Dr. Gibbons

Name: Dr. P██████ Gibbons Rylaher-Kyriaki
Position: Level 3 Researcher


Craft or "The wonderful ability of making shit out of anything": 2
Weapon handyness: 3
Coffee-making abilities: 1
Luck: 3
Dodge: 4
AWAD (Awareness-Wiles-Appraise-Deduction): 4
Emotional detachment: 1
"Hey, I actually studied for this forensics bullshit!": 2



  • .22 Bersa handgun — +1 to Weapon Handyness


  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife — +1 to Craft


  • GUYSGUYS: Increased ability of annoying people which may result in the odds of getting shot by Dr. Kondraki increasing by a factor of 4. If Gibbons leads a team, all members of the team will become stressed as long as Gibbons is present with them.
  • OH SHIT IT'S A FUCKING FIRE: -2 penalty to coffee-making at all times.
  • Ah, la concha!: When stressed, Gibbons can only communicate in Spanish.


Dr. Gibbons is the man that can call himself "The fuck that was on the wrong place at the wrong time". Or the right time, depending on the point of view. A normal man working in a crime lab suddendly gets a hold of an SCP and, after a catalogation that outdid half of the foundation's personnel's work, he was given the choice of getting silenced by the Foundation or getting a job there. It's not that he got much of a choice anyways.

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