Dr. Snorlison

Name: Dr. Snorlison

Position: Researcher at Site ██, Arctic Division


Spooky Recall At A Distance: 10
Never Quite Where He's Supposed To Be: 7
Need Advice To Be More Digestible?: 7
See The Curves, The Patterns, The Cracks: 10


Ectoplasmic manifestation of future events. Not under Snorlison's control.

Silent As The Grave
Withering Touch
Can't Keep 'Em Down Forever
It's Hard To Kill The Dead: 4
Don't Let Them Touch You: 3
Heisenbergian Movement : 3



  • Extreme Cold Weather Gear — +10 survival to any encounter related to the cold
  • Eldritch Libations And Party Favors For Dummies book — Provides Dr. Snorlison with the skill Brew SPAAAAAACE mead, also Snorlison gets a +10 bonus to his Don't Ask About Time Travel perk.


  • Hagger's Legacy: Dr. Snorlison cannot be killed nor permanently harmed by memetic hazards.
  • Snorlison's Notebook: Dr. Snorlison gains a +10 bonus to any skill check to recall or obtain damaging information about a specific party. This works once per research subject.
  • Don't Ask About Time Travel: Dr. Snorlison is able to generate lecture-style discourses on mathematics, physics, or the preternatural at thematically appropriate times. These discourses are memetic hazards.
  • Ever the Enigma: Dr. Snorlison is immune to all attempts to find out about his history prior to starting work with the Foundation. All attempts to probe his history after employment by the Foundation will fail 75% of the time.
  • Snorlison's Always Watching: Dr. Snorlison is able to exchange his Spooky Recall At A Distance skill for his Not Quite Where He's Supposed To Be skill to obtain information on a subject he would otherwise have no reasonable way to learn about.
  • Walrus Whiskers: Dr. Snorlison's mustache is inexplicably indestructible.
  • Uncertainty Combat: Dr. Snorlison is able to use Never Quite Where He's Supposed To Be skill to avoid combat.


  • Blood-shot Eyes: Dr. Snorlison can become obsessive about topics for days at a time, often to the exclusion of anything else beyond minimum physical maintenance. For attempts to complete any action outside of pursuit of the obsession, Dr. Snorlison counts as Dazed, Confused, Stressed, Suggestible and Depressed.
  • They Freak Me Right The Fuck Out: Dr. Snorlison cannot team with his pawns.
  • She Shot Eldritch Dong: Dr. Snorlison will occasionally laugh and giggle at things he finds funny even during the most inappropriate times.
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