Dr. Glass

Name: Dr. Simon Glass

Position: Head of Psychology Department


Smile like the Sun: 12
Saw Right Through That: 9
Ach! Glass, Run! It's the-: 11
FYI, I am Doctor: 8


Dr. Glass' consummate professionals.

Polite and Professional
Charming Diplomats
Mentally Stable
Search for the Peaceful Solution
Track them Down: 5
Chat them Up: 5
Knock them Out: 5


White Suit


  • Switzerland: Usually ignored when the violence breaks out.
  • Golden Tongue: High persuasive and diplomatic force. Can be used once per day to grant an ally an extra die for any action with a word of encouragement.
  • Mental Clarity: Dr. Glass is immune to becoming suggestible and enraged, and is resistant to memetic hazards.
  • Evasive Reflexes: Dr. Glass is adept at ducking behind overturned tables and out of windows, just in time to avoid grievous bodily harm.
  • Counselor: With a small chat, can remove stressed, suggestible, rage, and depression.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: With a diplomacy check may choose to make others Suggestible or Confused.
  • Push the Button: Can attempt to make others Enraged, Aroused, or Depressed. Suggestible and Confused subjects may not resist.


  • Non-threatening: Dr. Glass rolls 2 less dice for any intimidation attempts, and is generally unwilling.
  • Switzerland: Dr. Glass rolls 5 less dice for any actions that could kill another, and becomes depressed if he succeeds in doing so. Generally resists entering combat if at all possible.
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