Dr Magnus

Name: Doctor Michael Viktor Magnus
Position: Researcher


Gun Play: 4
Old Man Senses: 4
I know Physics!: 4





  • Mobile Armory — +1 to Gun Play


  • Hammer Space Generator — Grants limited access to Hammerspace. If any object other than a handgun, a textbook, or other mundane item, or any object larger than would fit in a labcoat is attempted to be removed, roll d20. On 1-10 complete failure. 1-15 Sucess, but damaged, one usage maximum, or inoperable. 16-20, perfect success.


  • Tactical Orgasm: Magnus may offer a drugged cookie to his target. Target then rolls 1d6: on 5 or 6 target suffers a crippling orgasm.


*Tremor Phobia* — In the event of a tremor, this character is set immediately on edge, and set to the paranoid status, making him have -1 to Gun Play

*What do you mean I'm old?!* — Dr Magnus is an old man, and as such isn't aquainted with new technology as fast as others. -2 to all rolls involving computers, or advanced technology.

*Damn Kids!* — Dr Magnus doesn't work well with humans or SCP's more than ten years younger than him. -1 to team rolls that involve Doctor Magnus.

*Not the Children!* — As a natural parent, Doctor Magnus is incapable of harming a child, or what appears to be a child, and will take no offensive actions against them.


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