Dr Reia

Name: Simon Alexander Reia
Position: Researcher and Field Retrieval Agent


Why won’t you die?: 4
I’m a Doctor, you know: 4
Pow! Right in the kisser: 4





  • Mean Right Hook — +1 to Pow! Right in the kisser


  • Laptop Computer — +1 to I’m a Doctor, you know



  • Not a People Person — Reia is very introverted and prefers working by himself. When he's sent out or around others, he tends to be much more reserved, and has an obvious superiority complex, despite likely being at the same level as the people he dislikes. Any attempts to touch Reia are met usually with verbal or physical assault.
  • Eww! Get that away from me! — Reia is a germophobe, and as such, constantly carries around disinfectant with him. If he is touched, he will stop what he's doing and disinfect himself immediately.
  • Fuck you Einstein — Reia's superiority complex gets the better of him, if he is bested at something, or critically fails a roll, he is immediately hit with Stressed or Rage effects.


Reia was contracted by the Foundation after his two previous jobs ended with him leaving due to horrific disasters that killed most of his colleagues, and likely did a number to the environment. He’s quick, intelligent, and tends to keep to himself for the most part.

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