Entering Town

<Crit_DM>: "And then they left"
Rights only understand snippets, but remembers them well, looking around still.
<Crit_DM>: "Aside from that just the usual comings and goings, town mayor getting back from vacation in Kiev, owner of the oil refinery visiting on his anual tour after leaving his townhouse in moscau
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "I see, I'll have to check there next." Dmitri offers the man another cigarette. "For your cooperation, friend."
<Crit_DM>: "Thank you comerad" The man responds with a grin
Agent_Strelnikov nods and ushers Rights further down the street in the direction of the refinery.
<Crit_DM>: "And any time you are up for vodka and poker,"
<Crit_DM>: He lets the rest hang implied
Agent_Strelnikov smiles and waves.
Rights waves good-bye, smiling, as she's ushered down the street. "…I like him. Vidka and Poker are fun." She mutters quietly as they leave.
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "He is pleasant gentleman."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Not bad for militsiya."
<Gerald>: Dmitri's radio lets out a burst of static before starting to talk.
<Gerald>: "Hello?"
<Rights>: [Yasassin, how do you say pretty in Russian?]
<Yasassin>: [krasiva, rights]
<Yasassin>: [красиво]
<Gerald>: "Dmitri, can you hear me?"
<Gerald>: "It's Gerald.
Agent_Strelnikov keys the mic. "Hyel-lo."
<Gerald>: "
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "We are in town!"
Agent_Strelnikov tries to make it not so obvious that he's on a radio, but inevitably this draws attention.
<Gerald>: "Uh, we just caught a guy with a fake Foundation ID. He just killed a guard and looked like he was gonna break in."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "…I see. We will not be of the longer, then."
<Gerald>: "I think someone's on to us."
<Gerald>: "We're gonna question him when he wakes up."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Is best for you to remain inside until we are make return."
<Gerald>: "Okay."
Agent_Strelnikov nods, as if Gerald could see it. "Please to keep me inform. Out."
<Gerald>: "Out."
Rights blinks. "They found someone?"
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "It is seem so, yes. Come, little rabbit."
Agent_Strelnikov wraps an arm around Rights. "We are now lover."
Rights goes very red, and grins widely. "…Thank god I know how to be a lover in Russian."
Agent_Strelnikov blushes and adjusts his coat.
Rights chuckles and says in russian, moving to adjust his coat with a tender touch herself, "Don't be shy, my love." Before heading back off towars the oil refinery/
Agent_Strelnikov is completely red.
<Crit_DM>: It's the middle of the day, so the refinery is bustling with activity. It's not very efficient, or up to safety standards. As you approach one of the blow off stacks start spewing liquid petroleum
Rights sniffs. "…ew."
Agent_Strelnikov points and smiles. "Is on fire!"
Rights stares. "…OSHA would have a conniption."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "I doubt we will make inside."
<Rights>: "Hm…we'll, we'll see about that."
Agent_Strelnikov points at the gate guards. They're better dressed than Androka,
<Crit_DM>: The place was a frenzy of activity, with workers all over, clearly knowing what their job was. the security was pretty good, complete with rotwilers
Agent_Strelnikov pulls Rights in closer and together they approach the gate.
<Crit_DM>: "Halt"
<Crit_DM>: One guard says
<Crit_DM>: "State your business"
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "I am Major Dyatlenko. I have business with your foreman."
Rights snuggles up against Dmitri warmly. Her coat's a little unzipped, showing a glimpse of pale, full chest. How the hell she did that without using her hands is questionable.
<Crit_DM>: The guard touches a radio, and speaks into it… in yiddish. a similar response comes
<Crit_DM>: "He says he has no buisness with you"
Rights blinks. Yiddish! She knows that…well enough, at least.
<Crit_DM>: He speaks yiddish with a forign accent, as does the forman
<Crit_DM>: These people speak Yiddish with a non Yiddish acent.
<Crit_DM>: The guard said "There's a suspivious person here called Major Dyalenko" "Delay him"
Agent_Strelnikov slowly pulls a cigar from his pocket. "Perhaps I can convince you to let me through yet?"
<Crit_DM>: "Bribery?" the guard asks, raising an eyebrow
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "It's a fine cigar, is it not? And I have three."
Rights speaks up in yiddish,saying something to the effect of. "Not bribery. A gesture of trust.And THEN we can decide if we have business or not, yes?"
Agent_Strelnikov hopes to god she said something helpful. He doesn't speak Gypsy.
<Crit_DM>: The man stiffens, looking startled
<Crit_DM>: He pulls out the radio, and speaks into it again "They know the code launguage."
<Crit_DM>: "Detain them"
Agent_Strelnikov waves the cigarettes.
Rights blinks. Well, it's something, she leans forwards a little, so that she can be heard on the radio herself. "We just need to have a small talk…ten minutes, I swear, yes?"
<Rights>: Needless to say, the action gives the guard a good veiw, if he cares much.
Agent_Strelnikov tries to act comfortable with this.
<Crit_DM>: The guard scowls, leveling his weapon. Other guards were coming to the location…
Agent_Strelnikov pulls Rights back.
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Allright. I see how it is. We're going."
Rights nods. "We will leave, then…"
Agent_Strelnikov begins walking backwards, not turning away from the guards.
<Crit_DM>: The guards let him leave, but from now on Strelnikov will feel like he's being followed
Agent_Strelnikov gets sufficiently away and turns, hurrying Rights along. "We are leave now, I think."
Rights walks off with him…and smiles quietly, waiting until she feels safetly out of earshot. "…Yiddish. Haven't used that in a while…"
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Is that what they are speak?"
<Rights>: "Yeah…they have a very strange accent, though."
Agent_Strelnikov walks Rights back to the car, arm wrapped around her and holding her close, ostensibly to keep her warm.
Rights leans in close, very comfortable with the close contact, waiting untill they're in the car again to speak up. "Of all the time to not have pterry on-hand…he doesn't like the cold, but if you put a camera on him he can get in anywhere…"
Agent_Strelnikov backs the car out and makes for the exit to town.
<Crit_DM>: You feel watched… then you hear a cry and one of the russian guards falls down dead. A policeman appears out of the shadows of a dorway for a moment, saluts, and vanishes into the shade again
<Crit_DM>: That… is not how police should operate
<Crit_DM>: What the hell is up with this town?
Rights jumps. "Stop. The car."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "…I had a feeling he was of trust."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Yes ma'am.
<Rights>: "Holy balls!"
Agent_Strelnikov dutifully stops the car.
Agent_Strelnikov , to the surprise of no one, doesn't find this terribly odd.
Rights blinks, frowning. "…well, that explains why I felt eyes on us…"
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "Are we go?"
<Rights>: "…You know, this sort of stuff doesn't happen back in MY small town."
Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Such is Russia."
<Crit_DM>: (heh)
<Crit_DM>: (So, going back to base?)
<Agent_Strelnikov>: [yes]
<Agent_Strelnikov>: [unless there is something preventing it]
<Rights>: "I…suppose so. I mean…if we can to look at that oil refinery any more, we're going to need more help, or a better way in."
<Crit_DM>: (Nothing preventing it)
Rights noms on a cookie. "Hrm."
Agent_Strelnikov gives Rights a nervous peck on the cheek.
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "You have done well."
Rights flushes..before turning and giving him a little peck back. "…Tee-hee, little rabbit."
<Agent_Strelnikov>: "I was think you would like this."
Agent_Strelnikov parks outside the building, gets out and opens the door for Rights.
Rights chuckles. "I like it…plus, I must look like a little bunnie, in furs like this."
Agent_Strelnikov smiles and blushes again, ushering her inside where it's warm.
Rights steps inside as Dmitri holds the door for her, chuckling lightly and flushed.

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