Dr. Heiden

Name: Dr. Frederick Heiden
Position: Researcher


Problem? Let's solve it with VIOLENCE.: 5
Problem? Let's solve it with WORDS.: 4
Fundamentals of Biology: 3




Smith & Wesson Model 629: (+1 Problem? Let's solve it with VIOLENCE.)

New Edition of Philosophy in the Modern World: (+1 Problem? Let's solve it with WORDS.)



  • Ethicist: Dr. Heiden has a 'soft spot' that many, if not all, his fellow researchers lack. This conscience, developed and honed as a result of his doctorate in ethics, causes him a great deal of trouble when confronted with the situations Foundation employees face regularly. When presented with a situation demanding violence or cruelty to a sapient entity, take -2 to all skills unless the entity presents a clear and imminent danger. If the situation involves violence or cruelty to a helpless, sapient entity, take -4 to all skills.
  • Jekyll and Heiden: Dr. Heiden has suppressed his conscience and adopted a cold, utilitarian logic to his problem-solving approach. Dr. Heiden may ignore the effects of the Ethicist hook in return for gaining the Depression status immediately after performing the action that would be affected by Ethicist.
  • SCP-028 Exposure: Dr. Heiden is intimately familiar with the wide variety of parasitic infections that can be contracted by humans. For your information, there are a lot. -2 to any roll that involves Heiden interacting in anything but a violent way with a parasitic creature. Interaction with SCP-562 is right out.


Dr. Frederick Heiden's work in the field of neurology is what brought him from his position as an ethical consultant for Soap From Corpses Products, Inc. to a full-fledged position as a Foundation Safe-class researcher in 2007. Since then, he has distinguished himself as a diligent worker, intelligent researcher, and perhaps most notably at the Foundation, a noncombatant. Since his introduction to the existence of the Foundation, he has mostly been employed working on SCP-641, only recently being transferred to SCP-701 to research the nature of its memetic effect and evaluate the potential for countereffects to negate it. Along with his transfer, Dr. Heiden received a promotion to Clearance 3.5. Since his promotion, Frederick has been exposed to the unpleasant truth of the Foundation- that every distasteful act he could ever be asked to perform pales next to the vital importance of the Foundation's aim: the preservation of humanity. His conscience shaken by this, Dr. Frederick Heiden has gone down a dangerous road of justification and rationalization to live with himself.

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