Dr Gears

Name: Dr. Gears ("Cog")

Position: Head Researcher


  • Heartless (6)
  • Research (5)
  • Insightful (2)
  • Prototyping (3)
  • Intelligent (4)



  • SCP-914: Enter any equipment and get something new. (1d50 = 1-10: Rough, 11-20: Coarse, 21-30: 1:1, 31-40: Fine, 41-50: Very Fine)
  • SCP-028: New Perks and Hooks. (1d6: 1 - New Perk, 2-4 Useless information, 5 - New Hook, 6 - Major attack on sanity)


Clockwork Mauser (+1 to damage on biological targets)


  • Office Desktop computer: Full access to Foundation network. Allows for advanced research assistance, and limited access to Foundation security systems. +5 to research and prototyping.
  • "Toughbook"-style laptop: Partial access to Foundation network. Multiple diagnostic, research, and security-bypassing programs are stored, along with a multi-port adapter card. +2 to research, and a +1 bonus when used to bypass secured systems or interact with electronic or computer-based SCP items.
  • Hand-held PDA/microcomputer: Able to contact any active electronic communication device. Limited access to Foundation network. +1 to research.


  • Unshakable - No penalty for emotional shocks (SCP interaction, invasive human testing, committing atrocities…)
  • Senior Researcher - Can gain access to all SCP items
  • "Now." - Can issue requests or orders with a serious penalty for resistance checks
  • Mentally Stable - Immune to all "Mental" status effects
  • Gadget-savvy - Works well with all forms of technology
  • Central Records Password - Access to any files or blueprints on The Foundation network


  • Emotionless - Incapable of any emotional interaction
  • Non-Combative - Penalty to combat
  • Who's the President again? - Has been on base too long, penalty to off-base activities.


Dr. Gears is one of the research heads of The Foundation. Nobody seems to remember how, when or why Gears joined The Foundation, and inquires seem to slam in to [ACCESS DENIED] or "You're not authorized." walls rather quickly. The doctor himself rarely comments on non-Foundation topics, and never on anything he may have done or been before joining.

Dr. Gears lacks any form of emotional response. That is to say, he is capable of feeling joy, sadness and the like, but is incapable of expressing or acting on these emotions in any way. This makes him a unfeeling, heartless monster to some, but qualifies him as one of the best Foundation researchers to 05 command. Those who work with him usually just tell themselves he's a robot, and move on.

The good doctor is not a combat force in any way, however he has very extensive knowledge and insight in to both SCP items and the general workings of The Foundation. When involved in a emergency, he's more likely to be found in his office feeding dispatches to field teams and processing information then out in the field.

When he is dispatched in the field, it's often as a supervisor or to develop temporary containment strategies for uncontained SCP items. Armed with a SCP-172-designed pistol, he's able to defend himself tolerably well, but typically he's not in a position where it's necessary, and is more likely to find a secure location and call for back-up when things get hairy.

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