Dr. Rath

Name: Dr. Rath
Position: Level 2 Researcher


I will engineer away the problem: 5
I’ll survive this or die trying!: 4
Improvised weaponry: 4



  • Duct Tape — +1 to I will engineer away the problem


  • Lucky Coin — +1 to I’ll survive this or die trying!



  • I swear the light was still yellow!: Dr. Rath is terrible at driving and receives a -2 penalty on rolls involving driving or piloting a vehicle. Despite this, Dr. Rath believes he drives well and will always volunteer to drive.
  • Heads or tails?: Dr. Rath often leaves decisions up to chance when he cannot make up his mind.
  • Aphephobia: Dr. Rath dislikes being touched and always wears some sort of gloves. -1 die on the next three rolls (or if five minutes pass) if he is forced to touch something. Food and items Dr. Rath owns or is familiar with do not cause this to happen.


Dr. Rath holds degrees in multiple fields of engineering, and has done extensive work in the physics research community, developing new methods of containment for fusion and high energy experimentation.

Dr. Rath emphasizes practical application of his skills and, because of this, is quite good at repairing and modifying mechanical and electrical equipment quickly.

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