*Gerald walks into the office.

*Bright is seated behind his desk

*Gerald sits down.

Gerald> "Er, hello sir."

Bright> "Are you aware of why you have been called in here?"

Gerald> "Yearly review, right?"

Bright> "Right. Now, what have you been doing in the last year?"

Gerald> "Well, I've been helping out the higher up researchers."

Gerald> "Aiding with experiments, doing paperwork, that kind of thing."

Gerald> "Also, I'm the head research assistant."

Gerald> "I have to make sure all of the Foundation assistants are organized, make sure they're working with who they should be, and so on."

Bright> "Hmm. And who is the traitor amongst us?"

Gerald> "Er…what?"

Gerald> "Not quite sure I understand."

Bright> "Someone here is a traitor to the foundation. Do you know who?"

Gerald> "No."

Gerald> "I didn't know there even *was* a traitor…."

Bright> "Why are there so many containment breeches in the last three months?"

*Gerald shrugs.

Bright> 'What would you say is your worst feature?"

Gerald> "Well, I've always had bad luck." He taps the cast on his arm.

Gerald> "Ever since I've arrived, I get into trouble a lot. Lots of accidents."

Gerald> "But there weren't that many breaches until recently."

Bright> "Hmm." Bright tosses him a box with a button on it.

*Gerald looks at it.

Gerald> "What's this?"

Bright> "Dumounts trigger. He's proven himself useless. Please dispose of him."

*Gerald suddenly looks a hell of a lot more nervous.

Gerald> "What?"

Bright> "Press the button, and blow up Dumount."

Gerald> "Er, now?"

Bright> "Yes, now."

*Gerald seems to be sweating.

Gerald> "Why me?"

*Bright stares at Gerald, pen ticking against his desk.

*Gerald keeps looking back and forth between Bright and the box.

Gerald> "Er, uh…um…gah…"

*Bright waits

*Gerald seems really panicky.

Gerald> "Why me, sir?"

Bright> "Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do, or die."

Gerald> "Die?!"

*Gerald 's hand is shaking, hovering over the button.

*Gerald clenches his eyes shut.

*Bright smiles

Gerald> "Gah!"

*Gerald holds his breath, and slams his hand onto the button.

Gerald> "…."

*Gerald 's mouth is hanging open.

There is an explosion from outside of the room. Bright nods approvingly. "Well done."

*Gerald is shaking violently.

*Gerald looks very sick, too.

Bright> "Now, do you have any questions for me?"

Gerald> "Er."

*Gerald mumbles something about security clearance.

Bright> "What?"

Gerald> "I was…wondering…if I could have level 3 clearance. Sir."

*Gerald seems quite ill.

Bright> "Of course. On a probationary trial, of course."

Gerald> "Yessir." He mumbles.

*Gerald sits there, shaking.

Bright> "You are dismissed. Send the next one in.

Gerald stands up, clutching the box in his hand.

*Gerald turns, and stumbles out of the door.

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