Dr Kondraki
Kondraki's Luck in Action

Name: Dr. ████████ Kondraki

Position: Head Administrator of Site 17


Handy with a gun: 20

Lucky: 20

Shutterbug: 20

Sabre Rattler: 20

Newbie Hate:


Dr. Kondraki's Researchers

Cannot be Male
Effective in combat
Ineffective in diplomatic situations
Guns: 6
Wiles: 5
Grit: 4



SCP-515 (Grants Perk: He Likes to Watch. Can inflict Blind, +15 to Shutterbug)
SCP-330 (Can be thrown, causing [DATA EXPUNGED] type damage.)
SCP-252 (Inflicts Fabulous status on all males)


Tripod Saber (+10 to Sabre Rattling)
.45 caliber 1911 (+5 to Handy with a Gun)
Duke Cocktail (Inflicts nausated, stunned, and dazed effect on target)


Glasses (+3 to perception, without suffers Condition: Dazed)
Labcoat (Affords infinite inventory space)
Bionic Leg (Added by Mann during surgery. Allows for highly improved running speed, and a +10 melee attack when kicking. Allows for "DYNAMIC ENTRY" Perk)


Kondraki's Luck: When entering a conflict, roll a 1d1000. Any result but 1 causes the offending action to fail.
Man With(out) a Plan: Dr. Kondraki can gain 10 dice to any skill at will, for a single action. The same skill cannot be chosen more than once.
Rough Rider: Able to ride 682
King of the Booooterflies: Can always use SCP-408
Illusory Cloak: Can go invisible at will, when in the presence of SCP-408(even when SCP-408 has not been introduced into the scene)
Get Shot: At will, Dr. Kondraki will shoot you.
He Likes to Watch: Dr. Kondraki can be aware of any event occurring within Site 17.
Collateral Damage: Any conflict involving Dr. Kondraki results in significant damage to nearby players or objects.
DJ Konman: While within Site 17, Dr. Kondraki can use a pirate radio station to cause memetic damage to any and all personnel on site.
Bad Boyz 2: Dr. Kondraki can team up with Iceberg, doubling the potential of the Collateral Damage perk and giving a +20 to combat rolls for the leader.
DYNAMIC ENTRY: Dr. Kondraki can enter any scene, at any time, with a flying kick, instantly killing anything it connects with.


Not a People Person: Dr. Kondraki cannot be part of any team(See Bad Boyz 2)
Can't Live With Him: At a given time, O5 can attempt to terminate Dr. Kondraki.
Can't Live Without Him: Any O5 termination attempt will fail, without a doubt.
Bull In a China Shop: Dr. Kondraki cannot perform especially delicate tasks well. 50% of utterly destroying the target of the action.

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