Name: Fishmonger

Position: Observer Zero


Culinary Prowess: 20

Future History: 20

Temporal Diffusion: 20

Just Plain Unnerving: 20





Unending supply of kitchen utensils
Butcher's smock


Never around when you need him - Fishmonger has the ability to avoid any and all conflict by not having been anywhere near it in the first place.
Always shows up at the worst possible time - Fishmonger can be inserted into any scene at any time, without explanation as to how he appeared there. All other non-Senior staff roll against Confabulation or become confused for 1d6 turns.
How the Hell did he do that? - Fishmonger can effect a number of seemingly impossible things, such as being in two places at once, changing his clothing and equipment instantaneously, or knowing someone's desires before they state them. Whether these are actual superhuman abilities or an elaborate display of illusionary and psychoanalytic techniques is left as a proof for the reader.


No one has any idea what he's doing here - Fishmonger is unable to party with any group, as the nature of both his character and his occupation within the Foundation would be compromised.

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