Dr. Gnosis

Name: Dr. Gnosis

Position: Junior Researcher


Knowledge Acquisition: 5
Random Knowledge: 3
1337 H4XX0RZ: 4



  • Tranq gun: +1 to Knowledge Acquisition


  • Jailbroken iPhone: +1 to 1337 H4XX0RZ


  • Brain Hurty: Whenever Gnosis is exposed to anything that works fundamentally against how he believes reality to work (essentially, anything that would be/is a Euclid class SCP), he gets -1 to any die roll, or -2 if it's something especially egregious. He still hasn't gotten over discovering the existence of SCP-033, and refuses to have anything to do with it or 233.
  • The Explainer: Whenever someone wonders how something works, whether aloud or not, Gnosis is compelled to explain to them how it works. This has no negative effects, as he will stop in life-threatening cases, but it is *incredibly* annoying.
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Gnosis always wants to know things. This goes to the point that he will actively oppose any attempt to destroy something unique or rare, even to the point of violence.


Gnosis nearly blew the cover off of one of the Foundation's coverups, proving that the so-called UFO that had abducted 6 people in an apartment complex was actually a prototype optical camo drone; before he could make this public, however, he was contacted by the SCP and offered either to work for them or to be terminated. Naturally, he chose the former. Upon reading about some of the more unusual SCPs, he decided to dedicate his time with the Foundation to understanding why 447 does what it does to dead bodies, how 123 manages to contain its black hole, etc.

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