Heiden Dmitri

Bright> "Gentlemen. Come in, sit down."

*Heiden walks into the office and takes a seat.

*Agent_Strelnikov steps in and calms down a bit.

*Agent_Strelnikov offers Bright a handy salute, then sits down.

Bright> "Do you gents want the good news or the bad?"

*Heiden looks at Dr. Bright. "…well, this ought to be interesting. Bad news first, I think. Dmitri?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "…Bad. Yes."

Agent_Strelnikov> "Always start with bad."

Bright> "It also means you have more responsibility."

*Agent_Strelnikov cocks his head to one side.

*Heiden leans forward slightly. "Ah… what does, sir?"

Bright> "The good news is, you boys are getting partial promotions, to security clearance 3.5"

*Agent_Strelnikov blinks. This is quite a jump from Level 2 clearance.

Heiden splutters. "Three… three point five?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "…What fors, sir?"

Heiden> Heiden has jumped quite a ways.

Bright> "I'm sure the both of you have noticed some rather… dismal reactions to adverse situations that have occurred recently?"

Bright> "Both inside and outside of the Foundation?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "Our security response teams have been /very/ lax." Amazing English. Amazing. The next sentence will be very poor.

Heiden> "Yes, sir… things have been rather odd, of late." Heiden doesn't know nearly as much about the security as he'd like.

*Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek.

Heiden> "I'd heard about some occurrences off-facility, but I have to say, I haven't heard much in the way of details."

Agent_Strelnikov> "I was had been make tolds that calls for securities are not of make good responses times."

Agent_Strelnikov> "…Sorries my English."

Bright> "Well then. When masses of junior researchers are together, and an indent occurs, you two gentlemen are being put in charge of them, so as to limit the threat." Bright clears his throat. "Dmitri, you will be in charge of those incidents that occur on site. It will be your duty to organize the junior staff to either take of the threat, or seek shelter while the proper authorities are contacted."

*Agent_Strelnikov nods dutifully.

*Heiden listens intently, waiting for his duty.

Bright> "Heiden, when the researchers go out in a group, and they will, this RP seems to demand it, you will take charge should SCP worthy events crop up. It will be your duty to ensure that the researchers do not breach the security of the site, and to ensure that the SCPs are handled properly."

Heiden> "Yes sir. Does that mean I'm obligated to accompany any groups leaving the base?"

Heiden> "And, ah… does this clearance upgrade mean I can clear my own research proposals now?" Heiden seems rather intent on this question.

Bright> "If you can. You are both allowed to choose a lieutenant, to take charge should you not be around for a specific plot line." Bright looks Heiden dead in the eyes. "No."

*Heiden seems slightly put out. "Yes, sir."

Bright> "Do you gentlemen feel you can do this?"

*Agent_Strelnikov responds immediately. "Yes sir. One questions, though."

*Heiden nods to Dr. Bright. "I'm capable of handling myself around SCPs, yes, sir. Corralling the other researchers… I might need some firearms training for that."

Bright> "Ask away Dmitri. And that’s what the promotion is for Heiden. Feel free to train in whatever you feel is needed."

Agent_Strelnikov> "How much control is this give me over on-site security?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "Am I able for commands them?"

Bright> "No, they still fall under their own chain of command. Sadly. This only applies to the junior staff. And whatever Seniors might need some sense smacked into them."

Agent_Strelnikov> "I sees."

*Agent_Strelnikov leans back in his chair.

Bright> "Any other questions?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. One more."

Heiden> "I… wow." Heiden takes a breath and just thinks a moment.

Agent_Strelnikov> "How much is it cost me for rent that cane of yours?"

*Bright sighs. "For what purpose?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "If Doktor Iceberg is ever try to mistreat my lieutenant again."

Agent_Strelnikov> "Is…eh…is hurt productivity."

Bright ponders. "Maybe."

Agent_Strelnikov> "…If I may ask, why us, Doktor Bright?"

*Heiden nods in agreement with Dmitri.

Bright> "Mainly personal observations, back up by discussion with Kondraki. The two of you, while often in the middle of everything, most often have your heads screwed on straight."

Heiden> "I appreciate your confidence, sir, bu- ah. Well, thank you."

Bright> "Besides, who am I supposed to put in charge? Iceberg and Rights? Dumount and Yoric?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "…I cannot argue with this logics."

*Heiden shakes his head sharply at the last pair. "I, ah, see what you mean."

*Agent_Strelnikov straightens his posture. "I thanks you for these confidence, Doktor Bright. You have my word I will not lets you down."

Bright> "Also, I'm fairly sure this will push you two to give me your best. I have my eyes on you for Senior Staff."

*Agent_Strelnikov blinks again. "…I sees, Doktor."

*Heiden looks a more than a bit surprised by this. "I… certainly, Doctor Bright. You'll not regret this decision."

Agent_Strelnikov> "I would offer you drink, Doktor Bright, but sadly all of my alcohols was destroy by Iceberg."

*Heiden looks over at Dmitri. "All of it? And you -didn't- kill him?"

Agent_Strelnikov> "…I was order not to."

Heiden's day has been just FULL of surprises.

Agent_Strelnikov> "I was NOT order not to kill The Hated Yoric, though. He is still on my lists."

*Agent_Strelnikov wags a finger. "That man is dead to me."

Bright> "You gentlemen are dismissed. I expect great things of you."

*Agent_Strelnikov stands and salutes crisply. "I give you my best."

*Heiden stands and emulates Dmitri's salute… poorly. "Thank you again, sir."

*Heiden turns and begins making his way out of the office.

*Agent_Strelnikov turns on a bootheel and strides out.

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