room, female
[2009-06-01 13:56:05] <Dumount> Purple haired
[2009-06-01 13:56:08] <Dumount> Still from last night
[2009-06-01 13:56:22] * Imants pulls out a pickle, and starts munching
[2009-06-01 13:56:51] * Dumount looks around
[2009-06-01 13:56:52] <Dr-Machina> "Hmm? Oh, hello, Durmount."
[2009-06-01 13:56:56] <Imants> "Hello Docter Machina"
[2009-06-01 13:56:59] <Dumount> "Ah… morning Locke, Machina"
[2009-06-01 13:57:03] <Dumount> "Imants"
[2009-06-01 13:57:08] <Imants> "Hello Dumont-with-purple-hair"
[2009-06-01 13:57:26] <Dr-Machina> "Ah, hello, Imants."
[2009-06-01 13:57:38] <Dumount> "So… Locke I heard you had a good date with six?"
[2009-06-01 13:57:45] * Imants continues to munch.
[2009-06-01 13:58:16] <Dr-Machina> "Say, Durmount, what do you make of this?"
[2009-06-01 13:58:33] * Dumount moves over to Machina, and looks at the article
[2009-06-01 13:58:34] * Dr-Machina shows Durmount his comp screen.
[2009-06-01 13:58:51] * Lurker looks up from his corner, then down at his coffee cup. He hasn't taken a sip.
[2009-06-01 13:59:02] <Dumount> "Well… either someone faked details, which is possible, or some experement with the dead D-class personel resulted in that."
[2009-06-01 13:59:13] <Dumount> "Who is this genetic profile for anyway?"
[2009-06-01 13:59:13] * Imants takes a sip of Lurker's coffee (through a straw)
[2009-06-01 13:59:35] <Dr-Machina> "The person you see is a Deceased D-Class."
[2009-06-01 13:59:51] <Dumount> "I meant the one being compared to the dead D-class"
[2009-06-01 14:00:21] <Dr-Machina> "This came up looking for close enough DNA matches to that Girl… the Jane Doe, for a parent."
[2009-06-01 14:00:25] * Lurker doesn't seem to notice.
[2009-06-01 14:00:39] <Imants> "Hello Lurker"
[2009-06-01 14:00:47] * Imants leans close
[2009-06-01 14:00:54] <Dr-Machina> "This guy is all that came up. No mother. And this guy had no known romantic relationships."
[2009-06-01 14:01:03] <Dumount> "Well… There could have been faked files…" Dumount says "There are moles in the system"
[2009-06-01 14:01:35] * Lurker looks up. "Hello Agent Imants."
[2009-06-01 14:01:39] <Dumount> "Or, well, there are some odd SCPs, and some of them are female… and when a female humanoid SCP gets pregnent the order is usualy to dispose of the child"
[2009-06-01 14:01:49] <Dumount> "And there are moles in the system"
[2009-06-01 14:01:50] <Dr-Machina> "Also…. The guy seems to have been killed before this girl would have been born."
[2009-06-01 14:02:07] <Imants> "How are you"
[2009-06-01 14:02:08] <Dr-Machina> "Yes, you keep saying that."
[2009-06-01 14:02:12] <Dumount> "That's not really a major issue here, sperm lasts a long time"
[2009-06-01 14:02:31] <Dumount> "Well, I mean, who's going to dispose of a monster in the disguise of a baby girl?"
[2009-06-01 14:03:01] <Dr-Machina> "Hey, honestly, we don't even know if she's an SCP yet."
[2009-06-01 14:03:21] <Dumount> "Have you put her through many tests? Any at all?"
[2009-06-01 14:03:25] <Dr-Machina> "Some odd cybernetics, but nothing MASSIVE."
[2009-06-01 14:03:32] * Lurker blinks at the cup, then turns to Imants. "I'm not sure."
[2009-06-01 14:03:57] <Dumount> "Cybernetics… that's pretty common in the Chaos Insurgency as a way to produce brainwashed supersoldiers for infiltration programs"
[2009-06-01 14:03:59] * Agent_Strelnikov walks into the breakroom. He heads to the coffee machine and pours himself a cup.
[2009-06-01 14:04:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Hyel-lo."
[2009-06-01 14:04:39] <Dumount> "There are other groups that use them too, but I've had to remove the cybernetics from a few captured chaos insurgency members. It's not pretty what happens to their minds"
[2009-06-01 14:04:41] <Dr-Machina> "Except she had none in her brain or anything. It looks like they may have been to keep her alive."
[2009-06-01 14:04:43] * Dumount shudders slightly
[2009-06-01 14:04:59] <Dumount> "That is unusual certainly"
[2009-06-01 14:05:41] <Imants> "Why not?"
[2009-06-01 14:05:50] <Imants> "Hello Strelnikov"
[2009-06-01 14:05:55] <Imants> "Do you have any vodka?"
[2009-06-01 14:06:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No."
[2009-06-01 14:06:09] * Agent_Strelnikov sits down and sips his coffee
[2009-06-01 14:06:16] <Imants> "Oh… do you know where I can get some?"
[2009-06-01 14:06:17] * ClockworkMage finishes cleaning the hookah. It's then that he turns to look at the rest of the room. "Oh hey, guys.'
[2009-06-01 14:06:24] * Dumount blinks at Stelnikov "Is your back O.K?"
[2009-06-01 14:06:33] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Dumount. "…Yes."
[2009-06-01 14:06:38] * Dumount grins "By which I mean, is it still O.K"
[2009-06-01 14:06:39] <Dumount> "Good!"
[2009-06-01 14:06:43] * Dumount gives Strel a hug
[2009-06-01 14:06:43] <Dr-Machina> "It's mostly just artificial organs and such. And artificial heart, some comm devices in her ears, eye implants, that sort of thing."
[2009-06-01 14:06:44] <Lurker> "I'm unsure because I don't know who I am anymore."
[2009-06-01 14:06:59] <Dumount> "I see…"
[2009-06-01 14:07:09] <Dumount> "And lurker… don't be so depressed."
[2009-06-01 14:07:25] <Dumount> "Come here, give me a hug, then hug Locke, six"
[2009-06-01 14:07:36] * Imants pours copious amounts of Vodka into Lurker's cup.
[2009-06-01 14:07:37] <Dumount> "Is she awake and alert Machina?
[2009-06-01 14:07:41] * Lurker blinks in his corner, then looks back down at his coffee cup
[2009-06-01 14:08:04] <Dr-Machina> "But it appears that they may have been there to entirely replace existing organs and what not- They could have been put there because she was blind and/or deaf."
[2009-06-01 14:08:12] <Dr-Machina> "And no, not right now."
[2009-06-01 14:08:15] <Imants> "Drink this."
[2009-06-01 14:08:21] * ClockworkMage lifts the hookah, looking at Dumount as his name gets mentioned. "What? Who? I didn't do it, I was off base!"
[2009-06-01 14:08:29] * Agent_Strelnikov is hugged. He sips his coffee.
[2009-06-01 14:08:35] <Dr-Machina> "She's on a coma, it seems. Or something like it."
[2009-06-01 14:08:46] * Lurker looks to Imants sadly. "I'm not even thirsty… I don't know why I got this." He holds the cup out to the agent.
[2009-06-01 14:09:16] <Dumount> "I see. I have experence with comas and cyborgs… I could assist… Looocke, go say hi to your boyfreind! give him a hug! Six is right there!"
[2009-06-01 14:09:38] <Dumount> "You're being a bad boyfreind Locke, you should buy him flowers, and write poetry for him"
[2009-06-01 14:10:24] * Imants looks at Lurker.
[2009-06-01 14:10:29] <Imants> "I was not offering."
[2009-06-01 14:10:34] * Dumount turns back to Machina
[2009-06-01 14:10:35] <Imants> "Drink it. NOW."
[2009-06-01 14:10:41] <Dr-Machina> "Well, as long as you're actually wanting to help, I can accept that offer, Durmont."
[2009-06-01 14:10:42] * Lurker snaps his head up, eyes red instead of blue, and uses a nearby armchair to lunge at Dumount.
[2009-06-01 14:10:45] <Dumount> "But yes… I could assist… possibly"
[2009-06-01 14:11:13] * Dumount is lunged at, and doesn't notice due to paying attention to Dr-Machnia now
[2009-06-01 14:11:24] <Dr-Machina> "But I don't want to make judgements about her nature until I've at least talked to her."
[2009-06-01 14:11:26] <Lurker> 4d6 Knocking Dumount over.
[2009-06-01 14:11:26] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Knocking Dumount over.: 18 [4d6=2,6,5,5]
[2009-06-01 14:11:38] <Dumount> 3d6 rock and hard place
[2009-06-01 14:11:39] <Magic_8-Ball> Dumount, rock and hard place: 14 [3d6=4,4,6]
[2009-06-01 14:11:39] * Imants lunges after Lurker and attempts to make him drink the goddamn coffee
[2009-06-01 14:11:48] <Dumount> Lurker knocks Dumount over
[2009-06-01 14:11:49] * Dr-Machina yelps and attempts to dive out of the way.
[2009-06-01 14:11:50] <Dumount> "Ack!"
[2009-06-01 14:11:58] <Dr-Machina> 3d6 DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!
[2009-06-01 14:11:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Machina, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!: 10 [3d6=5,2,3]
[2009-06-01 14:12:16] * Dr-Machina dives out of the way.
[2009-06-01 14:12:17] <Dumount> Machina sucessfuly dodges, not really being Lurker's target
[2009-06-01 14:12:18] * Rights walks into the breakroom with her usual absent look in her eyes and a small smile…before spotting what's going on and stopping, frowning.
[2009-06-01 14:12:34] <Dumount> "Lurker! Why the pounce?"
[2009-06-01 14:12:40] * Lurker growls in Dumount's face, then calmly crawls off of the Doctor, blinking to Imants.
[2009-06-01 14:12:41] <Imants> 6d6 Uncanny ability (coffee)
[2009-06-01 14:12:42] <Magic_8-Ball> Imants, Uncanny ability (coffee): 23 [6d6=5,4,1,4,5,4]
[2009-06-01 14:12:44] * Lurker 's eyes are blue again
[2009-06-01 14:12:46] * Dumount blinks
[2009-06-01 14:12:53] <Dumount> "Six… what was that about?"
[2009-06-01 14:12:56] * ClockworkMage is holding breakable glass objects and doesn't know how to react.
[2009-06-01 14:12:57] * Dumount looks woried
[2009-06-01 14:12:58] <Rights> "…God damn it, you kids better be playing nice in here."
[2009-06-01 14:13:03] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights.
[2009-06-01 14:13:19] * Lurker looks up at Rights, then at Imants, then Dumount. "I should go…"
[2009-06-01 14:13:24] * Dr-Machina puts his hand on his Sig Sauer… Just in case.
[2009-06-01 14:13:29] * Lurker is force-fed the coffee.
[2009-06-01 14:13:39] * Rights sounds very motherly today, smiling and waving to Dmitri before frowning at Lurker. "…Lurker, wait, I need to talk with you-"
[2009-06-01 14:14:00] <ClockworkMage> "Imantis, cut that out! Not helping!"
[2009-06-01 14:14:04] * Lurker pauses in mid step and looks down. "I'm listening…"
[2009-06-01 14:14:20] * Dumount holds Lurker against her "Not letting you go! You need to talk! You are having emotional problems and need to share them with concerned freinds in order for you and your concerned freinds all feel better"
[2009-06-01 14:14:27] <Imants> "He needed to drink the coffee"
[2009-06-01 14:14:41] * Rights walks over to Lurker, giving Dumount a solid thump to get her some privacy with Lurker, and pulling him off to the side
[2009-06-01 14:14:50] * Rights whispers under her breath to Lurker, seeming concerned
[2009-06-01 14:14:55] * Dr-Machina is not even going to ask at this point.
[2009-06-01 14:15:11] <ClockworkMage> "Uh, Dumount… I'm pretty sure you're not a therapist. And if you are, I want your license on a silver platter now."
[2009-06-01 14:15:13] <Dr-Machina> "Oy vey."
[2009-06-01 14:15:54] * Dumount looks a bit annoyed, stands, and pats herself off "I'm not a trained psychologist, but I do have a therapy liscence"
[2009-06-01 14:16:00] <Dr-Machina> "AN-Y-WAYYYYYY…."
[2009-06-01 14:16:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[2009-06-01 14:16:16] <Dumount> "Right… right… Machina"
[2009-06-01 14:16:18] <ClockworkMage> "There isn't a test to get those. There should be."
[2009-06-01 14:16:27] <Dumount> "I need to help you with your Jane Doe"
[2009-06-01 14:16:41] <Dumount> "Locke… you've never seen me in therepist mode."
[2009-06-01 14:16:58] <Dumount> "Because I don't tend to use it. Dr. Glass is a better therepist then I am"
[2009-06-01 14:17:16] <Dumount> "So I direct people with psycological woes to Dr. Glass usualy"
[2009-06-01 14:17:30] * Agent_Strelnikov is wondering just what the fuck is going on.
[2009-06-01 14:17:36] <Dumount> "Anyway… Machina, show me to the girl?"

[2009-06-01 14:17:51] <Jane_Doe> #JaneDoe
(Chat split see Jane Doe For what Machina and Cindy did]]

[2009-06-01 14:18:10] * Rights is, meanwhile, pulling Lurker into a firm hug off to the side.
[2009-06-01 14:18:20] <Dr-Machina> Indeed. This way.
[2009-06-01 14:18:25] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sips his coffee. He wishes Break was around.
[2009-06-01 14:19:32] <Imants> "Hello Strelnikov"
[2009-06-01 14:19:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Hyel-lo."
[2009-06-01 14:20:23] <Imants> "How are you"
[2009-06-01 14:20:31] * ClockworkMage absentmindedly sighs and sets up the hookah. He was about to fill the bowl when he realized that he was acting out of force of habit, and that this wasn't HIS hookah. Remembering yesterday, he groans, and rests his head on the table. "Fucking thing…" he mutters.
[2009-06-01 14:21:20] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "I am fine." He seems a bit dreamy.
[2009-06-01 14:23:36] <Imants> "That is good. Do you know of any russian places I can buy russian items?"
[2009-06-01 14:23:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Russia?" He shrugs.
[2009-06-01 14:23:51] <Imants> "Oh"
[2009-06-01 14:24:07] * Agent_Strelnikov sips his coffee and daydreams.
[2009-06-01 14:25:30] <Imants> "Well then."
[2009-06-01 14:25:35] <Imants> "Do you have any vodka?"
[2009-06-01 14:25:46] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "No. I gave flask to Break."
[2009-06-01 14:25:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have order new one but it is still in mail."
[2009-06-01 14:26:41] <Imants> "Oh"
[2009-06-01 14:26:47] <Imants> "Were can I order a new one?"
[2009-06-01 14:27:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…RUSSIA."
[2009-06-01 14:27:47] * Agent_Strelnikov glares at the wall.
[2009-06-01 14:27:48] * Rights starts pulling Lurker back to the table with a soft smile, and goes for the fridge to start making sandwiches. "The internet, Imants." She offers.
[2009-06-01 14:28:17] * Lurker sits at the table quietly, resting his head on it lightly and closing his eyes.
[2009-06-01 14:28:51] <Rights> "Does everybody here like bologna? I'm making food."
[2009-06-01 14:28:56] <Imants> "Internet?"
[2009-06-01 14:29:10] <Rights> "Internet."
[2009-06-01 14:29:18] <Imants> "What is that?"
[2009-06-01 14:29:29] <Rights> "…Imants, you eat bologna, right?"
[2009-06-01 14:29:34] * Rights does not even know.
[2009-06-01 14:29:36] * Dumount re-enters the room
[2009-06-01 14:29:39] <Imants> "What is baloney?"
[2009-06-01 14:29:44] <ClockworkMage> "I was about to make sandwiches too, Rights. And maybe get my hookah, as opposed to this one here, which makes your dreams come true when you smoke it."
[2009-06-01 14:29:46] <Rights> "Meat product."
[2009-06-01 14:29:53] <Dumount> "Hello Locke… What's with the hooka?"
[2009-06-01 14:29:59] <Imants> "Oh. Yes"
[2009-06-01 14:30:01] <Dumount> "Hi six…"
[2009-06-01 14:30:04] * Rights blinks. "…Smoking's a bad habit, you know. Even if it's not tobacco or anything."
[2009-06-01 14:30:08] * Dumount sits next to Lurker
[2009-06-01 14:30:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Locke, I believe Doktor Snorlison is want to test that today?"
[2009-06-01 14:30:21] * Lurker looks up to Dumount. "Sorry… about earlier…" He says, his eyes are baby blue instead of mid-blue.
[2009-06-01 14:30:25] * Rights pauses at Locke. "Do you want a sandwich?"
[2009-06-01 14:30:29] <ClockworkMage> "Yeah, I just cleaned it."
[2009-06-01 14:30:51] * Agent_Strelnikov nods. He goes back to daydreaming, a slight grin on his face.
[2009-06-01 14:31:01] * ClockworkMage holds up a bag of groceries that he pulled out of the fridge. "I brought stuff to make some with, I mean."
[2009-06-01 14:31:14] <Dumount> "It's O.K Six. You didn't hurt me"
[2009-06-01 14:31:31] <Rights> "So…it makes dreams come true, then?"
[2009-06-01 14:31:43] <Rights> "Like…dreams as in wishes, or dreams as in sleepytime hallucinations?"
[2009-06-01 14:32:05] * Rights says this while setting the first sandwiches in front of Lurker. Bologna, lettuce, and love are the primary ingreediants. Oh, and bread.
[2009-06-01 14:32:13] * ClockworkMage hijacks the toaster for a bagel. "Yeah, dreams as in the chaos your brain strings together when you're paralyzed and out of it."
[2009-06-01 14:32:26] * Dumount strokes six gently "So, what's wrong?"
[2009-06-01 14:32:27] * Lurker picks it up and nibbles on it lightly, then pauses, looks down at it, and quickly devours it.
[2009-06-01 14:32:29] <Lurker> "Mmm…"
[2009-06-01 14:32:30] <Rights> "No thanks. Mine would just be a big swirling mass of crazy.
[2009-06-01 14:32:39] <ClockworkMage> "Mine…"
[2009-06-01 14:32:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have already volunteer for test this, Doktor Rights."
[2009-06-01 14:33:00] * Rights nods at Dmitri. "…I though you've been having bad dreams lately, though."
[2009-06-01 14:33:06] <Dumount> "If you want, I could try it. My dreams are… well, I lucid dream more often then not"
[2009-06-01 14:33:08] <Rights> "Or perhaps you'd like to confront those head-on."
[2009-06-01 14:33:11] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Yes. Maybe it is help."
[2009-06-01 14:33:18] * Lurker turns to dumount, licking his lips. "I'd… rather not discuss it… it's somewhat painful."
[2009-06-01 14:33:19] * ClockworkMage pulls down his collar and reveals bite marks along his shoulders. "A dream chick bit me. With her HANDS. That was before the weird got really going."
[2009-06-01 14:33:36] * Lurker turns to Rights, smiling. "Thank you, Doctor Rights, the sandwich was delicious."
[2009-06-01 14:33:41] * Rights offers Dmitri a sandwich. She doesn't know if bologna exists in Russia.
[2009-06-01 14:33:52] * Dumount blinks "siiiix. Shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased
[2009-06-01 14:34:07] <Lurker> "Not in this case, Doctor Dumount."
[2009-06-01 14:34:16] * Agent_Strelnikov takes the sandwich. He bites into it. My god, it's delicious. He wonders why Rights didn't become a chef.
[2009-06-01 14:34:21] <ClockworkMage> "Um… yeah, Dumount, that's not how it works."
[2009-06-01 14:34:35] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights and keeps eating.
[2009-06-01 14:34:56] * Rights only has to touch food to make it magically better. Even when it's just bread and bologna and love. She smiles back at Dmitri, and offers Lurker another sandwich.
[2009-06-01 14:35:14] * Rights seems content to just roll a slice of bologna up into a tube and eat it that way.
[2009-06-01 14:35:15] <Dumount> "… Yes… that is how it works"
[2009-06-01 14:35:32] <Imants> "So, I'd like a sandwich"
[2009-06-01 14:35:34] <Rights> "Not always."
[2009-06-01 14:35:36] <Dumount> "Really. Sharing pain serves as an effective way to reduce the internal stress on your system"
[2009-06-01 14:35:42] <ClockworkMage> "Not usually…"
[2009-06-01 14:35:47] <Dumount> "If multiple people help…"
[2009-06-01 14:35:52] * Rights points out, before making another sandwich, handing it to Imants
[2009-06-01 14:35:59] <Rights> "But sometimes pain spread exponentially."
[2009-06-01 14:36:15] <ClockworkMage> "No, then you have crummy group attitudes and a downward spiral…"
[2009-06-01 14:36:27] * Imants stares at the sandwich for a minute, before soaking it with vodka and downing it.
[2009-06-01 14:36:40] <ClockworkMage> "Oh, and people come up with more pain to share as attention seeking behaviors."
[2009-06-01 14:36:47] <Dumount> "Only time I've had pain spread expodentialy was when you tried to hook me into that telepathy thing, and my head exploded. I think my head hurt three times as much as any of yours"
[2009-06-01 14:37:18] <Rights> "it all depends upont he situation."
[2009-06-01 14:37:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Maybe I should not test?"
[2009-06-01 14:37:28] <Rights> "I think you should."
[2009-06-01 14:37:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm." If Doktor Rights thinks so, it must be proper.
[2009-06-01 14:38:11] <Rights> "But…I think that in the end, it's up to you to decide if you really want to face your nightmares like that."
[2009-06-01 14:38:31] <ClockworkMage> "Huh? Oh, the hookah? I couldn't tell you either way, dreams are weird. And those Molotov throwing people looked pretty realistic. I don't know how well it'll simulate heat, though."
[2009-06-01 14:38:35] <Dumount> "If you want to see if it effects me Locke…" dumount says with a sigh, stroking Lurker
[2009-06-01 14:38:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Maybe I can kill them." He shrugs and laughs quietly.
[2009-06-01 14:39:07] <Lurker> "I don't think I should touch it."
[2009-06-01 14:39:21] * Dumount whispers to lurker "And honestly, I swear that I'm more worried about what's going on, then I would be if I knew… I'm forced to assume the worst if I don't know"
[2009-06-01 14:39:34] * Dumount blinks "You're not feeling suicidal are you?"
[2009-06-01 14:39:38] <Rights> "I'd try it, but I don't know if anything would make sense."
[2009-06-01 14:39:45] <Rights> "My dreams aren't particularly notable for their coherancy."
[2009-06-01 14:39:52] <Rights> "And the ones that are…"
[2009-06-01 14:39:53] * ClockworkMage holds it towards Lurker and Dumount. "No, the thing itself is pretty boring when unlit. Go ahead and touch it. It's safe."
[2009-06-01 14:40:17] * ClockworkMage nods at Rights. "Yeah, those were the exact rumors I was hunting."
[2009-06-01 14:40:47] * Lurker shakes his head. "I'm not… suicidal…" He says. "I'm just… conflicted…"
[2009-06-01 14:41:17] * Dumount hugs Lurker "Good six. You make the world a slightly better place. 'cause of you I have two freinds instead of just one"
[2009-06-01 14:41:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Honestly? Many part of my dream I do not remember."
[2009-06-01 14:41:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am curious to see why it is they make bother of me so much, yes?"
[2009-06-01 14:42:19] <Rights> "That's a good thought, Dmitri."
[2009-06-01 14:44:50] * Agent_Strelnikov sips his coffee and returns to daydreaming.
[2009-06-01 14:45:11] * Rights looks over at Dmitri, before waving a hand in front of his face. "Those must be some plentiful sheep."
[2009-06-01 14:45:21] * Dumount blushes slightly "Jeez… he's still out of it. I think I gave him too good a massage"
[2009-06-01 14:45:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Huh? Oh."
[2009-06-01 14:45:36] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "I was make day dream."
[2009-06-01 14:45:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…It was nice."
[2009-06-01 14:45:53] <Rights> "I assume so." She chuckles.
[2009-06-01 14:45:55] <ClockworkMage> "Man, thing is, I was hoping it'd make daydreams or wishes come true. I wanted to find something that didn't… you know, drip evil onto the carpet by just existing."
[2009-06-01 14:46:28] * Lurker gets up off his chair, walks over to Rights, and kisses her cheek lightly. "Do you mind if I go and rest, Doctor? I think I could use some sleep…"
[2009-06-01 14:46:28] <Rights> "You know how hard it is to get evil out of the carpet."
[2009-06-01 14:46:47] * Rights blinks at Lurker, before giving him a kiss on the forhead. "Sure…you can use my office if you want."
[2009-06-01 14:47:05] * Lurker smiles and gives her a hug, then goes and hugs Dumount, then Locke
[2009-06-01 14:47:12] <Lurker> "See you all later, friends."
[2009-06-01 14:47:16] * Dumount gives Lurker a hug and a peck as well "Sleep well"
[2009-06-01 14:47:21] * Lurker leaves the breakroom quietly.
[2009-06-01 14:47:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh." He waves at Lurker.
[2009-06-01 14:47:35] * ClockworkMage hugs Lurker back. "Alright. Come to the test if you can!"
[2009-06-01 14:48:31] <Dumount> "So… um… does anyone else want a massage like the one I gave Strelnikov?"
[2009-06-01 14:48:31] <Rights> "I would like to see this test, though…"
[2009-06-01 14:48:46] * Agent_Strelnikov hears his name mentioned. "Huh? WhaT?"
[2009-06-01 14:48:48] <Rights> "No thanks. You know how massages go for me. Instant nap."
[2009-06-01 14:48:56] <Dumount> "Point"
[2009-06-01 14:49:40] * ClockworkMage considers his physical state. "No. I am really way to messed up to be working for the next couple weeks, a massage would throw off my groove. The tension and stress are what keep me going."
[2009-06-01 14:50:03] * Rights blinks at Locke. "…You know, maybe some rest would be good for you."
[2009-06-01 14:50:06] <Rights> "i make the most wonderful tea…"
[2009-06-01 14:50:30] <Dumount> "Stress is hard on the system. You're missing part of your liver"
[2009-06-01 14:50:38] <Dumount> "Care to rethink living off of stress?"
[2009-06-01 14:50:52] <Rights> "Liver. It's important."
[2009-06-01 14:51:00] <Dr-Machina> 3d6 Tech Nerd- Notice the eyes
[2009-06-01 14:51:01] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Machina, Tech Nerd- Notice the eyes: 13 [3d6=4,4,5]
[2009-06-01 14:56:19] * ClockworkMage thinks on that. "Strictly, I'm missing most of my liver… I can't afford to sit around, though. Not any more."
[2009-06-01 14:56:58] * Rights gives Locke a look. "You need to recover…"
[2009-06-01 14:57:44] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs and gets up to refill his cup.
[2009-06-01 14:58:25] <Dumount> "Don't kill yourself with overwork locke"
[2009-06-01 14:58:43] <Dumount> "That would upset six, and that would upset Rights and that would upset me"
[2009-06-01 14:58:49] <ClockworkMage> "Eh, I don't think that's possible. Like… For causality reasons."
[2009-06-01 14:58:56] <Rights> :Actually, I'd just be upset."
[2009-06-01 14:59:03] <Rights> "Causality's a bitch, though."
[2009-06-01 14:59:27] <Rights> "…Also, god damn it, DUmount, you need to TELL me if there's another me lurking around. I take pains to avoid my temporal misplacements."
[2009-06-01 14:59:40] <Rights> "…At least I didn't destroy the universe yet."
[2009-06-01 14:59:51] <Dumount> "… Wait, what? There's another you?"
[2009-06-01 15:00:02] <Dumount> "I… don't recall seeing another you…"
[2009-06-01 15:00:10] * ClockworkMage rolls his eyes. "If I take a nap before the test will you not bug me about it for a bit? Things other than the organs are… still… weird. Working helps."
[2009-06-01 15:00:24] * Rights nibbles at her bologna. "…I thought you already saw her. Or maybe not…I don't know. All she said was 'sneezing while stepping through dimensions is a bad idea'."
[2009-06-01 15:00:36] <Dumount> "Or are you talking about that weird dream I had with the nazi versions of us…"
[2009-06-01 15:00:56] <Rights> "…That still wasn't a dream, Dumount. I SHOWED you the marks the riding crop left."
[2009-06-01 15:01:00] <Rights> "You can't deny it forever."
[2009-06-01 15:01:36] <Dumount> "You just put those there to freak me out"
[2009-06-01 15:01:38] * Rights gets herself another bologna sandwich. "Locke, go get a nap…"
[2009-06-01 15:01:52] * ClockworkMage nods. "Done deal."
[2009-06-01 15:02:06] <Dumount> "And really… are you pulling my leg about the snezing while changing dimentions thing?"
[2009-06-01 15:02:07] <Rights> "Don't be silly…hey, has anybody seen the banana bread I made?"
[2009-06-01 15:02:18] <Rights> "I don't know yet. She said it, not me."
[2009-06-01 15:02:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I was eat it all. Sorries."
[2009-06-01 15:02:28] * ClockworkMage takes the dream hookah with him.
[2009-06-01 15:02:53] * Rights smiles at Dmitri. "S'allright…I can make more later. I was just gonna bring some to Totenkinder."
[2009-06-01 15:03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Toe ten kinder?"
[2009-06-01 15:03:18] <Rights> "I got a new recipe, so I was going to see what she thought of it. I swear, she's the only person I know besides my dad who bakes better than me."
[2009-06-01 15:03:25] <Rights> "Totenkinder…it's…it's her nickname."
[2009-06-01 15:03:37] * Rights decides not to mentionthat it means 'Child-Killer' in German
[2009-06-01 15:03:42] <Dumount> "Totenkinder?"
[2009-06-01 15:03:52] <Rights> "One of the SCPs I work with. Dumount, you know her…the liquid life, one."
[2009-06-01 15:03:53] <Dumount> "Why are you taking bannana bread to a childkiller?"
[2009-06-01 15:04:01] <Dumount> "…Oh… her…"
[2009-06-01 15:04:12] * Dumount shudders
[2009-06-01 15:04:18] <Dumount> "Burn it with fire"
[2009-06-01 15:04:26] <Rights> "It's not like she eats children." Rights says, defensively. "She's just an old lady, Dumount."
[2009-06-01 15:04:50] <Rights> "Like a grandma. Babushka, she calls herself."
[2009-06-01 15:04:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am like old ladies."
[2009-06-01 15:04:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "They are nice."
[2009-06-01 15:05:05] * Rights blinks at Strelnikov. "She's…very…uh…very, VERY old."
[2009-06-01 15:05:43] <Rights> "…like, eight centuries." Rights mutters under her breath.
[2009-06-01 15:06:21] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit. "This IS old."
[2009-06-01 15:06:54] <Rights> "Yep. She's very nice, though. Usually, at least." Rights pauses, trying to figure out how to phrase. "She also might be a witch."
[2009-06-01 15:07:39] * Rights rummages through the freezer, before pulling out a tray of frozen muffins. She will thaw these. They will do.
[2009-06-01 15:08:47] * Dr_Love waddles into the breakroom and gets some coffee. "Ugh. my head. How much did I drink last night?"
[2009-06-01 15:09:07] * Rights smiels and waves. "Hi, Love!"
[2009-06-01 15:09:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo, Duck."
[2009-06-01 15:10:13] * Dr_Love waves back. "Ello. Anyone have some aspirin?"
[2009-06-01 15:10:25] <Rights> "Nope. I can only offer baked goods, not drugs."
[2009-06-01 15:10:35] * Cindy shudders again
[2009-06-01 15:11:05] * Dumount shudders again "I still don't like working with her"
[2009-06-01 15:11:21] <Dumount> "She's… She's laughing at me… behind my back… I swear"
[2009-06-01 15:11:33] <Dumount> "Whenever I give her a checkup… or try to anylise her potions…"
[2009-06-01 15:11:42] <Dumount> "Laughing. At me"
[2009-06-01 15:11:50] <Rights> "Of course she's laughing at you. You're ridiculous with her."
[2009-06-01 15:12:06] <Dumount> "I am perfectly profesional with her"
[2009-06-01 15:12:23] <Dumount> "Just as I am with 347"
[2009-06-01 15:12:51] <Rights> "You still got freaked out that time she lunged at you and did the witch-cackle."
[2009-06-01 15:12:55] <Rights> "It was hilarious…"
[2009-06-01 15:14:29] <Dumount> "I thought I was being attacked"
[2009-06-01 15:15:11] <Rights> "Please, she wouldn't attack you…"
[2009-06-01 15:15:22] <Rights> "Not unless you were like…a small child. Or stealing her life."
[2009-06-01 15:16:59] <Dumount> "… And you approve of something that attacks small children?"
[2009-06-01 15:17:36] <Rights> "No more than I approve of Chirurg's need for fresh organs. Besides, she seems to be doing quite fine on Class D's instead of kids."
[2009-06-01 15:17:55] * Dumount shudders again "Burn it with fire…"
[2009-06-01 15:19:43] * Agent_Strelnikov burps quietly.
[2009-06-01 15:20:11] * Rights smacks Dumount on the shoulder, watching the muffins as if staring at them will make them thaw faster.
[2009-06-01 15:21:41] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at the muffins too, hoping they thaw.
[2009-06-01 15:22:03] * Rights is staring about as intently as she can. o_o "You know, I'm just gonna pop those in the oven for a minute or two."
[2009-06-01 15:22:15] * Rights is not particularly patient today.
[2009-06-01 15:24:04] * Rights puts them in the oven and waits a few minutes, before pulling them out. Now that they're warm, they smell delicious and sweet.
[2009-06-01 15:24:11] <Rights> "Ta-da…I hope these turned out alright."
[2009-06-01 15:24:24] * Agent_Strelnikov is mesmerized by the smell.
[2009-06-01 15:24:47] * Rights looks over at Dmitri…before handing him one. "You're gonna get fat if you eat everything I give you."
[2009-06-01 15:24:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am not gets fat." He looks a bit hurt.
[2009-06-01 15:25:31] <Rights> "Of course not. You're russian…you get hearty, not fat." She says teasingly, putting the remaining muffins on a plate.
[2009-06-01 15:25:59] * Agent_Strelnikov can accept that. He picks one up and begins nibbling.
[2009-06-01 15:26:30] <Rights> "According to her, baked goods make the spells go down easier…"
[2009-06-01 15:26:47] <Rights> "Or whatever that stuff is."
[2009-06-01 15:27:38] * Rights seems a little awkward about it. Liquid life. Not the best thing to think abut.
[2009-06-01 15:28:00] * Dr-Machina peeks out the flap of the entrance to the room to check if everything's safe out in the main breakroom…. Or at least not about to break out in/going through a massive fight.
[2009-06-01 15:28:22] * Rights has muffins on the table, and everybody seems to be calm or nibbling muffins.
[2009-06-01 15:28:26] <Rights> It's deceptively safe
[2009-06-01 15:29:07] * Dr-Machina wonders if bringing out a little girl is a bright Idea. He know firsthand that Right's muffins can do.
[2009-06-01 15:29:23] * Dr-Machina smiles.
[2009-06-01 15:29:28] * Agent_Strelnikov is eating muffins and is happy.
[2009-06-01 15:29:32] * Dumount sighs, stands, and leaves to get to work again
[2009-06-01 15:29:44] * Dr-Machina thinks "No problem.
[2009-06-01 15:30:26] * Rights leaves out a few muffins, but wraps the rest up to take out later.
[2009-06-01 15:31:11] * Dr-Machina leads Cindy out of the room.
[2009-06-01 15:31:25] <Dr-Machina> "Hello everyone. This is Cindy."
[2009-06-01 15:31:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Hyel-lo."
[2009-06-01 15:31:56] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't recognize the girl.
[2009-06-01 15:31:57] * Rights blinks and…reverts into mother mode instantly, offering a muffin. "Hi there!"
[2009-06-01 15:32:21] <Dr-Machina> "That's Dmitri… And this is Rights."
[2009-06-01 15:33:10] * Agent_Strelnikov waves.
[2009-06-01 15:34:03] * Dr-Machina whispers "Dmitri's main language is Russian."
[2009-06-01 15:34:14] * Dr-Machina *to Cindy.
[2009-06-01 15:34:24] * Dr-Machina *"
[2009-06-01 15:34:28] * Cindy blinks
[2009-06-01 15:34:34] <Cindy> "Hello all"
[2009-06-01 15:34:53] * Cindy turns to Strelnikov, then in flawless russian "Hello Comrad Strelniov"
[2009-06-01 15:35:00] * Cindy seems a bit shy
[2009-06-01 15:35:20] * Cindy carefuly reaches for the offered muffin, snatches it, then wolfs it with incredible speed
[2009-06-01 15:35:37] * Rights coos. "I'm Doctor Rights."
[2009-06-01 15:35:54] * Dr-Machina smiles, waiting for Strelnikov's response.
[2009-06-01 15:36:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Privet, tovarish."
[2009-06-01 15:36:53] * Agent_Strelnikov blinks.
[2009-06-01 15:38:14] * Dr-Machina is amused.
[2009-06-01 15:38:15] * Gerald sticks his head into the break room.
[2009-06-01 15:38:20] <Gerald> "Morning, folks."
[2009-06-01 15:38:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "..Oh. Gerald, hyel-lo."
[2009-06-01 15:38:31] <Dr-Machina> "Ah. Hello, Gerald."
[2009-06-01 15:38:33] <Cindy> "Hello Missus Rights" Cindy says
[2009-06-01 15:38:47] <Dr-Machina> "Cindy, this is Gerald."
[2009-06-01 15:38:50] * Gerald walks in and grabs a cup of coffee. He looks at Cindy."
[2009-06-01 15:38:52] * Rights smiles at Cindy. "Would you like another muffin?"
[2009-06-01 15:39:02] <Gerald> "Hello there. Don't think we met before."

(Cindy is about 8-9 has pink hair and ponytails. She's being played by LBD and is for a plot later. She's from the North Africa mission and the zombie tank)

[2009-06-01 15:39:37] * Gerald scratches his head.
[2009-06-01 15:39:46] <Gerald> "Uh….why is there a kid here?"
[2009-06-01 15:39:47] <Cindy> "Hello Mr Gerald" she says "Yes… another muffin please"
[2009-06-01 15:40:05] <Gerald> "Wait, is that….."
[2009-06-01 15:40:55] * Rights hands her another muffin, cooing.
[2009-06-01 15:40:58] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs another muffin.
[2009-06-01 15:41:02] * Agent_Strelnikov wonders how many are left!
[2009-06-01 15:41:31] <Rights> 1d6
[2009-06-01 15:41:32] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
[2009-06-01 15:41:32] <Gerald> "Huh. I take it that's the girl we found at the base?"
[2009-06-01 15:41:45] <Rights> There are five muffins left, along with the additional six she wrapped and set off to the side.
[2009-06-01 15:41:48] * Agent_Strelnikov takes a closer look. "….You are right!"
[2009-06-01 15:42:06] <Rights> "The what the where?"
[2009-06-01 15:42:18] * Cindy scarfs the muffin with great rapidity, though she was starting to slow down
[2009-06-01 15:42:31] * Gerald grabs a muffin.
[2009-06-01 15:42:44] <Cindy> "Missus Rights, you make tasty muffins" she says, happily
[2009-06-01 15:43:06] <Dr-Machina> "Yes."
[2009-06-01 15:43:11] <Rights> "Thank you!"
[2009-06-01 15:43:19] * Dr_Love walks back in. "Well, hangover gone. Oh, and there seems to be another SCP-500 'missing'. Not that I'd know anything abo- WOAH what's with the child?"
[2009-06-01 15:43:28] <Cindy> "Duck?!"
[2009-06-01 15:43:38] <Cindy> "Can I feed breadcrumbs to the duck?"
[2009-06-01 15:44:10] * Gerald grabs a muffin and breaks it into crumbs. He hands it to Cindy.
[2009-06-01 15:44:12] <Gerald> "Sure."
[2009-06-01 15:44:20] <Dr_Love> "I'd prefer some sushi, but bread works fine. I could use a little more starch in my diet."
[2009-06-01 15:44:23] <Dr-Machina> "Long story. And we're still not sure of all the details."
[2009-06-01 15:44:39] <Dr_Love> "Is she an SCP?"
[2009-06-01 15:44:39] * Dr-Machina looks up, and sees Dr.Love.
[2009-06-01 15:44:57] <Dr-Machina> "…Not sure."
[2009-06-01 15:45:07] <Dr-Machina> "Neither is she."
[2009-06-01 15:45:24] * Dr-Machina looks quizzically at Dr. Love.
[2009-06-01 15:45:44] * Agent_Strelnikov points at Cindy. "Feed him bread."
[2009-06-01 15:45:47] <Dr-Machina> I'm… not sure if I recognize you. Have we met before?
[2009-06-01 15:46:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is friendly duck."
[2009-06-01 15:46:34] <Dr-Machina> "…Good enough for me."
[2009-06-01 15:47:05] <Dr_Love> "You might have before my little 'incident' with SCP-040, but my memory's been a little hazy since then."
[2009-06-01 15:47:47] <Dr-Machina> "Hmm. Ah, well."
[2009-06-01 15:48:09] * Cindy tears up some bread, and feeds it to Dr. Love, grinning. Not really caring that he's a talking duck
[2009-06-01 15:48:31] <Gerald> "D'aw, I think she likes you."
[2009-06-01 15:48:33] <Cindy> "So.. you talk duck?"
[2009-06-01 15:48:41] <Cindy> "Can you teach me duck launguage?"
[2009-06-01 15:49:20] <Rights> "He's not, er, really a duck…"
[2009-06-01 15:49:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "If it is walk like duck."
[2009-06-01 15:49:53] * Agent_Strelnikov trails off.
[2009-06-01 15:50:30] <Dr-Machina> "He.. doesn't speak duck. He speaks English… It's a long story."
[2009-06-01 15:50:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is still duck."
[2009-06-01 15:51:02] * Cindy continues to feed Dr. Love bread
[2009-06-01 15:51:23] <Dr-Machina> "Yes he is. But he's not supposed to be, I think."

[2009-06-01 15:51:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [*nom* "Stop…this is *nom*…terribly embarrassing…"*nom*]
[2009-06-01 15:51:34] <Dr-Machina> [I can too]
[2009-06-01 15:51:49] <Dr-Machina> [AND IT IS SO CUTE]
[2009-06-01 15:51:55] <Cindy> [Yes]
[2009-06-01 15:52:21] <Gerald> [Seriously *nom*. This is completely-ooh, is that banana bread?]"]

[2009-06-01 15:52:56] * Cindy blinks "Awww… all outta bread…"
[2009-06-01 16:05:06] * Agent_Strelnikov eats another muffin.
[2009-06-01 16:05:14] * Agent_Strelnikov can't seem to stop.
[2009-06-01 16:05:46] <Gerald> "Rights, what kind of muffins are these?"
[2009-06-01 16:05:50] * Rights quietly moves the muffins away from Dmitri. "Okay, that's enough of those. You know what they say about too much of a good thing."
[2009-06-01 16:05:52] * Gerald munches on another muffin.
[2009-06-01 16:05:54] <Rights> "Cinnamon."
[2009-06-01 16:05:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But….awwwww."
[2009-06-01 16:06:02] <Gerald> "Oooh."
[2009-06-01 16:06:05] * Agent_Strelnikov looks disappointed.
[2009-06-01 16:06:40] * Lurker re-enters the room with a yawn
[2009-06-01 16:06:51] * Cindy blinks "Monsterthing!"
[2009-06-01 16:07:01] * pooryoric falls through the cieling.
[2009-06-01 16:07:08] <pooryoric> "ah, hi."
[2009-06-01 16:07:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Hi."
[2009-06-01 16:07:15] <Gerald> "Hello Lurk."
[2009-06-01 16:07:19] <Cindy> "Eeek! Ceiling man!" yoric seemed to scare Cindy more then lurker did
[2009-06-01 16:07:25] <Dr-Machina> "It's alright, Cindy
[2009-06-01 16:07:31] <Dr-Machina> *."
[2009-06-01 16:07:32] <pooryoric> "who's the kid?"
[2009-06-01 16:07:34] * Lurker blinks at the girl, he now has greenish-yellow eyes, somewhat like a firefly.
[2009-06-01 16:07:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I believe we find her in Africa."
[2009-06-01 16:07:53] <Dr-Machina> "The girl we saved from that building."
[2009-06-01 16:07:53] <Gerald> "Ceiling man?"
[2009-06-01 16:08:10] <pooryoric> "ah, yeh. i remember that…"
[2009-06-01 16:10:05] * Agent_Strelnikov daydreams again, smiling.
[2009-06-01 16:10:21] <Gerald> "That was the most fun I ever had in a tank."
[2009-06-01 16:10:25] <pooryoric> "you okay, red?"
[2009-06-01 16:10:35] <Gerald> "Actually, that was the only time I was ever in a tank."
[2009-06-01 16:10:45] * Agent_Strelnikov ignores yoric. He's having a good time.
[2009-06-01 16:11:15] * Rights stares at the plat. THere is one muffin left. (I don't know, but word of god says there is)
[2009-06-01 16:11:24] <Dr-Machina> "Cindy, It's alright, He's a nice guy."
[2009-06-01 16:11:42] * Gerald looks at the muffin.
[2009-06-01 16:11:48] * Lurker bounces over to the muffin and eyes it.
[2009-06-01 16:11:51] <Lurker> "Ooooooh."
[2009-06-01 16:12:28] * pooryoric also desires this muffin.
[2009-06-01 16:12:39] <pooryoric> "oooooooh."
[2009-06-01 16:12:46] * Rights quietly and quickly hides the muffins she's saving for later inthe fridge.
[2009-06-01 16:12:52] <Rights> "Shaaaare."
[2009-06-01 16:12:57] <pooryoric> "oh,, hi rights."
[2009-06-01 16:13:18] * Lurker flickers his tongue out and picks up the muffin with it.
[2009-06-01 16:13:41] * Lurker goes to eat it, then sees Gerald and Yoric looking at it.
[2009-06-01 16:13:56] * Lurker slowly puts it back on the plate, makes a pouting face, and scoots back from the table.
[2009-06-01 16:14:20] <Gerald> "Eh, you can have it, I need to meet Dr. Rosenberg in lab #3 in five minutes."
[2009-06-01 16:14:25] <Gerald> "See you guys around."
[2009-06-01 16:14:26] * Rights gets out a knife and cuts the muffin in half, offering one half to Lurker, the other half to Yoric.
[2009-06-01 16:14:36] <Rights> "…Will you two stop looking at it like the chalice of youth?"
[2009-06-01 16:14:37] * Gerald walks out the door.
[2009-06-01 16:14:39] <Rights> "See you, Gerald."
[2009-06-01 16:14:55] <pooryoric> "it looks like a really tasty muffin."
[2009-06-01 16:15:01] * Lurker smiles and takes it, eats it, then gives Rights a hug.
[2009-06-01 16:15:04] * pooryoric takes his half.
[2009-06-01 16:15:07] * Lurker nuzzles into Rights' leg.
[2009-06-01 16:15:25] * pooryoric eats the muffi.
[2009-06-01 16:15:33] * pooryoric twitches.
[2009-06-01 16:15:41] <pooryoric> [aww…]
[2009-06-01 16:19:24] * Agent_Strelnikov drums his fingers idly.
[2009-06-01 16:19:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I wonder when we will make test."
[2009-06-01 16:19:57] <pooryoric> "test of what?"
[2009-06-01 16:20:11] * ClockworkMage returns, still lugging the hookah around.
[2009-06-01 16:20:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "New SCP. Is hookah. Smoke is show you your dreams."
[2009-06-01 16:20:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh. Timing, there it is now."
[2009-06-01 16:20:46] * Lurker waves happily to Locke
[2009-06-01 16:21:09] * ClockworkMage is actually carrying two, but the one from earlier is wrapped in caution tape. "Oh, Lurker! Hey, you're normal again."
[2009-06-01 16:21:23] * Lurker blinks. "I was normal earlier…"
[2009-06-01 16:21:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Locke, do you know when we are to begins test?"
[2009-06-01 16:21:49] * Cindy finaly stops cowering away from yoric
[2009-06-01 16:21:50] <ClockworkMage> "Oh right. Gah. Yeah, I took a nap, woke up not remembering what day it was, man."
[2009-06-01 16:21:59] * Cindy blinks at Lurker
[2009-06-01 16:22:10] <Cindy> "Missus Rights… is he a freindly monsterman?"
[2009-06-01 16:22:27] * Rights smiles at Cindy. "He's very friendly…he might look scary, but he's really just a big puppy."
[2009-06-01 16:22:32] <pooryoric> "are we smoking SCPs now?"
[2009-06-01 16:22:47] * Cindy walks over and pats Lurker "Woof! rarrrrrr woof woof!"
[2009-06-01 16:22:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have volunteer for test it."
[2009-06-01 16:23:18] * Lurker flickers his tongue out and makes an "Arf" sound.
[2009-06-01 16:23:32] * Cindy giggles "Ar aroooo?"
[2009-06-01 16:24:11] <Lurker> "Woof!"
[2009-06-01 16:25:08] * Cindy grins "Where's your collar monsterdog?"
[2009-06-01 16:25:30] <pooryoric> "lurker. for the love of god, eat her."
[2009-06-01 16:26:34] <Rights> "What? No."
[2009-06-01 16:26:42] * Rights smacks Yoric's arm. "Bad idea."
[2009-06-01 16:27:11] <ClockworkMage> "Uh… He's not really a dog, kid. He's one of us."
[2009-06-01 16:27:37] <pooryoric> "bad idea? normally, i like kids. this one gives me some bad vibes. also, she's oddly reminding me of everything i loathe about dumount."
[2009-06-01 16:28:24] <ClockworkMage> "Everything? She's not giving psychological advice…"
[2009-06-01 16:28:59] * Lurker points at Rights. "She has it."
[2009-06-01 16:29:04] * Lurker smiles and gives Cindy a hug.
[2009-06-01 16:29:11] <pooryoric> "okay… maybe not EVERYTHING. more just the freaky wish fulfillment bits."
[2009-06-01 16:29:26] * ClockworkMage looks at Rights, skeptical. "Collar? Really?"
[2009-06-01 16:29:37] * Rights blinks. "…nooooo." She mumbled quietly.
[2009-06-01 16:29:38] * Cindy hugs Lurker
[2009-06-01 16:30:14] <pooryoric> "lurker. ATTACK!"
[2009-06-01 16:31:00] * Agent_Strelnikov growls a bit.
[2009-06-01 16:31:44] * Rights smacks Yoric's arm again. "No more muffins for you."
[2009-06-01 16:32:03] <pooryoric> "aww…"
[2009-06-01 16:32:35] * Agent_Strelnikov looks around to see if Break is anywhere near. She's not, so he lights a cigarette.
[2009-06-01 16:32:45] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs.
[2009-06-01 16:32:47] * Rights clears her throat and gives him a look.
[2009-06-01 16:33:00] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Rights. He sighs.
[2009-06-01 16:33:01] * Lurker smiles and hunkers down, offering Cindy a ride on his back.
[2009-06-01 16:33:16] * Rights reaches over to snatch it from his lips, pouting and letting out a small sneeze.
[2009-06-01 16:33:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Aww."
[2009-06-01 16:33:28] * Cindy blinks "The nice man who always gave me lollipops after I got shots smoked… I think"
[2009-06-01 16:33:36] * Cindy sits on Lurker's back
[2009-06-01 16:34:09] * Rights puts it out under a bit of water in the sink, and tosses it in the trash. "…What did we say about staying healthy?"
[2009-06-01 16:34:12] <Cindy> "Andilee Andilee areba areba! Alons-y! Vit! Vit Vit!" she cheers
[2009-06-01 16:34:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But…I am healthy?" He coughs lightly.
[2009-06-01 16:35:01] <Rights> "Not with that cough, you're not."
[2009-06-01 16:35:17] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[2009-06-01 16:35:18] <Rights> "Look, I do love the smell of you smoking, but sacrifices must be made for health….how've you been sleeping?"
[2009-06-01 16:35:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Eh…last night was not of so bad. I think that massage was help."
[2009-06-01 16:35:46] <Rights> "See? That's good…"
[2009-06-01 16:38:14] * Lurker carries Cindy around the room a few times, then goes over to Rights with a smile on his face.
[2009-06-01 16:38:25] * Rights smiles at Cindy and Lurker and DAWWWW
[2009-06-01 16:38:34] * Cindy smiles happily, petting Lurker "Thanks monsterdoggy"
[2009-06-01 16:38:41] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Lurker and Cindy. Their playing warms his heart.
[2009-06-01 16:38:42] * Rights has a look on her face like her heart just melted into the warmest puddle of love ever.
[2009-06-01 16:38:44] * Lurker smiles. "You're quite welcome.
[2009-06-01 16:39:24] <pooryoric> "massage, red?"
[2009-06-01 16:39:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Fucking Dumount was insist on it."
[2009-06-01 16:39:56] * Agent_Strelnikov still smells faintly of lavendar.
[2009-06-01 16:40:13] * Lurker tugs on Rights' labcoat. "Can I keep her? She's nice."
[2009-06-01 16:40:27] <Cindy> "Is he your monsterdoggy?" Cindy asks, also tugging on Rights' labcoat
[2009-06-01 16:40:39] <pooryoric> "he WOULD…"
[2009-06-01 16:40:54] <Rights> "Not exactly…"
[2009-06-01 16:40:59] * ClockworkMage has set up the NON-dream hookah. "You know, I'd ask if I can light this, but I've seen enough vodka in the past two days in here to kill an elephant. Nobody really minds, do they? It's apple flavored."
[2009-06-01 16:41:13] <pooryoric> "enjoy, clocks."
[2009-06-01 16:41:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Apple?"
[2009-06-01 16:41:56] <ClockworkMage> "The tobacco is mixed in apple molasses, Dimitri. You don't smoke regular tobacco with these."
[2009-06-01 16:42:40] <Rights> "Should we really be smoking with a little kid in the room?"
[2009-06-01 16:42:42] * ClockworkMage shuffles through some boxes. "I also have honey, vanilla, and strawberry."
[2009-06-01 16:43:04] <Cindy> "Honey! Honey!" Cindy says "Can I have some honey?"
[2009-06-01 16:43:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Please save strawberry."
[2009-06-01 16:43:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think I am want to use this for the tests."
[2009-06-01 16:43:34] * ClockworkMage thinks, then checks his briefcase. He pulls out a small plastic stick with honey in it. "Here."
[2009-06-01 16:44:49] * ClockworkMage nods to Strelnikov. "Yeah, and you're in luck, the coals I got off the former owners… err, owner. Anyhow, they're the good coals."
[2009-06-01 16:45:01] * Cindy grins, and eats the honey
[2009-06-01 16:45:09] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Locke.
[2009-06-01 16:45:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am eager to try it later."
[2009-06-01 16:45:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "We just need Doktor Snorlison to oversee this test."
[2009-06-01 16:45:36] * Cindy runs over to Lurker and Rights again "Do you like having your ears scritched monsterdoggy?"
[2009-06-01 16:46:23] <ClockworkMage> "I'm eager to watch. Meanwhile, it's a warm sunny day. Where ever the heck we are right now, we lucked out. Anyone want to… wait, the roof is still a disaster."
[2009-06-01 16:46:58] * Lurker nods. "I do indeed… although I don't really have ears, so the head works fine."
[2009-06-01 16:47:22] * Cindy scritches Lurker's head, cooing happily
[2009-06-01 16:47:53] * Lurker emits a low purring noise.
[2009-06-01 16:48:15] * Cindy blinks a couple of times, soothed by the purr. Her motions slow. Then she starts to quietly snore
[2009-06-01 16:48:29] * Rights thinks this is the goddamn cutest thing ever
[2009-06-01 16:48:41] * Rights goes to gently pick Cindy up and move her to the couch, tucking her in.
[2009-06-01 16:49:08] * Dr-Machina smiles, and proceeds to sleep.
[2009-06-01 16:49:52] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Cindy. He lightly brushes a hair from her face.
[2009-06-01 16:49:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Aww."
[2009-06-01 16:52:04] * Rights fusses over Cindy quietly, making sure to tuck her in and prop her up wtih pillows appropriatly, nay, neurotically.
[2009-06-01 16:52:11] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights. He seems genuinely happy.
[2009-06-01 16:53:20] * Rights sighs happily, before absently leaning against Dmitri as she watches Cindy sleep…before suddenly frowning and making her way over to the kitchen, pulling something from the fridge and taking a long drink of it, bfeore slipping it into her pocket. "Guh."
[2009-06-01 16:55:16] * Lurker smiles and walks over, planting a gentle kiss on Cindy's forehead, then moving over to Rights and giving her a hug, whispering something.
[2009-06-01 16:55:39] * Agent_Strelnikov pats Rights' shoulder.
[2009-06-01 16:55:49] * Lurker smiles at Rights.
[2009-06-01 16:56:34] * Rights blinks at Lurker, before smiling sadly and whispering something back, giving him a hug and shrugging. "…cute kid."'s daydreaming again.
[2009-06-01 16:58:08] * Rights sits in a chair across from Cindy, watching her peacefully.
[2009-06-01 16:58:38] * Lurker smiles and gives Rights another hug.
[2009-06-01 16:58:54] * Lurker curls up on his favourite armchair and sighs contently
[2009-06-01 16:58:55] * Agent_Strelnikov sits down next to Rights.
[2009-06-01 16:59:18] * Rights sighs happily, before asking Dmitri. "…Have you ever thought about having kids?"
[2009-06-01 16:59:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Many peoples are surprise to see that Russians have the soft spot for childrens."
[2009-06-01 16:59:23] <Rights> [They found her.]
[2009-06-01 16:59:30] <Sophia_Light> [Alright.]
[2009-06-01 16:59:34] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights. "….Once, yes."
[2009-06-01 16:59:39] =-= Sophia_Light is now known as Doctor_Light
[2009-06-01 16:59:44] <Rights> […Like, in an SCP area. And considering that she's a little bit cybernetic and has pink hair…we assume]

[2009-06-01 16:59:51] <ClockworkMage> [Strictly speaking, she kidnapped me.]
[2009-06-01 17:01:01] <ClockworkMage> [Like, drugged us and had us out flying over the Congo. Then flew the plane into a building after telling us to kill Kaiser Blue and basically throwing us out on 'chutes.] « That was someone else. I'm including this OOC chatter to inform you all of this. Shesh. I wish I was better at comunicating.

[2009-06-01 17:00:07] <Rights> "Ah…" She chuckles a little, leaning back in her chair.
[2009-06-01 17:00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Have you?" he asks, already knowing.
[2009-06-01 17:00:40] * Lurker sighs softly. "She's adorable."
[2009-06-01 17:00:56] * Rights doesn't answer that for an uncomfortably long time. "…yeah."
[2009-06-01 17:01:44] * Agent_Strelnikov rests a hand gently on her shoulder, and whispers quietly. "Maybe….maybe we pretend she is ours, for today." He really isn't trying to be creepy, he's just sad.
[2009-06-01 17:02:07] * Rights is very quiet and still after that, before sighing softly.
[2009-06-01 17:02:10] * Lurker blinks and looks over to Cindy, then down at the armchair and sighs.
[2009-06-01 17:02:29] <Rights> "…Hmh. I wish."
[2009-06-01 17:02:40] * Agent_Strelnikov leans on Rights a little bit.
[2009-06-01 17:02:52] * Lurker mumbles something and buries himself into the armchair.
[2009-06-01 17:03:30] * Rights blinks and looks over to Lurker, frowning, before lightly patting her lap, trying to signal him to come over and sit with her and Dmitri
[2009-06-01 17:04:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She sleep so well."
[2009-06-01 17:05:32] <ClockworkMage> "Yes, for a deranged Chaos Insurgency shock trooper that looks like a kid."
[2009-06-01 17:05:36] <Rights> "Kids sleep a lot deeper than adults…it's because their brains work at a faster level."
[2009-06-01 17:05:58] * Rights shoots Locke the sort of look mother bears give you when you get too close to their cubs for a second, before sighing. "…Still, nice to dream."
[2009-06-01 17:06:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Yes."
[2009-06-01 17:06:55] <ClockworkMage> "Right. Dream. They were fishing data implants out of her eyes and ears. Her dreams probably have a patent office stamp on them, guys."
[2009-06-01 17:07:26] <Rights> "You are a horribly dissapointing person, sometimes."
[2009-06-01 17:07:44] <Rights> "Give me like..five minutes, to pretend, mkay?"
[2009-06-01 17:07:45] —>| Break (~ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A116EC7B-CRInys|kaerB#ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A116EC7B-CRInys|kaerB) has joined #FieldWork
[2009-06-01 17:07:45] =-= Mode #FieldWork +o Break by ChanServ
[2009-06-01 17:08:05] * Agent_Strelnikov ignores Locke and pats Rights' shoulder again. He'd like to pretend, too.
[2009-06-01 17:08:05] <ClockworkMage> "Alright, granted. I'm a bit bitter about my last encounter with her, is all." « There wasn't one. Ow… This fucked things up, I wish I had been there to explain this

[2009-06-01 17:08:31] <Rights> "What did she do, anyways?"
[2009-06-01 17:08:40] * Rights is curious, but keeps leaning against Dmitri.
[2009-06-01 17:09:00] * Agent_Strelnikov puts his arm lightly around Rights.
[2009-06-01 17:09:11] * Lurker gets up off his armchair and blinks around. "I have to… go…" He says, eyes looking a bit off, but no one is able to determine what colour they are.
[2009-06-01 17:09:22] * Rights frowns. "Alright…"
[2009-06-01 17:09:39] <ClockworkMage> "Drugged me, Auteu, Magnus, and Gibbons. Strapped us into a plane, likely with help from Chaos guys, and then flew that plane into a building. In the Congo. After making us paradrop out with the assignment to kill the leader of the base."
[2009-06-01 17:10:07] * Lurker quickly exits the room, almost running into Sophia as he leaves. [[ assuming she's about to enter ]]
[2009-06-01 17:10:10] <Rights> "…smart kid."
[2009-06-01 17:10:21] * Agent_Strelnikov can't help but laugh softly.
[2009-06-01 17:10:27] * Doctor_Light walkins into the building. "Guys, I heard-" She notices the kid and promptly shuts up.
[2009-06-01 17:11:09] <ClockworkMage> "Yeah. No, I can grant that. She packed my briefcase almost as well as I do. She still tried to use us as pawns to kill someone for her."
[2009-06-01 17:11:31] * Doctor_Light sits down on a chair.
[2009-06-01 17:11:42] <Rights> "I'm allowed to be impressed."
[2009-06-01 17:12:16] * ClockworkMage is honestly agreeing with her on that note.
[2009-06-01 17:12:24] * Agent_Tam peers into the room, looking around. "Dmitri!" He says and enters.
[2009-06-01 17:12:35] * Agent_Strelnikov 's daydream is interrupted. He turns to Tam.
[2009-06-01 17:12:55] * Rights is still leaning against Strelnikov and watching the kid sleep.
[2009-06-01 17:12:58] <Agent_Tam> "I just want to err… apologize for yesterday…" He says, blushing a bit and rubbing the back of his head.
[2009-06-01 17:13:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Is fine," he says quietly, and looks back at Cindy.
[2009-06-01 17:13:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Just…shhh."
[2009-06-01 17:13:20] * Agent_Tam nods. "And erm… thank you."
[2009-06-01 17:13:31] * Agent_Strelnikov nods and smiles, returning to his daydreaming.
[2009-06-01 17:13:41] * Agent_Tam looks to the kid. "Cute. Who is she?"
[2009-06-01 17:14:07] <ClockworkMage> "Chaos insurgency brainwashed kid, I think they managed to partially fix her."
[2009-06-01 17:14:22] * Rights sighs. "Her name is Cindy…she's sleeping."
[2009-06-01 17:15:38] <Agent_Tam> "Cool…" He says and takes a seat, then looks out the door.
[2009-06-01 17:15:43] * Doctor_Light whispers. "I heard the insurgency crashed a plane full of agents into the Congo. That was you?"
[2009-06-01 17:16:13] <ClockworkMage> "Yeah, I was in the plane. She had us jump first, of course."
[2009-06-01 17:16:57] <Doctor_Light> "Oh. Okay. You wouldn't believe the rumours that have been flying around the site."
[2009-06-01 17:17:13] <ClockworkMage> "Uh…"
[2009-06-01 17:17:25] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs contentedly.
[2009-06-01 17:17:28] * Gerald walks in with singed hair and a burnt lab coat.
[2009-06-01 17:17:37] <Gerald> "Hello."
[2009-06-01 17:17:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Hello, Gerald."
[2009-06-01 17:17:57] * Agent_Tam blinks, then smiles softly and walks over to the couch.
[2009-06-01 17:18:09] <Gerald> "Hey, did any of you know that the oven in the cafeteria was leaking gas?"
[2009-06-01 17:18:13] <Gerald> "I sure didn't."
[2009-06-01 17:18:15] * Agent_Strelnikov has his arm around Rights.
[2009-06-01 17:18:29] <ClockworkMage> "Hey, Light, you're with research, aren't you?"
[2009-06-01 17:18:38] * Agent_Tam reaches into his suit jacket, and kneels down next to Cindy, then slowly pulls out something and tucks it under her sleeping arm. "Go on Poofles, you have fun now." He whispers, then stands up, satisfied.
[2009-06-01 17:18:50] <Doctor_Light> "Yes, I am."
[2009-06-01 17:18:52] * ClockworkMage pours Gerald a glass of water and offers it to him.
[2009-06-01 17:18:59] <ClockworkMage> "Which division?"
[2009-06-01 17:19:02] * Gerald takes it and has a drink.
[2009-06-01 17:19:03] <Gerald> "Thanks."
[2009-06-01 17:19:27] * Agent_Tam crosses his arms, then sighs and closes his eyes, a mixed expression on his face.
[2009-06-01 17:19:51] <Gerald> "How's Cindy doing?"
[2009-06-01 17:20:03] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Gerald with a smile. "She is sleeps."
[2009-06-01 17:20:30] <Doctor_Light> "Hell, I don't know. I do biology. And whatever Bright says I should."
[2009-06-01 17:20:32] * ClockworkMage points at the child sleeping on the couch. He peers closer when he notices a bit of fluff. "Waaaiiiit."
[2009-06-01 17:20:58] * Agent_Tam looks to Locke. "Don't even think about taking it away."
[2009-06-01 17:21:19] * Doctor_Light glances at it too, and frowns a little.
[2009-06-01 17:21:34] <Doctor_Light> "…Okay."
[2009-06-01 17:22:08] * ClockworkMage turns to Tam. "What? Of course not, I was just trying to remember its name. I'm in charge of the things, I should remember. God, so many of them."
[2009-06-01 17:22:24] <Agent_Tam> "I named it Poofles, but I don't know if it had a name before. Got it from Rights."
[2009-06-01 17:22:53] * ClockworkMage nods. "That makes sense, I only finished naming them all a couple weeks back."
[2009-06-01 17:23:42] <Agent_Tam> "I've had this one for a while, think you might've missed it."
[2009-06-01 17:26:55] <ClockworkMage> "Just keep it away from Auteu and you're good. I mean… wait, you're not giving it to her, are you?"
[2009-06-01 17:28:14] * Agent_Tam blinks at Locke with a completely serious expression on his face.
[2009-06-01 17:28:43] * Gerald drinks his water, wondering if he still has eyebrows.
[2009-06-01 17:29:12] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Gerald and wipes his forehead, trying to signify that he has ash there.
[2009-06-01 17:29:22] <Gerald> "Oh."
[2009-06-01 17:29:26] * Gerald wipes his forehead.
[2009-06-01 17:29:29] <Doctor_Light> "What did you do to yourself now?"
[2009-06-01 17:29:31] * Agent_Strelnikov gives him a thumbs up.
[2009-06-01 17:29:47] <Gerald> "The oven in the cafeteria kind of….exploded."
[2009-06-01 17:29:58] <Gerald> "All I wanted were some freaking hot pockets."
[2009-06-01 17:30:03] <ClockworkMage> "No, seriously, you can't just give SCP objects away to hostile combatants, even if they are little girls. Can't you get her a normal kitten?"
[2009-06-01 17:30:41] <Doctor_Light> "I remember Bright saying something about microwaves and nitroglycerin, but I didn't think he was serious about it."
[2009-06-01 17:31:04] <Gerald> "Really? Mine was a regular gas leak."
[2009-06-01 17:31:19] <Doctor_Light> "Huh, okay, must be one of the other ones then."
[2009-06-01 17:31:37] <Gerald> "I pity Dr. Vann though, he said he was going to nuke some pizza rolls later today."
[2009-06-01 17:31:51] * Agent_Tam blinks at Locke. "Do I look like the kind of guy to carry around normal kittens with him?"
[2009-06-01 17:32:36] <ClockworkMage> "Ugh… Ok, well… Look, I will drive us to a pet store right now if it means I don't catch hell for allowing containment breach."
[2009-06-01 17:32:48] * Doctor_Light turns to Tam and Locke. "I know there are a few somewhere, but I think they're for testing with memetic hazards."
[2009-06-01 17:32:54] * Agent_Tam sighs. "Fine, I'll just let her play with it when I'm around."
[2009-06-01 17:33:01] <Agent_Tam> "As for now, she sleeps with it."
[2009-06-01 17:33:29] <ClockworkMage> "That's totally fine. Just, yeah, adoption is limited to staff, and it's my skin on the line for some reason."
[2009-06-01 17:51:13] * Rights sighs happily and warmly. "Locke, if they get pissy at you about it, redirect them to me…"
[2009-06-01 17:51:26] <Rights> "…I'm not even supposed to interact with children on-site, anyways."
[2009-06-01 17:53:59] * Agent_Tam blinks, then fumbles around in his suit jacket. "Shit, where'd I put it?"
[2009-06-01 17:54:14] * Agent_Tam pulls out a PDA and clicks at it. "Oh… mmm…"
[2009-06-01 17:56:17] <Doctor_Light> "What is it?"
[2009-06-01 17:56:31] * Agent_Tam frowns. "I've got to go."
[2009-06-01 17:56:53] * Agent_Tam slips the PDA into his jacket and draws out his colt, checks the magazine, then heads to the door.
[2009-06-01 17:57:56] * Gerald rubs a bit of ash out of his hair.
[2009-06-01 18:01:43] * Rights stares a bit…before looking to Gerald and motioning to a spot on his cheek where he still had ash. "You got a little…somthing."
[2009-06-01 18:01:58] <Gerald> "Oh. Oops."
[2009-06-01 18:02:12] * Gerald walks over to the sink and washes his face.
[2009-06-01 18:05:54] * Rights sighs happily, seeming very content now.
[2009-06-01 18:05:56] * Lurker slinks back into the breakroom wearing a suit with his ID badge pinned to it
[2009-06-01 18:06:12] * Lurker walks over to the fridge and peers around inside.
[2009-06-01 18:06:15] * Agent_Strelnikov leans on Rights. He seems happy too.
[2009-06-01 18:06:45] * Rights blinks, pulled from her thoughts by Lurker, saying quietly- "Nice Suit…"
[2009-06-01 18:07:47] * Lurker looks over. "Thank you."
[2009-06-01 18:07:59] * Lurker turns back and starts pulling things out of the fridge, moving around quickly.
[2009-06-01 18:08:43] * Doctor_Light notes the pufferkitten is wandering towards her, and, unaware of its properties, pokes it experimentally.
[2009-06-01 18:09:41] <Rights> The pufferkitten expands abruptly with a soft, pathetic meweling.
[2009-06-01 18:09:56] * Doctor_Light jumps behind the couch.
[2009-06-01 18:10:06] * Doctor_Light swears.
[2009-06-01 18:10:18] * Rights , already in full-tilt maternal mode, dove for the whining ball of fluff, cradling it in her arms in a second and trying to calm it. "Oooh shhs hhs startled it…"
[2009-06-01 18:10:58] <Doctor_Light> "B-but… But it's a cat."
[2009-06-01 18:11:10] <Doctor_Light> "I really don't get paid enough.
[2009-06-01 18:11:22] <Rights> "It's a pufferkitten." Rights whispered in a hushed voice. "…Like a pufferfish. But also a kitten. Oh, shhh, shhh…"
[2009-06-01 18:11:24] * Lurker slams the fridge shut and opens the oven, sliding a pan in, and then slamming that shut as well.
[2009-06-01 18:11:43] <Doctor_Light> "Is it poisonous?"
[2009-06-01 18:11:45] * Lurker pauses, then opens the fridge and pulls out a can of something, closes the door, and opens the can.
[2009-06-01 18:12:12] * Agent_Strelnikov almost lights a cigarette but then restrains himself.
[2009-06-01 18:12:30] <Rights> "It's not poisonous. I don't think so, at least. I'm not gonna eat one." She's soothed the kitten down to it's normal purring, sleek little self, and replaces it in Cindy's sleeping arms.
[2009-06-01 18:13:10] * Doctor_Light looks at it as thought considering the possibility, FOR SCIENCE, but looks away momentarily. "Of course not."
[2009-06-01 18:13:38] <Rights> "…Lurker, are you cooking something?"
[2009-06-01 18:13:55] * Lurker turns over and blinks, his eyes are golden now.
[2009-06-01 18:13:58] <Lurker> "No."
[2009-06-01 18:14:28] <Lurker> "What would give you that impression, Doctor?"
[2009-06-01 18:14:34] * Lurker takes a sip from the can.
[2009-06-01 18:14:53] * Rights blinks back. "…that somethings' in the oven…and…uh…" She frowns. "…You're lookin' a little…jaundiced in the eyes, there."
[2009-06-01 18:15:16] * Lurker blinks a few more times and shrugs.
[2009-06-01 18:15:38] * Rights tries to see what Lurker's drinking
[2009-06-01 18:15:40] * Agent_Strelnikov gets up and fills a kettle with water. He feels like making tea.
[2009-06-01 18:15:45] <Rights> 1d6 IDENTIFY CAN
[2009-06-01 18:15:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, IDENTIFY CAN: 6 [1d6=6]
[2009-06-01 18:15:45] * Gerald chuckles.
[2009-06-01 18:16:06] <Lurker> <It's an alcoholic beverage.>
[2009-06-01 18:16:18] * Agent_Strelnikov turns the stove on, but not before checking for gas leaks. He's mindful of Gerald's experiences.
[2009-06-01 18:16:30] * Rights frowns, raising an eyebrow. "…I didn't know you drank."
[2009-06-01 18:16:33] * Agent_Strelnikov sits down and waits for tea :D
[2009-06-01 18:17:01] * Lurker shrugs. "I didn't either." He says, examining the can. "It doesn't taste very good."
[2009-06-01 18:17:11] * Lurker finishes the can, crushes it, and disposes of it appropriately.
[2009-06-01 18:17:16] * Rights blinks. "Yeah…s'why I don't do it."
[2009-06-01 18:17:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Vodka is best."
[2009-06-01 18:17:42] <Lurker> "So I've heard, Agent Strelnikov."
[2009-06-01 18:17:51] <Rights> "Eh…honestly?"
[2009-06-01 18:17:56] <Rights> "…I prefer fruity drinks."
[2009-06-01 18:18:11] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Many womens do."
[2009-06-01 18:18:55] * Rights blinks. "Not necessarily…but we do have a stronger sense of taste and smell than most men, or at least a stronger neural connection to those senses. So we're more- you know, this is probably gibberish to you, isn't it?"
[2009-06-01 18:18:55] <Lurker> "This is the third time I've had alcohol, the previous time was wine, and the time before that was a can given to me by Agent Tam while he was in a drunken stupor."
[2009-06-01 18:19:26] <Doctor_Light> "I just drink whenever I want to get drunk."
[2009-06-01 18:19:28] * Agent_Strelnikov blinks at Rights. "What?"
[2009-06-01 18:19:31] <Rights> "Wine isn't terrible, I guess…..I like it in situations."
[2009-06-01 18:19:45] <Rights> "Like a romantic glass." She smiles softly. "Or in celebration."
[2009-06-01 18:20:06] * Lurker opens the fridge and pulls out another, cracking it open and downing it quickly.
[2009-06-01 18:20:52] <Rights> "…Uhm…you should be careful…I don't know what'l happen if you're drunk."
[2009-06-01 18:21:22] * Agent_Strelnikov gets up again and pours the water into some mugs with teabags. He offers a mug to Rights.
[2009-06-01 18:21:25] * Lurker blinks at the can before disposing of it. "Well I guess it will be an experiment for the log books. Perhaps then they can cut me open again."
[2009-06-01 18:21:35] <Lurker> "Maybe they'll find something useful."
[2009-06-01 18:21:53] * Rights nods to Dmitri to accept the mug, before frowning at Lurker…and motioning for him to come close. "…Come here."
[2009-06-01 18:21:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker, only I am allowed for be depressing." He chuckles.
[2009-06-01 18:22:44] <Lurker> "I'd rather not, I have to keep an eye on this." He looks into the oven, then to Dmitri. "What for, Dmitri? Look at yourself now, recent promotion, head of a team, people who respect you."
[2009-06-01 18:23:13] * Lurker grabs a third beer from the fridge, and bites into it instead of opening it, letting it pour into his mouth.
[2009-06-01 18:23:22] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles knowingly at Lurker. "All of this means nothing without someone for make share of it with."
[2009-06-01 18:23:34] * Rights is very unnerved with this, and stands to put a hand on Lurker's shoulder.
[2009-06-01 18:23:59] <Lurker> "Break?" He asks, his voice starting to get a bit slurred.
[2009-06-01 18:24:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I would like, yes. But I do not have much hopes."
[2009-06-01 18:24:17] <Lurker> "Or maybe Doctor Aura… or Doctor Rights… maybe even Doctor Light."
[2009-06-01 18:24:44] * Lurker scoffs and looks into the oven again. "Damnit, cook faster." He scowls.
[2009-06-01 18:24:48] * Rights gently massages Lurker's shoulder. "I think you'll do fine, Strel…did you give Break your note…?"
[2009-06-01 18:24:54] <Doctor_Light> "Uh, yes?"
[2009-06-01 18:24:55] * Rights blinks. "What are you making, Lurker?"
[2009-06-01 18:24:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No. Not yet."
[2009-06-01 18:25:02] <Lurker> "Nothing."
[2009-06-01 18:25:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am still…..I am wait for proper time."
[2009-06-01 18:25:15] * Lurker reaches for the frige door, misses, then pulls it open.
[2009-06-01 18:25:53] * Lurker pulls out another beer. "Where the hell do these keep coming from?" He asks, cracks it open, and starts to drink it.
[2009-06-01 18:26:24] * Rights blinks. "From the fridge…those are somebody else's beers, you know."
[2009-06-01 18:27:54] <Lurker> "Bill me then…"
[2009-06-01 18:28:08] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "Do not start like me, now, Lurker."
[2009-06-01 18:28:23] * Lurker crumples up the can and tosses it into the recycling.
[2009-06-01 18:29:10] * Lurker opens the fridge and looks around. "I need something stronger."
[2009-06-01 18:29:23] * Rights puts her hand on the door of the fridge and pushes it shut. "…"
[2009-06-01 18:29:37] <Rights> "…If I give you something stronger, will you stop this binge-drinking?"
[2009-06-01 18:29:53] * Prof_Kain enters the room, padding through as though nothing happened, muttering something about "bloody physicals".
[2009-06-01 18:30:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…." He steps back and puts a hand on his holster.
[2009-06-01 18:30:11] * Rights blinks. "Kain!"
[2009-06-01 18:30:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Gypsy?"
[2009-06-01 18:30:22] * Rights smiles. "Professor, I rarely see you here…"
[2009-06-01 18:30:25] <Rights> "No, he's not…"
[2009-06-01 18:30:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Puppy?"
[2009-06-01 18:30:36] * Agent_Strelnikov kneels down a bit.
[2009-06-01 18:30:36] <Lurker> "No, I doubt it." He says, nodding to Rights.
[2009-06-01 18:30:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Puppy! Come!"
[2009-06-01 18:30:49] <Lurker> "Infact, I'll probably end up making myself sick, if I can get sick."
[2009-06-01 18:30:51] * Agent_Strelnikov pats his legs.
[2009-06-01 18:30:51] * Doctor_Light does not know him personally but is used to researchers who are animals
[2009-06-01 18:30:52] * Prof_Kain looks at the fridge, then to the other personnel, particularly at the man holding the gun.
[2009-06-01 18:31:05] * Agent_Strelnikov has an idiotic smile on his face. He likes dogs!
[2009-06-01 18:31:07] * Lurker looks to Professor Kain. "Who's dog?"
[2009-06-01 18:31:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Come here puppy! I call you Rokossovsky."
[2009-06-01 18:31:27] <Rights> "It's professor Kain….he's, uh…"
[2009-06-01 18:31:40] <Prof_Kain> Would anyone like to help me get a beer, or should I spontaneously evolve thumbs and get it myself?
[2009-06-01 18:31:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[2009-06-01 18:31:48] <Lurker> "Ah, so like Love. Normal."
[2009-06-01 18:31:56] * Rights frowns at Lurker, still leaning against the fridge, before opening it and opening a beer. "I'll get you a bowl, too, sir."
[2009-06-01 18:32:05] * Lurker turns back to the oven. "Unlike me." He mumbles.
[2009-06-01 18:32:16] <Prof_Kain> Thank you Rights!
[2009-06-01 18:32:29] * Rights grabs a bowl from the cabinet, filling it and setting it in front of Kain. "I didn't know you could drink."
[2009-06-01 18:32:39] * Rights frowns as she goes back to Lurker. "…don't say that."
[2009-06-01 18:32:49] <Prof_Kain> You seem to get even more radiant every time I visit. And I do like the sauce every once in awhile.
[2009-06-01 18:32:58] * Lurker is crouched down, watching the inside of the oven
[2009-06-01 18:33:02] * Agent_Strelnikov is a bit taken aback, despite his relationship with Dr. Love.
[2009-06-01 18:33:10] <Rights> "You're awfully flattering today…"
[2009-06-01 18:33:27] <Rights> "If I didn't know better, I'd say that you were trawling for scratches."
[2009-06-01 18:33:29] * Agent_Strelnikov stands up.
[2009-06-01 18:33:35] * Rights leans down by Lurker, trying to see inside the oven.
[2009-06-01 18:33:41] <Prof_Kain> "Well, if they happen, they happen…"
[2009-06-01 18:33:55] * Lurker blocks the view tactically.
[2009-06-01 18:34:14] * Agent_Strelnikov walks over to Kain. "…Can I pet?"
[2009-06-01 18:34:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am like the puppy dogs."
[2009-06-01 18:34:29] * Rights keeps trying.
[2009-06-01 18:34:38] * Prof_Kain looks at him oddly, and sighs.
[2009-06-01 18:34:45] <Prof_Kain> "Fine, why not?"
[2009-06-01 18:35:13] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles and pets Kain. He scratches behind the ears with his rough Russian hands.
[2009-06-01 18:35:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Good puppies."
[2009-06-01 18:35:26] <Prof_Kain> "Woof…."
[2009-06-01 18:35:29] <Prof_Kain> "Er…"
[2009-06-01 18:35:32] * Lurker continues blocking before finally standing up. "Excuse me Doctor Rights, I need to open the oven and I wouldn't want to harm you by having it hit your head."
[2009-06-01 18:36:03] <Prof_Kain> "What exactly are you cooking?"
[2009-06-01 18:36:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Awww." He finds it adorable that Kain can talk.
[2009-06-01 18:36:22] <Prof_Kain> "It smells…. odd."
[2009-06-01 18:36:31] * Agent_Strelnikov has still not quite understood that Kain is an eminent professor.
[2009-06-01 18:37:04] * Rights backs off from Lurker a little. She absently wonders what sort of place she works where she can see a dog and an alien in the breakroom at the same time.
[2009-06-01 18:37:10] <Rights> "If only Love were here…"

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