Dr Rights

Name: Dr. Agatha █████ "Rights"

Position: Researcher at Site17. Pain in the bum.


Let Mommy Make It Better: 6

Weird? What Do You Mean, Weird?: 3

T n' A: 4

Not A Real Weapon: 3

Group Skills/Abilities:

Mental Sledgehammer: Agatha Rights has a loud mental voice. At will, she can yell mentally to Agent Locke and order him to link Dr. Dumount into a small psychic network, then scream at him with her mind. This effect is instant. She then designates a target, who takes damage according to the strength of the attack.
If Agent Locke is not present/online and might be asleep, Rights rolls 1d6. On a 1, the attack fails. If Dr. Dumount is not present and potentially asleep, roll 1d6. Dumount is asleep on 1 or 2, and this does not stop the attack. If Dr. Dumount is unconscious for any reason, present or not, the roll from Dumount is pumped by default. Rights makes a roll for the combined Mental Sledgehammer dice pool of all three individuals, [2d6 Rights, 2d6 Dumount, 8d6 Locke]. Rights makes a 1d6 save against [DIZZY], failing on 1 due to mental fortitude.
This ability levels as a normal skill for each participant.





  • Labcoat of Infinite Holding: Rights' labcoat pockets considered to be nigh-bottomless, and allow her to smuggle around anything smaller than a microwave. +1 to producing an item for Not A Real Weapon
  • Pocket Recipe Book: Allows Rights to prepare delicious food at a moment's notice.
  • Gypsy Dress: A very beautiful dress Rights recovered in sibera. Adds for a +2 to T n' A in elegant settings.


  • Mommy Likes Me Best: Dr. Rights may use her unique skillset to heal status afflictions such as Stressed or Depression by rolling for Let Mommy Make It Better
  • Village Bicycle: [[REDACTED]] and adds a +1 dice bonus to T n' A against appropriate characters.
  • Prop Time!: Rights may roll 1d6 to determine what object she is carrying in place of a weapon, with 1 being ridiculously impractical and 6 being rather useful.


  • No Gun For You: Due to Dr. Rights' lack of training and general control, Dr. Rights is generally not allowed to use actual weaponry. -1 dice penalty on combat rolls using weapons. (Cannot be used with Not A Real Weapon)
  • Dire Bear: Rights can enter a rage state in appropriate situations, losing 3 die in any non-combat situation and rolling 4 more die in combat. Rage negates the effects of No Gun For You and Mommy Likes Me Best.
  • Crippling Love Attack: Rights cannot resist trying to help cute or helpless things in danger. Namely kittens or baby birds. She also must attempt to help people she likes or gain the status affliction Confused or Stressed.
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