Dr. Mackenzie

Name: Dr. Raven Mackenzie
Position: Researcher


Attention to Detail: 6
Why Does It Have To Be A Gun: 2 (+1)
Don't Ask: 4 (+1)






  • Sig Sauer P232 .380 — A small and easily concealed handgun. Just in case. +1 to Why Does It Have To Be A Gun.
  • IMI TAR-21 5.56mm — A compact assault rifle for those slightly more dangerous missions. Just in case. +1 to Why Does It Have To Be A Gun.


  • Mackenzie's Lab Coat — A heavy, figure-concealing lab coat. +1 to Don't Ask.


  • Confused Gender: Not affected by detrimental effects from anything that affects a particular gender. Usually.


  • I Get Such Terrible Headaches: Pumping Attention to Detail causes double the loss in dice afterwards.
  • I'm Not a Judge: Refuses to kill anything sapient unless it's condemned or Class D. -1 to Why Does It Have To Be A Gun when using a lethal weapon against a sapient target.
  • Very Confused Gender: Not affected by beneficial effects from anything that affects a particular gender. Also, it's impossible to determine Mackenzie's gender, and it's also impossible for Mackenzie to impersonate anyone with a defined gender.


Dr. Mackenzie would have been a fairly nondescript experimental observer and field researcher, if not for the fact that there's something odd about him/her. When you think about it long enough, you realize that you can't figure out what gender Dr. Mackenzie, and in fact s/he seems to be both… and neither… at the same time.

Dr. Mackenzie has dark hair and green eyes, and always wears one of his/her signature lab coats around the Foundation labs.


Dr. Mackenzie started as a field researcher for the Global Occult Coalition, participating in the destruction of several minor SCPs. Several years ago, Dr. Mackenzie was exposed to a Euclid-class SCP that caused the deaths of several other field agents. While Mackenzie survived, the SCP inflicted Mackenzie's confused gender condition as well as granting Mackenzie improved senses and memory.

Over the next few years, Dr. Mackenzie became increasingly disillusioned with the GOC's mission to destroy all SCPs, and begun protesting the destruction of otherwise Safe SCPs that could have significant benefit to humanity. After being put on probation, Dr. Mackenzie and several colleages were contacted by a Foundation agent with an offer of recruitment.

Dr. Mackenzie was recruited into the Foundation on ██/██/████, along with [DATA EXPUNGED] and █ Safe and Euclid class SCPs pending destruction and smuggled from the GOC. After a long period of psychological screening, polygraph testing, and SCP-level containment, Dr. Mackenzie was finally admitted as a limited researcher and observer for the Foundation.

Dr. Mackenzie does not like to admit that s/he was a member of the GOC, fully realizing the Foundation's distrust of other organizations that deal with SCPs. When asked, Dr. Mackenzie invariably tries to deflect the question, only revealing his/her origin when confronted by superiors with proper authority.

Due to his/her exposure to an unidentified Euclid-class SCP, Dr. Mackenzie exhibits several unusual abilities:

Attention to Detail Dr. Mackenzie has enhanced eyesight and hearing, as a result of quantum entanglement exhibited in his/her senses. The effect has been described as being able to see through two sets of eyes and hear from two viewpoints, thus being able to pick up minor details with startling accuracy. I Get Such Terrible Headaches The drawback is that humans are not wired to accept this kind of enhanced sensory input, and as a result, concentrating on this ability can result in severe migraines after prolonged use.

Confused Gender The same quantum effects that affects Dr. Mackenzie's senses also applies to his/her body, specifically in being able to identify his/her gender. On a technical level, Dr. Mackenzie is both genders, yet neither at the same time. This effect causes observers to get a "strange feeling" when looking at him/her, as a result of confusion in non-entangled senses. This effect also applies to gender-sensitive SCPs, which behave erratically in Dr. Mackenzie's presence. Dr. Mackenzie has requested to be excluded from experimentation on gender-sensitive SCPs.

Why Does It Have To Be A Gun Dr. Mackenzie is adamant about his/her refusal to cause disability or death to individuals not already condemned by proper authorities, though Class D personnel generally seem to be enough over the gray line that they are acceptable targets for experimentation for the time being. Despite this personal philosophy, Dr. Mackenzie has found him/herself participating extensively in the testing weaponized and weapon-based SCPs (often times against his/her will), and is proficient in the use of firearms.

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