*Bright is seated behind his desk, shuffling papers

*Dumount enters Bright's office "You wanted to see the first available employee? I happened to be near your door…"

*Dumount says this rather meekly

Bright> "Have a seat Dumount."

*Dumount takes a seat, watching Bright with some caution, "Yessir"

*Bright presses a button, and metal bands snap around Dumount’s wrists, ankles and forehead, locking him in place. "Tell me Dumount, if that is your real name, how long have you been a traitor to the Foundation?"

*Dumount blinks, pupil expanding with fear, heart rate jumping, respiration going up "If I was a traitor, I would be gibs by now. Also, you did not specifically request me, just the soonest available staff. Therefore I must assume that this is some sort of joke, or prank playing off of my general fear of people who are holding my button."

Bright> "That doesn't answer my question. Who sent you? Was it the Church of the Broken God?"

Dumount> "No one sent me"

*Dumount says, feigning a calm he did not actually feel

Bright> "Then why have you been engaged in so many containment breeches in sucha small amount of time, hmm?"

Dumount> "I'm not exactly the world's luckiest man, Dr. Bright. In fact, the very event that landed me here was the start of a long streak of bad luck"

*Dumount says still pretending calm

Bright> "Who created Lurker?"

*Dumount is not very good at pretending calm

Dumount> "I've barely decoded a fifth of his biology so far, It's in my reports. There's no way of knowing who made him. Honestly, I doubt he was created, he has too much junk DNA, and the transitions seem too natural"

*Dumount says, going into report mode

Bright> "What happened to your mother?"

Dumount> "Stroke" he responds "Or rather brain hemorrhage"

*Dumount seems annoyed by that question, like it's a subject he'd rather avoid

Bright> "What have you accomplished in the last year?"

Dumount> "I've treated over 300 patients over the last year, including some senior staff members. I have performed medical research on many of the diseased held in the Foundation, with administrator permission… specifically how to cure them. I've performed medical research on SCP-562 for possible use of its organs for transplants, and I've… um…" he blushes hotly "Spent some quality time with…

Dumount> …Dr. Rights, in an effort to overcome my 'passive-aggressive social antagonistic behavior' as Dr. Glass referred to it"

Bright> "Are you aware that there are currently three staff members plotting your demise?"

Dumount> "I don't see why they bother. I'm a walking dead man anyway, all they have to do is press the fucking button, and boom! I'm gibbed"

*Dumount says with an angry grunt

Dumount> "Anyway, clearly they're not very adept at plotting it, or I would be dead now."

Bright> "What is the code to disarm your bomb?"

*Dumount blinks, then laughs "You think I know? I've accepted my fate to be a walking dead man living on borrowed time. I honestly have, I just want to get some good work done before I die now."

Dumount> "That makes us sorta similar, doesn't it? We're both living on borrowed time. Just in different ways"
Bright> "You are nothing like me Dumount. Why should I let you live?"

Dumount> "I honestly wonder that every day I wake up myself. Personally I've always figured it's because it's more trouble than it's worth to kill me, and because I do valuable work for the foundation as the head of my medical ward"

Bright> "How did you scam yourself a level 3 security clearance?"

Dumount> "I didn't scam it. I have very little control over what I am ordered to do, and I obey orders. I was given level three clearance, and I wasn't really told why. I've always assumed it was so I would know what sorts of injuries would be coming in. And it has helped to know exactly what sorts of injuries are going to be coming in, I suspect I would be less useful without it"

*Dumount is starting to calm down

Bright> "Let's test that, shall we? You're now at level 2 security clearance for a month, to see how it affects your work."
*Dumount shrugs "Fine, you want my level 3 ID card then?"

Dumount> "I'd complain more, but you know what? I suspect that would lead to me exploding. And while I no longer fear that death, I'm not going to march into it"

Bright> "I already have it." He is Bright after all. He touches a button on his desk, and the bands retract. And then he tosses Dumount a box, with a button on it.

*Dumount picks up the box "Is this the detonator?"

Bright> "One of them. You're dismissed."

Bright> "Send in the next guy."

Dumount> "… I see."

*Dumount turns and leaves, walking a bit stiffly

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