Dr Mann

Name: Dr. Everett Mann
Position: Researcher


Mad Medicine: 6
Protective Garments: 5
Stand Back, I'm an X: 3

At the beginning of each adventure, Dr. Mann rolls 1d50 and takes the matching cliche from the following list. He has skill 3 in that cliche for the rest of the adventure.

1. Archaeologist (Finding artifacts, classifying ancient civilizations, fighting nazis)
2. Astronaut (Piloting spaceships, not puking in zero-gee)
3. Barbarian (Beating things up, drinking, whoring, grunting, sweating)
4. Bear (Mauling campers, finding honey, being a fucking bear)
5. Biker (Riding Harley, brawling, being Invisible to other motorists)
6. Combat Accountant (Doing tax returns, understanding finance, quick arithmatic under fire)
7. Computer Geek (Hacking, programming, fumbling over introductions)
8. Con Artist (Convincing other people to give you money, evading cops)
9. Cowboy (Ridin', ropin', brandin', spittin', and shootin')
10. Cyborg (Implanting augments, interfacing with technology, avoiding magnets)
11. Detective (Solving crimes, interrogating suspects, getting drunk at ten in the morning)
12. Fighter Pilot (Dogfighting, not blacking out at high-Gs, bragging)
13. Fop (Having money, spending money, losing money)
14. Gadgeteer (Building a radar out of a bent fork and some gum)
15. Gambler (Betting, cheating, winning, running very fast)
16. Gangster (Shooting, speaking with an accent, intimidation)
17. Geezer (Wheezin', cursin', bitter reminiscin', failin' to understand kids)
18. Globetrotting Adventurer (Finding rides, fistfighting, and getting into the best parties)
19. Hairdresser (Dressing hair. If anything.)
20. Hippy (Psychedelic music, scoring the best drugs, getting in touch with, like, your inner peace, man)
21. Holy Man (Knowledge of scripture, speaking in tongues, hellfire speeches)
22. Kid (Being a sidekick to heroes, making friends with Giant Monsters)
23. Knight (Riding, lancing, sword-swinging, heraldry, being chaste)
24. Latin Lover (Seducing, loving, running from irate husbands)
25. Lawyer (Knowledge of law, speaking in court, inherant knowledge of the position of all ambulences in a 12-mile radius)
26. Mad Scientist (Raving, world-domination, trying to play God, cackling)
27. Martial Artist (Fancy hand-to-hand combat, out-of-synch speech)
28. Magician (Palming things, sawing ladies in half, public speaking)
29. Mutant (Altered biology, physical oddness, and fighting to protect a world that fears and hates you)
30. Sorcerer (Spellcasting, demon-summoning, speaking in gibberish)
31. Ninja (Stealth, assassination, choreography)
32. Novelist (Drinking, brawling, cut-rate world traveling, introspection)
33. Olympic Athlete (Running, swimming, jumping, skiing, javelin-tossing)
34. Outdoorsman (Following tracks, building shelters, finding wild food)
35. Painter (Perspective, paint-mixing, self-mutilation)
36. Policeman (Eating donuts, writing tickets, shooting civilians)
37. Poltergeist (Being dead, throwing things, scaring people)
38. Psychiatrist (Diagnosing mental illness, speaking in a soothing voice, getting people to talk about how they really feel)
39. Rock Star (Rocking out, smashing hotel rooms, getting groupies)
40. Samurai (Fighting, honor, committing seppuku)
41. Soldier (Shooting, hiding, partying, catching venereal diseases)
42. Space Marine (Shooting, hiding, partying, catching venereal diseases… in SPACE!)
43. Special Forces (Following orders, looking stern, following orders)
44. Spy (Disguise, infiltration, sapping sentries, and seducing femme fatales)
45. Superhero (Fighting crime, flying, coming back from the dead)
46. Swashbuckler (Stabbing things, swinging from ropes, sailing, romance)
47. Thief (Sneakin' around gaining access and objects they shouldn't have)
48. Vampire (Charming people, sucking blood, turning into mist or bats)
49. Other Kind of Vampire (Self-pity, erotic blood poetry, wearing black)
50. Werewolf (Transforming under the moon, detecting things by scent, licking yourself)



  • Auto-Scalpel — +1 to Mad Medicine


  • Garment Bag — +1 to Protective Garments


  • Dance, My Puppets, Dance!: Dr. Mann gains an extra die when using mad medicine to control the actions of others.
  • The Twists and Turns of my Mind: Mind-readers trying to play with Dr. Mann's mind find it much more difficult to alter.
  • Doctor Feelgood: When Dr. Mann makes a medical roll, if he has 2 or more sixes, he can temporary add +2 dice to one of the recipient's stats for the remainder of the mission.
  • Trained by Kondraki: Dr. Mann took fencing lessons from Dr. Kondraki. When he uses Mad Medicine with a melee weapon, he gains one extra die.


  • Perfectly Normal: Dr. Mann is grossly out of touch with normal society and his attempts to blend in only make him seem more bizarre.
  • AI Antipathy: Artificial intelligences have a strong dislike for Dr. Mann. He has two fewer dice in any social encounter with an artificial intelligence.


Everett Mann was raised by his uncle, a rather unconventional medical researcher. Spurned by his colleagues, the elder Dr. Mann raised his nephew to be his heir. He had the young boy help him in a number of unethical experiments administered to the poor, under the guise of a local health clinic.

Eventually, the law caught up to him, and he was put in prison, where he eventually died. Young Everett was bounced from foster home to foster home. He was teased by the other children, and then ultimately left alone by them after he began to worry them. Everett knew he was different from other children, but didn't understand why. He attempted to blend in, but somehow, his efforts never paid off.

When he turned 18, he received his inheritance from his uncle. It was a fair amount of money, and he used it to attend the University of [REDACTED], where he eventually [REDACTED]. The university granted him a diploma as part of an out-of-court settlement, and he began his post-graduate work.

By the time he had received his doctorate, he had already made something of a name in the field of neurosurgery, though he was still regarded as a troubled man. It was at this point that he was contacted by agents for the Foundation. They were interested in certain of his uncle's documents. Under the guise of a publishing house, they obtained his permission to look through his uncle's storage unit. While there, they disturbed [REDACTED], at which point Dr. Mann and one of the agents were injured. Dr. Mann made use of the old equipment stored in the room, and, using the techniques his uncle had taught him, managed to save himself and the agent, though there were some side effects. The Foundation became interested in the young doctor, and, after several weeks deliberation, recruited him into their ranks.

He is easily distinguished from most researchers by his large handlebar mustache and muttonchops.

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