Imants I

*Imants walks into Bright's office.

*Bright is seated behind his desk, drinking a cup of coffee. "and you are…?

Imants> "I'm Agent Imants."

Imants> "Sir."

Bright> "Take a seat Imants."

*Imants takes a seat in front of Bright's desk, and folds his hands on his lap.

Bright> "Tell me Imants, how long have you been an agent for the Church of the Broken God?"

Imants> "…I"

Imants> "What?"

Imants> "Sir, I just woke up about 3 days ago. Before that I was apparently insane."

Bright> "It's a simple question. I wish to know, how long have you been a Traitor to the Foundation?"

Imants> "I don't think I was aware enough to be a traitor then, and I don't know enough to be a traitor now, Sir."

Imants> "Nor do I have any desire to be."

Bright> "What is your job here at the Foundation?"

Imants> "I have no idea, I think right now I'm supposed to be transferred over to Kondraki's alternate dimension base-thingy for security. But until then I'm just helping out as needed.

Bright> "…" Bright sighs. "Dismissed Imants. You haven't done enough to be reviewed."

Imants> "Alright, thank you."

*Imants gets up, and walks out the door.

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