Dr. Sharp

Name: Dr. ██████ Sharp
Position: Site 17 Medical Staff


Combat Medic: 5
Anatomical Expert: 4
Twitch Reflexes: 2





  • Scalpel — +1 to Anatomical Expert
  • P90 USG with optional silencer — hidden in Field Medical Kit


  • Field Medical Kit — +1 to Combat Medic



  • EMArrgh!: -1 to all defensive rolls when in the presence of a strong electromagnetic field.
  • Is it cold in here?: Dr. Sharp possesses a cold, calculated view of the world, making interaction with the more emotional of the staff difficult.
  • Why is it always spiders?!: Dr. Sharp is mildly arachnophobic. Any exposure to spiders leads to an immediate condition of extreme stress. .
  • Not a kid person.: -1 on any roll involving children.


After completing a fellowship in ██████████ Dr. Sharp served a brief stint as a Combat Medic with the U.S. Army 1st ████-D. While serving in ████-D Dr. Sharp incurred multiple injuries, ultimately leading to the replacement of his left humerus with a metal prosthesis, as well as the implantation of a prosthetic right eye.

Recruited directly from the military by the Foundation, Sharp was floated between Foundation facilities before finally being assigned to Site 17 as medical staff.

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