Dr. Schubert

Name: Dr. Schubert
Position: Researcher


Observational(Interaction with environ & items): 4
Conversational(Interaction with others): 3
Violence, violence(Violent interaction with anything): 1 (+1)
Luck: 1
Electronics: 3 (+1)





  • Taser — +1 to Violence, Violence

Equipment: (Same goes here)

  • SCP Digital Assistant — +1 to Electronics



  • Bad Luck with the Ladies: Penalty whenever dealing with women socially.
  • Anaerobia: Due to experimentation with SCP-785, can't breathe oxygen too well. Penalty for all offsite activities.
  • Easily Stressed: If any other effect, sans suggestible, is applied to Dr. Schubert, he becomes stressed as well.


Although recently transferred to Site 17, Schubert has been working with the Foundation since he graduated from college. While dealing mostly with safe or Euclid SCPs, he has done minor research in Keter-class items, mostly SCP-995. Experimentation with SCP-785 has led to a rather crappy condition: he cannot process oxygen, and thus breathes through a modified breathing apparatus.

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