Dr. Sorts

Name: Dr. Johannes Sorts
Position: Junior Researcher


Skeptic: 5
Slippery Little Weasel: 4
Sniper: 2
Artist: 2


Lab coat
Clipboard, papers, pencils, pen
A deck of memetic attack cards. Outside of the "Superverse" these are largely useless and merely have disturbing pictures.
Grey driver's cap
Magnifying glass
FEAR OF GHOSTS (see document Waxx-6-9 "Phil the Poltergeist")


Pop's Ol' Hunting Rifle: +1 Sniper


Favorite Red Running Shoes: +1 Slippery Little Weasel—only in physical circumstances such as defense, stealth or escape attempts. The shoes do not assist with social weaseling.


You Can't Hurt Me! When Dr. Sorts uses Skeptic to resist mental effects, he may also ignore pain being inflicted on himself, even if the pain is real and physical.

Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet: Dr. Sort's adeptness with sniper rifle is improved when skipping a turn to take careful aim. When doing this, Sorts receives +3 dice to his attack, and +5 if under no direct duress.


Born Late: Dr. Sorts was literally born late, after a 10 month pregnancy. Try as he might, he's always at least 15 minutes late to any engagement. -1 die to reactions, punctuality, etc. If Sorts is given a schedule or told to arrive in a location at a certain time the "universe will conspire to delay [him]."

Coward: Dr. Sorts prefers to study danger from afar. Very far. Behind bulletproof glass. He only even stays with the Foundation so he can learn where all the world's most dangerous things are and avoid them at all costs. He does strive to learn more about dangerous situations, but he is easily shaken. -1 to die situations requiring resolve or keeping one's cool.

Gloomy: A former skeptic researcher who sought to debunk anything paranormal, Dr Sort's formerly sunny disposition has been forever reversed by his discovery that the universe is far more fucked up than he could have imagined. -1 die to social interactions.


Dr. Sorts actually received his Ph. D in in the arts, although by the time he had earned his doctorate he was completely disgusted by the artistic and academic communities and largely left them behind. Still, he has a neat certificate to show for all those years in university. A passion for debunking cheap UFO hoaxes and phony psychics drew the attention of the SCP Foundation when he almost blew one of their cover stories open during one of his own personal investigations. Fortunately he was able to talk his way into recruitment instead of termination, and his knack for seeing through and manipulating urban legends and his later work in understanding and resisting memetic effects have proved useful.

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