Dr. Iceberg

Name: Dr. █████ "Iceberg" ████
Position: Resercher/Paperwork Monkey
Class: MoD (Merchant of Death)


Die. No, really, die.: 11
I am a Scientist: 8
Being Creepy Odd: 8
I'm the King: 7
"I don't have time to die…I'm too busy!": 8
Paperwork: A Googol. 10 to the 100th, that is, 1 followed by one hundred zeros



None currently


  • Revolver & Pistol: +4 to Die. No, really, die.. Inflicts Shot
  • Molotov Cocktail: +2 to Die. No, really, die.. Inflicts On Fire
  • Liquid Nitrogen: +1 to Die. No, really, die. 50% to inflict Frozen
  • Combat Knife: +1 to Die. No, really, die.


  • Lab Coat: +2 to I am a Scientist, Being Creepy Odd and "I don't have time to die…I'm too busy!"
  • Stapler & Pen: +Morethenyourannualpaycheck to Paperwork


Iceberg Smash!: Iceberg can enter a rage in most dangerous, irritating, or just plain annoying situations. In addition, he rolls 5 less die in a non-combat situation, but 4 more die in a combat situation.
Bulletproof: Immune to the Shot status. Also, he is very difficult to kill with guns.
Improvised Combat: Can use any object with his Die. No, really, die. skill.
Cold Blooded: Highly resistant to poison and nauseated
Merchant of Death: +3 to I am a Scientist when working with weapons


Mmmmmmmm: Very easily aroused by women
So much work…..: Very easily stressed
Jinkees: Blind if he loses his glasses
Rag Doll: Easily thrown around

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