Iceberg> "The cane? Really?"

Bright> "He would've used the gun otherwise."

Iceberg> "Eh."

Iceberg> "As long as it wasn't my face, that actually would have been better."

Bright> "And you're too useful to die right now."

Iceberg> "I've yet to upgrade my armor to absorb electricity, you see."

Bright> "Take a seat. Want a drink, a pill?"

Iceberg> "Nah, I took one of my pills before I left the breakroom."

*Iceberg stumbles a bit as he takes a seat.

Iceberg> "So, got any nice new porn collections?"

Bright> "Got some loli hentai, but it's meh at best." Bright shuffles some papers. "So, what’s the deal with you and the Russian?"

Iceberg> "Really? You must have gotten /some/ female researcher or agent to pose for your camera? And, what, me and Red? Oh, not much when you get to the bone."

Bright> "And the bone is…?"

Iceberg> "Oh, you know. He took Break on a date."

Iceberg> "It's nothing."

Iceberg> "I just needed to vent a few frustrations I've gotten over the month.

*Bright sighs. "And that’s reason to get him mad enough to kill you? Fuck, 'berg…"

Iceberg> "I wish she would again….."

*Iceberg grins

Iceberg> "But nevermind my personal life. It's my big thirteenth yearly review, isn't it?"

*Bright shakes his head. "All right, I know all your answers to the old questions…" Shuffles some papers. "A couple of requests from Senior Staff to elevate you to Class 4, I take it you want me to lose them again?"

Iceberg> "So they HAVE been people putting those through!"

Bright> "Pardon?"

Iceberg> "Come on. You know I've earned a promotion."

Iceberg> "Let's face it. I've done work. I researched my due. Now, why won't they promote me already Bright?"

Bright> "You've made yourself useful Iceberg. One might almost say, necessary. The problem being, there isn't anyone to fill your shoes should you move up."

Iceberg> "Oh, that excuse again."

Iceberg> "Fine, maybe next year."

Iceberg> "At least you people could tell me why I really don't get those promotions……."

Bright> "Train someone 'Berg. Train someone to do what you do, and we'll move you up."

Iceberg> "Yeah, yeah. Though the only person who could do it just moved from secretary to agent……… It's my brother, isn't it?"

*Bright goes very stiff, and his relaxed talk changes to more stilted. "Dr. Iceberg. You are talking to the one person who knows that we do not judge a researcher by his brother."

Iceberg> "Oh?"

Iceberg> "I know you won't."

Iceberg> "But the O5’s."

Iceberg> "The head honchos."

*Bright stares down Iceberg. "The ONLY reason we do not promote you is because of how damned useful you've made yourself. Get someone to fill that spot, and we'll move you up. Is there a position you've been looking at having?"

Iceberg> "Same as always. Something in weapons."

*Bright nods. "You are dismissed. Good day."

Bright> "Send Snorlison in."

Iceberg> "Wow. Compared to the others, it just seems…. oh, better not to jinx the thirteenth. And I guess you did already help shock me."

Iceberg> "Good day Bright. Tell me when you get a new poster girls, will ya?"

*Iceberg stands up, looking slightly better than before.

Iceberg> "You'd better. You know I hate having to wait like the rest of them."

*Iceberg walks out.

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