Dr. Light

Name: Dr. Sophia Light
Position: Safe/Euclid Class Researcher, Bright's Assistant, Based at Site 19


Biology: 7
Nightvision: 4
Look Over There: 3



  • Large supply of smokebombs — +1 to Look Over There
  • The Zapwatch — 3 settings, "Stun", "Ouch", and "Crispy". Acts as an electrical weapon using points from the skill Look Over There.


  • Labcoat — +1 to Biology


  • Where does the bullet come out of? — She has no idea how to work a gun, and will probably shoot someone's face off if allowed near one.


Dr. Light graduated a military college, and went to work for the military, negating possible biohazards while doing experiments in her free time. She left pretty quickly after her "experiment" got loose and killed eleven people. The Foundation offered her a job crunching numbers, but she later somehow managed to get a position as a lab assistant. Now she does whatever Bright says she should, short of sexual favors, and still messes around with dangerous organisms in her free time.

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