Bright is seated at his desk, reading over a report.

Dr_Gears enters the office, closing the door behind him and making a small bow in the direction of Dr. Bright "Doctor Bright."

Bright> "D.r Gears. Please be seated. In this case, your interview is rather a formality."

Dr_Gears> "The director who normally handles my review is unavailable. I appreciate your assistance, as does he."

Bright> "Dr. Gears, what SCPs are you currently assigned to? And what breakthroughs have you made in the past year?"

Dr_Gears> "My current assignment calendar has me working with upwards of fifty SCP-level items under Foundation oversight in the next six months. My most sweeping contribution in the previous year was the redesign of the armored exploration suits, and containment review and evaluation of Site 19."

Bright> "Are you aware of the recent increase in containment breeches, attacks by outside sources, and spontaneous SCP generation in and around the major sites?"

Dr_Gears> "Yes. However, I ascribe that less to a increase in events, and more to better security on the behalf of The Foundation. With the constant increase in security and oversight, incidents that may have gone overlooked in the past are now recorded in detail."

Bright> "Are you aware that you have recomendations from two members of O5 requesting you be promoted to O5 yourself?"

Dr_Gears> "…I was unaware of this. However, i have been approached in this regard in the past, and have declined. I will do so again when approached with this new request."

Bright> "Very well. Who do you think most deserves firing?"

Dr_Gears> "Human resources is outside the scope of my experience. My own interaction with much of the staff is extremely limited, or non-existent. I lack the background to make a informed opinion in this regard."

Bright> "But, if you could get one of one person employed by the Foundation, who would it be?"

*Dr_Gears blinks several times, expressionless. "…Some Agents attached to The Foundation seem to view their position with a minimum of care or understanding. However, this may be a misinformed opinion based on limited interaction."

Dr_Gears> "Doctor Bright, you work with multiple people in a day, correct?"

Bright> "Correct."

Dr_Gears> "In the past two weeks, i have interacted with three people, the total interaction time lasting less then half a hour."

Dr_Gears> "…my ability to make informed opinions on staff is limited." *continues to watch bright with his empty expression.*

Bright> "Mhmm." Bright makes a note. "Then let me rephrase. What SCPs do you think we should terminate?"

Dr_Gears> "There are multiple items that appear to have exhausted their research value, or have caused multiple security issues. in the interest of time, i can submit a full report of my findings if it is so desired."

Bright> "Just a quick list for the moment."

Dr_Gears> "SCP numbers 716, 087, and 815 appear to have reached their limits of useful application. In total, approximately eighty eight items could be removed."

Bright> "Good to know. All right Dr. Gears, do you have any questions for me?"

Dr_Gears> "Have you shown any signs of mental degradation due to your current physical and mental state?"

Bright> "… None that I am aware of."

Dr_Gears> "It has been noted your last several bodies have all expired from self-inflicted wounds."

Bright> "But since I have been given permission to hold onto bodies, I keep them in better repair."

Dr_Gears> "Duly noted. I have also received a request to test exposure of yourself to SCP-682. I question what it is you hope to accomplish with said test."

Bright> "Sadly, it is not at my request. Dr. Samet recived permission from O5-9"

Dr_Gears> "I will direct my inquiry to him, then. Do you have any additional questions for myself, Doctor Bright?"

Bright> "No, you're good. Please send in the next interviewee.

*Dr_Gears stands, nodding to the doctor. "Thank you for your attention, Doctor Bright." He exits again, closing the door.

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