Discussion with the players has led to the following rule changes:

Equipment that adds +1 to skills means that +1d6 is added to your skill rolls. If Dr. Aura uses her Dog Whistle to tame a growling feral dog-beast, she rolls 3d6, not 2d6+1, for Who's a Good Boy?.


At the end of a session, you may roll for advancement.

1. To roll for advancement, make a skill roll at its full rank for each skill you used in the game. (If Fifth took damage to Awesome by Analysis in the course of the game, he still rolls the full rank when rolling for advancement)
2. If all the dice in the skill roll come up as 3 or higher (not all even as before), you may increase the rank of the skill by one.
3. If you feel the character has developed a new skill, you may ask a GM to add a new skill at rank 1.
4. If you feel that the character has developed a perk, you may ask a GM to add that perk.
5. Feel free to add hooks at any time. Note that hooks created after initial character creation may not add to your skill ranks, although this may change in the near future.

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