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First and foremost, players in this RP are free to use their discretion to make equipment up and advance their characters according to dramatic circumstances and the continuity of the game. That said, if you're looking to add a common item to your inventory, it'll help if you choose one of these.

Mundane equipment: Mundane items are typical inexpensive, easy to replace, everyday items. If the item provides a bonus, it is most definitely NOT mundane. If it requires paperwork or a license to own and operate, it is most likely not mundane.

Why have mundane items in your inventory? Simple. Think of these as hooks: if you don't have them in your inventory, you can't use a related skill effectively. After all, it's going to be hard for a photographer to take pictures without a camera, or a software engineer to program without a computer.

Bear in mind, however, that the existence of mundane items does not automatically allow players to keep a pocketful of useful items. Before adding any item, mundane or otherwise, to your inventory, ask yourself some questions:

1. Does it make sense for my character to have this item? (Is it in character for my character to have this item? Do my character's experiences support having this item?)

2. Would it be fair in the other players' eyes for you to receive this item?

3. Does this item disrupt gameplay? (Is it overpowered? Will the effect of the item annoy players?)

4. Have you discussed your changes with other players? Do they approve?

Standard Issue Equipment: A little bit of paperwork goes into gaining these items, but that's the only bit of red tape that the Foundation requires. Getting these items shouldn't be a problem.

Standard Issue Taser - Add 1d6 to your attack rolls. Damage dealt with this weapon heals at the end of the encounter. One handed. Melee.

Standard Issue Sidearm - Add 1d6 to your attack rolls. Weapon allows the user to deal lethal damage at range. One handed.

SCP Workstation - Basic desktop computer terminal attached to desk. Allows for Internet access and access to the Foundation database.* The high quality of Foundation electrical engineering provides its users a 1d6 bonus to checks related to computing. It's fixed to the desk, however.

SCP Digital Assistant - A smartphone with touchscreen and stylus. Allows for communication between Foundation personnel by voice, text message, voicemail, or text email. Also allows Internet access and access to the Foundation database.*

*Note that your access to the Foundation database is limited by your security clearance.

Special Issue Equipment: You are only going to get these items if your position or a mission requires you to have them. For example, a researcher or analyst would have access to the laptops, and security or tactical agents would have access to the tactical gear. Expect to have to explain the necessity of these items to your mission to a very stingy quartermaster before receiving them. If you are a beginning player, you will probably only have access to ONE of these items, if you are lucky.

Ballistic Vest - Damage that would normally be dealt to your skills is instead dealt to your the vest. You may stop one die of damage of before the armor becomes useless.

Tactical armor - Damage that would normally be dealt to your skills is instead dealt to the tactical armor. You may stop one die of damage of before the armor becomes useless. This armor is capable of stopping assault and sniper rifle rounds, although mobility is severely limited; any rolls relating to actions requiring agility automatically fail.

Ballistic Shield - Damage that would normally dealt to your skills or your body armor is instead dealt to the shield. You may stop two dice of damage before the shield becomes uselss, but you are limited to one handed weapons.

Submachine gun - Add 1d6 to your attack roll. Personnel with no skills in combat may roll 4d6-4 as their attack roll when using this weapon. Two handed.

Tactical Shotgun - Add 1d6 to your attack rolls. A successful attack roll with this weapon at indoor ranges will deal two dice of damage (instead of one) to unarmored targets. The shotgun will knock armored targets prone. Two handed.

Assault Rifle - Add 1d6 to your attack roll. A successful attack roll with this weapon will deal one die of damage to armor in addition to one die of normal damage. Two handed.

Sniper Rifle - This weapon may ignore tactical armor. If attacking with this weapon is the only action that the attacker takes in the round, add 2d6 to your attack roll; a successful attack roll of this kind will deal three dice of damage. The GM may rule that the attacker is exposed (defense rolls are halved) for the next round if the attacker does not properly set up the shot. Two handed.

Grenade - Add 1d6 to your attack roll. Make two rolls against every opponent in the encounter. If the opponent loses the first roll, he is treated as exposed for the second roll, which is a normal attack roll. The grenade imparts the shot status effect upon dealing damage.

SCP Laptop Computer: Same as workstation, except the laptop may be carried without encumbrance.

SCP Ruggedized Laptop Computer: Same as laptop. If this item takes damage, it simply becomes a laptop computer instead of being destroyed.

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