Dr. Locke
Agent Locke

Name: Dr. Charles G. Locke (AKA Clocks)
Position: Euclid Object Field Evaluation Agent


Resourceful Urban Exploration: 7 (+1)
Of Course I Know What I'm Doing: 7 (+1)
Talking My Way Out: 4




  • Successful SCP-350 Exposure — Locke can make Of Course I Know What I'm Doing rolls to apply telekinesis. Automatic My Brain Was On Fire roll. Yes, he filled out the paperwork and got approval for this. Multiple rolls without rest between them apply a stacking -1 to his My Brain Was On Fire roll. Zero applies [Stunned] and negatives incapacitate. The effective force of the telekinesis correlates directly to Locke's physical strength.


  • Reference Cards+1 to Of Course I Know What I'm Doing


  • Briefcase+1 to Resourceful Urban Exploration
  • DrugsNo Set Skill Modifiers A large supply of recreational drugs, and a smattering of medicines, collected and stored. The vast majority are not carried with Locke regularly.
  • Exo-Suit, Medical — Locke has once again in his possession a medical outpatient powered robotic exoskeleton, modified with some armor and environmental protection. It now also looks kind of draconic.


  • Brain Plus: — Roll modifiers vary His brain has been modified to the extent that he experiences significant time dilation. His second set of upgrades compensate for most potential downsides of this. All of his actions count as though he had time to think them out beforehand. He still sucks at chess. He rarely forgets anything. He still gets distracted easily.


  • How Were You Carrying That?: — -1 penalty to things like jumping or quickly dodging if he's carrying his briefcase, because he's managed to fill it with an absurd variety of tools and equipment.
  • My Brain Was On Fire: — -2 penalty to perception rolls made when dealing with situations in which his perception of which universe he's in is thrown off, which is not as hard to do as you might think.
  • Oh God, My Organs: — -2 to physical endurance and damage taking, but +2 for dealing with the resulting pain, until something happens to help him get over the internal tissue removal. Cannot drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day, risking hospitalization. Needs to keep an eye on his diet, risking hospitalization.
  • Locke Was Here: — 1d20 He has some latent connection to other universe versions of himself. Higher rolls result in him being able to focus on what he's doing here and now. Low rolls result in distraction, but can open up skill sets or roll opportunities unavailable to the Locke of this universe. Automatically triggers My Brain Was On Fire and incurs another 1d20 roll to see if he starts bleeding from somewhere. 20-11 is safe, 10-7 is minor nose bleeding, 6-4 is severe nose bleeding, 3-2 is tears with blood, 1 is bleeding from eyes and nose and triggers the [Dizzy] status effect.

Abilities and Effects

  • Not Really Psychic: — Locke is telepathic as a result of modifications to his brain. With concentration, he can connect multiple people. With a one on one link, either party can share some sensory information.
  • Animal Magnetism: — Locke can smell pheromones, and has some control over his own.
  • Neural Circuits: — Locke can make hands-free use of any computer designed with that feature. [Currently only Kaiser Blue's faction of the Chaos Insurgency make use of this technology.]

Group Abilities

  • Mental Sledgehammer: — Being telepathic, Locke can attempt to inflict mental damage on a target by linking them simultaneously with Dr. Rights and Dr. Dumount. Dr. Rights will psychically scream at Dr. Dumount, causing significant mental pain to everyone in the link, which all three then direct at the target. If successful, the target takes mental damage based on the strength of the attack.
  • Attack strength is based on Locke's knowledge attack roll combined with the Mental Sledgehammer dice pools of Dr. Rights and Dr. Dumount. [Currently 8d6 Locke, 2d6 Dumount, 2d6 Rights.] If Rights is not present/online and might be asleep, roll 1d6. On 1 or 2, or if Dr. Rights is present/online and denies the connection, the attack fails. If Dr. Dumount is potentially asleep, roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2, or if Dr. Dumount is already unconscious for any other reason, Dr. Dumount's Mental Sledgehammer roll is pumped by default.
  • After triggering Mental Sledgehammer, Locke takes the status [DIZZY] by default, then must make both *Oh God My Organs* and *My Brain Was On Fire* rolls, as well as making a 1d6 save against [STUNNED] and [NAUSEATED] at 1, or only [NAUSEATED] at 2.


Having gotten his PhD. in ██████████ of ███████, he ended up joining the foundation after being involved with two SCP recoveries. He's got a few biological issues requiring him to take some medications, and as a side effect suffers from insomnia.

His only anomalous interaction with any SCP so far is that SCP-2558-J and its variants will not trigger their defensive reflex as a result of any of his actions, resulting in him being their primary caretaker when on site. Requests for interaction go through him.

Agent Locke was part of the efforts to stop Kaiser Blue, and was suffering from having lost organs.

Agent Locke is assigned to off-site investigation work. His organ problems have mostly been solved.

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