*Heiden walks into the office and closes the door behind him.

*Heiden seems significantly more composed than the last time he was here.

Heiden> "Doctor Bright? Appearing for my yearly review, as requested."

*Bright nods. "Have a seat."

*Heiden sits down in the chair in front of Bright's desk.

Bright> "Now, do you have any questions before we begin?"

Heiden> "I don't believe so, sir."

Bright> "All right then. How long have you been a traitor to the Foundation, Heiden?"

*Heiden doesn't blink. "Your question is loaded with a presupposition that I do not accept, sir."

Heiden> "To answer would be to grant credence to that assumption."

Heiden> A perceptive eye would note that Heiden's back has stiffened and he is making a conscious effort to look Bright in the eye.

Bright> "Then who created Lurker?"

*Heiden just /stares/ at Bright, a vacant 'what-the-fuck' expression. "Sir, I haven't a damn clue."

Bright> "Mhmm, yes." He ticks off something on his list. "What scps are you currently engaged in studying?"

Heiden> "I'm currently in charge of handling day-to-day research on SCP-641… I handle reports for a few other SCPs, but the data's so heavily redacted by the time I get it, it's mostly grunt-work."

Heiden> "About SCP-641…" Heiden grimaces. "I was wondering if I could be transferred from that project, sir. We haven't gotten anywhere in replicating its effects, and even if we do, they're not sufficiently powerful to be of much use."

Bright> "Approved."

Heiden> "Thank you, sir."

Bright> "What have you accomplished in the last year?"

Heiden> "I've typed up and filed - " Dr. Heiden sets a few paperclipped sheets of paper on Bright's desk " - reports of research done by other researchers on SCPs 764 and 702, and assisted research into the effects of SCP-641."

Bright> "What would you say was your weakest facet?"

Heiden> "Ah… I lack versatility, sir. In the event of containment breaches, my plan of action is 'cower until it goes away'… I lack even the basic firearms training possessed by most personnel on base."

*Heiden is surprised at his own bluntness.

Bright> "Who would you fire if you had the chance?"

*Heiden takes a long time to think about this question.

Heiden> "Nurse Julia, I suppose, sir."

Bright> "Why?"

Heiden> "She creates a hostile work environment - she'll come into the breakroom and begin prodding people with knives for no discernible reason. I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been an incident, yet."

Heiden> "A lot of yelling ensues, usually, but since she doesn't break skin, no one's shot her. I think she's trying to flirt?"
*Heiden genuinely has no idea.

Bright> "Hmm. Hypothetical scenario. The site is invaded. It is down to you and me to trigger the safeguards to keep the SCPs from getting out, and I'm the one with the codes. I get shot and killed. Would you put on 963?"

*Heiden looks utterly nauseated a the prospect, and a dead silence hangs over the room.

Heiden> "Sir…" he lets out a sigh. "…yes. I would be morally obligated to do so. Prior to our conversation, I would not have."

Heiden> "I would seek any available alternative prior to taking that action, but if it were my only choice, then I would be obligated to use SCP-963 to ensure a greater good."

Bright> "Following this interview, do you have any questions for me?"

Heiden> "Just one."

Bright> "Ask."

Heiden> "What is my new assignment?"

*Bright gives him an assignment in tune with his abilities.

Heiden nods. "Very well, sir… I appreciate your confidence in me."

*Heiden leafs over the report for SCP-701… "Study for a pattern of effect, and potential countermeasures?"

*Heiden nods. "I can do that."

*Bright nods. "You are dissmissed. Send the next one in."

*Heiden nods and walks out of the office, report in hand. "Yes, sir."

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