Dr. Love

Name: Dr. Thaddeus Love
Position: Site 19 researcher

Photo taken after SCP-040 incident.


Duct tape fixes all.: 3
Duck Hunt: 2
Aren't I adorable?: 4
Stand back, I forgot what this does!: 4






  • Modified Nintendo NES Zapper — +1 to Duck Hunt. Target is stunned upon taking damage.


  • Love's Duct Tape — +1 to Duct tape fixes all.




  • For the last time, I'm NOT a GYPSY!: -1 penalty to all dice while interacting with Agent Strelnikov.
  • Awwwwwww!: Upon seeing a cat, kitten, or other adorable feline, Dr. Love receives the Dazed and Suggestible statuses and does nothing but play with it until he ceases visual contact.
  • I miss my thumbs the most.: Due to his current form, -1 dice to all rolls requiring fine motor skills and firearms, unless using his modified Foundation Sidearm.


Not much is known about Dr. Love before the incident with SCP-040 and his resulting transfer to Site 19, due to his personnel file currently being reviewed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Besides being an avid smoker and self-diagnosed caffeine addict, he has a habit of throwing his work together at the last minute.

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