Father Anders

Name: Father Henrik Anders
Position: Field Agent.


"I … Hunt.": 4
Henrik is an experienced game hunter. He can move silently, wait in ambush, use and upkeep shotguns, rifles and bows. He can also clean and preserve kills and track targets in wilderness and urban settings.

Shepherd of the Flock: 4
Once a preacher, always a preacher. Henrik possesses a calm, soothing demeanor and can comfort the afflicted with his words. His faith guides him in moments of doubt and can offer defense against spiritual or mental attacks. If he doesn't snap, that is.

Demolition Man: 3
To keep himself and his parishioners alive during a SCP-694 attack, Henrik had to learn to think like the enemy. He is skilled at setting and disarming deadly traps and explosives, some of which could impress Rube Goldberg in their inventiveness.


Shotgun: +1 to "I… Hunt."

Trap kit, containing all manner of devices handy for rigging and disarming traps and explosives: +1 Demolition man.


Can't Save Them All: Traumatized by the loss of his family and friends, Henrik chooses to believe that they are in a better place now. Such will be the fate of all those unfortunate enough to find themselves between the Foundation and its objectives. His complete disregard for the lives of others causes all Shepherd of the Flock rolls to be halved in violent situations where his true nature is revealed.


A preacher from Norway, Father Anders should have died with his congregation when his town was overrun by a malevolent biological SCP. Because the Foundation team tasked with containment tried to save the preacher and his flock despite their orders, Father Anders was forced to help move the survivors in his charge back and forth through the fire fight and keep them calm, even when the infected ones had to be put down.

Ultimately it was for naught, the Foundation chose to dispose of the survivors rather than relocate them after the town was demolished, with the exception of Father Anders. His self control during the containment operation was seen as a potential asset, and after debriefing and education he was put in the field as an agent.

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