Dr Locke's Adventures


Nazi Titanic Incident:

The first coordinated excursion Locke participated in began at the SCP ship Demeter, stationed in the Pacific. He and a team of others, most notably agent Gerald, Dr. Iceberg, and administrative assistant Break. Exploring an abandoned yacht in a dead zone, they were struck by a sudden storm and transported through time/space to the North Atlantic at the turn of the previous century, directly in the path of the R.M.S. Titanic shortly before it was due to sink. Agent Locke talked their rescuers into buying a story about classified u-boat experiments with the U.S. Navy, buying them time and privacy aboard the ship. Within a day, however, some other group alerted the captain about the upcoming fatal collision, resulting in the diversion of the ship from its historical course. Following several leads, the team eventually confronted a German officer in the smoking lounge who, upon inspection, was actually a member of the Nazi party sent back in time with advanced military technology being smuggled to Mexico in order to change the course of the first Great War. After the more combat capable members of the team put several holes in the time traveling Nazi, Locke took control of one of the on-ship telephones and misinformed the captain and crew that there were hostile German agents attempting to scuttle the ship.

Having been bought time by sending the crew and the Nazis at each other, Locke led the team to the lower areas of the hull, where a brief gunfight with the last few Nazi troops ensued. After sustaining a minor injury, Locke threw vials of mercury from his chemical supplies and stolen thermometers onto weak points in the hull, causing the already weak steel to crack and corrode in the icy water, as if torn by a large object. The fieldwork team was able to reassemble themselves on deck near where one of the under-filled life rafts was to be deployed, and with a small application of the time-tested "I Have A Gun" negotiation and instruction technique, administrative assistant Break was able to get the life raft properly filled and a safe distance away from the ship, though unfortunately the lifeboat was deployed before others could be instructed in the same way.

The time-vortex storm struck again, depositing the agents within helicopter retrieval range of the Demeter, and were safely escorted back aboard. Checks of historical records against data stored on Locke's laptop show that the number of survivors increased by forty (40), and that there was a little-accepted conspiracy theory involving the ship being sunk from the inside by corrosives. Locke registers his overall acquisitions of one Luger pistol from the German officer, and a variety of recreational pharmaceuticals taken from the abandoned yacht before the storm struck.

Space Wicker Incident:

SCP Observatory staff detected a large artificial orbital body, with some sort of defense system which was beginning to interfere with satellites by entangling them in its structure, apparently without breaking them. With neither of the Foundation's vacuum/microgravity trained fieldwork teams available to investigate, the decision is made in haste to suit up all available agents and staff in the break room and launch them at the object in the Soviet knockoff version of the NASA space shuttle, known as the Buran, which had been obtained from the USSR when one was supposedly destroyed in a hangar collapse. After Lurker and Agent Fifth make major corrections to the flight and targeting computer, and the crew is given a one-hour course on how not to die in space over short periods of time, the fieldwork team launches, quickly finding themselves on a perfectly calculated velocity matching curve. Before the station reels them in with some as-yet unidentified tractor beam system, Locke and Yoric identify the metals in its construction as, notably, what seems to be a plating of platinum totaling at a very significant fraction of the terrestrial supply of that metal. The architecture is clearly not modern human design, appearing to be a sort of metal-coated wicker basket woven by a very confused inter-dimensional spider, or at least alien in design.

After calling "Dibs" on the platinum, but offering to share upon Yoric's dismay, he was the first to attempt entering the station. All signage in public areas of the station is written in a glyph language accompanied by stylized pictogram instructions, which he follows in order to adjust the airlock and enter. Sensors reveal the air to be entirely breathable, aside from some particulate matter easily filtered out with a breath mask. Exploration quickly leads to easy-to-use atmospheric content controls, which saves the crew from death due to radiation burns that would have resulted from proximity to Yoric's breath, which had been glowing as the black cloud particles reacted to something in the air. With some further toying, a holographic console first reveals icons corresponding to a great number of species, including humans, one resembling Lurker, and one which may have been SCP-682.

The team branches into several tasks at this point, with most exploring the entry areas while Locke and Lurker are taught the glyph language by the terminal's 'Help' function and Fifth makes a few successful forays into direct hacking. understanding of the station takes a turn upwards when Locke forwards his theory that they have arrived in some sort of interstellar traveling gas station. Acting on a hunch, he orders several slices of New York style pepperoni pizza, and receives notice that they are waiting in the cafeteria nearby. The cafeteria seems filled with vending machines for various forms of matter, each with a simple console for basic requests, and a central console for more detailed orders. Food is materialized into the dispenser trays upon request, resulting in Locke restocking his briefcase with survival snacks and Lurker getting "home cooked" food, a brown and wriggling gelatinous substance with a silvery sauce on it, which seemed to be entirely non-living despite making strange mewling noises. The menu options for SCP-682 lists an ominous 'Everything', and eventually Locke is denied a request for liquid knowledge, then aggravated when the same request is approved for Lurker's species.

Acting on another hunch, Locke obtains directions from the terminal to the 'Medical Upgrade Facility' from here on known as the med bay. The facility represents the largest single section of the Space Wicker Station, and occupies a central location, with a single prominent terminal active when he enters. Experimentation reveals the terminal to be offering a 'you name it' variety of upgrades, seemingly tailored to the individual, and also the first time the station brings up the issue of payment for services. While docking, food, atmosphere, and assorted other amenities are provided freely due to the efficiency of the matter reorganization technology the station uses, modifications to an individual all cost something.

Further experimentation and exploration leads to a few tense moments when Locke tries to get the others to leave him alone, eventually getting them off his back by pointing out that the station would accept fellow crew members as donations with a one-touch confirmation option. When Lurker begins to display agitation, Locke and he converse, eventually resulting in Locke realizing that the station is trying to offer the equivalent of Faustian contracts for anything complicated to be done. An initial test is performed on Agent Fifth, resulting in correcting his eyes. Due to the tension involved, most others leave the room so that Locke and Lurker can deal with the machine. Eventually, Lurker discovers that in order to get what he desires from the station, he would have to sacrifice things that he couldn't bring himself to be responsible for removing. To prevent an incident, he renders himself unconscious with a tranquilizer syringe from Dr. Dumount.

Finally alone in the room, Locke fast talks the station into providing him with brain function upgrades, including the two added functions of brain-computer interfacing and mild communication-only telepathy. Having paid with the maximum survivable quantity of his vital organs, he required immediate medical support and spent the next few hours recovering while the others slept. He also contributed a memory which had been important to him, but does not recall what memory it was.

On the second and final day of exploration, Agent Fifth obtained access to the restricted areas of the ship. Finding some of its inner workings of the station's matter reorganization systems, transportation, propulsion, and storage, they also stumble into a room containing white light. Fifth, who had been modified, Lurker, who could read the glyph language, and Locke, to whom both applied, were subjected to compressed experiences and memories of intense pain. Agent Fifth is incapacitated, and returns to the shuttle with Yoric, Mann, and Gerald. Sorts, Dumount, and Lurker continue on to inspect the final few rooms. Storage units for various elements seem to occupy the bulk of the remaining "real" space in the ship, but the last three rooms are evidently not within the real space topography that the outside of the Space Wicker Station occupies.
The first is a small planetarium populated y floating specks of light, with a large SCP-foundation embossed on the floor. One side of the room seems to stretch off into infinity with row after row of vaguely humanoid utility robots, dormant and encased in plastic shells.
The second is a doorway into what appears to be an infinitely large room, filled in all directions visible with clutter, mostly recognizable as a few space vehicles, a smattering of equipment and belongings, but mostly people. The team quickly identifies replicas of themselves, with varying degrees of alteration, and accepts the theory that this vessel is extra-universal in origin, especially after Locke takes two items resembling his own pencil and railroad spike off of an older version of himself with what appears to be an actual clockwork arm.
The final room is a central terminal surrounded by processor and database arrays, labeled as the central AI unit for the ship. Instructing the others to proceed with their plans to disable the stations defense grid, Locke links himself to the terminal and engages in direct conflict with the AI.

After a combination of bluff-calling and showmanship, combined with some clever trickery, it is revealed that the personality construct responsible for running the station is in fact also Locke, presumably from another universe. The AI Locke confirms his identity in a satisfactory manner, and agrees to transfer all of his processes temporarily to Locke's upgraded physical brain. Some damage is incurred by the physical Locke in the process, the details ow which are not known to the Foundation. At the end some further conflict, wherein the AI reveals that Locke himself built the original iteration of the station in response to the near-destruction of mankind at the hands of a rampant SCP-682, the AI and Locke come to an agreement. Moments later, the AI ceases to exist in a way it had entirely not anticipated, and Locke was given a substantial balance of credit with the station's central currency database. As the others complete their parts of the neutralization, Locke gets Agent Sorts to assist him back to the med bay, where he expends the last of his credit tweaking and polishing off his previous upgrades, as well as selecting two further upgrades which he has not revealed to Foundation staff at this time.

Agent Locke was detained upon return for questioning and evaluation, but testimony from other crew members resulted in his release with a notice that the effects of the Space Wicker Incident would not qualify him for SCP classification or containment.

Congo Incident:

A very brief incident wherein Locke, Dr. Auteu, Dr. Magnus, and Dr. Gibbons were drugged and kidnapped from Site #19 by a pink haired girl and forced to parachute onto the perimeter of a Chaos Insurgency held SCP Foundation facility in the middle of the Shiny Happy Peoples Republic of The Congo. After the pilot crashed the plane into the barrier wall, Locke manually redirected anti-aircraft fire into the main facility building. As guards arrived on their drop location, Dr. Auteu used an explosive to clear an entry through a bunker. Gibbons was taken captive and led to the leader's office, where a case of mistaken identity was explained, and the presence of Kondraki's assistant and foundation covert operative Ms. Raelin was revealed.
Unaware of the turn of events, Auteu, Magnus, and Locke attempted to open fire on everyone but Dr. Gibbons, and a very short firefight with cyborgs ensued. A stalemate was achieved when the presumed target escaped the room. Ms. Raelin led the team to a waiting aircraft with the cooperation of the guards on base. After gaining altitude and some distance, Raelin detonated explosives planted in the facility. Immediately afterwards, Locke was distracted by side effects of the Space Wicker Incident, and did not return to focus on the situation at hand until he was attending to a gunshot wound inflicted on Dr. Magnus by Ms. Raelin for reasons he remains unaware of.

Pipe Dream Test, 306 Outbreak:
After he and Dr. Flux acquired a hookah SCP that brings dreams to life out of smoke, and testing was done. Lurker's dream freaked him out a lot, and Strelnikov's dream stabbed him fairly seriously. The next day, there was an SCP-306 outbreak, successfully contained, and Locke was exposed officially to SCP-350. SCP-350 was stolen from the decontamination room, however, leading to a second lockdown. Other agents handled the recovery of SCP-350.

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