Dr. Facette

Name: Dr. Adelaide Facette
Position: Researcher


Let Me Check My Notes: 2
People Skills: 5
Martial Arts: 4



  • Ballpoint pen: +1 to Martial Arts.


  • Vanilla Body Spray (Pheromone Laced): +1 to People Skills.



* Just Five More Minutes: Adelaide appears to have a nasty case of narcolepsy, causing her to be in a constant state of extreme fatigue that results in her, well … often falling asleep at the most inopportune moments, making even the most commonplace, harmless situations a constant, potentially dangerous gamble.


Adelaide Facette was born to Vivienne Facette and her husband Dr. Claude Facette and lived a relatively normal life, though her father and mother were often too busy with their work to spend time with their daughter; resulting in a slightly detached childhood for Adelaide, who took to her parents' computer and the outdoors simultaneously to see what she could find to amuse herself in the absence of her parents. During her childhood years, she spent most of her time researching anything and everything she could, taking a shining to the paranormal with the hopes of explaining it, something that deeply disturbed her father; who'd hoped that she would follow in his footsteps and become a doctor, or perhaps a nurse like her mother Vivienne. She did not seem keen on the idea, and further perplexed and worried her father by preferring to keep her distance from the other children her age (though every encounter she had with them seemed to turn out in her favor, with a little bit of selective wording and some purposefully altered body language), soon becoming slightly reclusive and preferring to stay inside unless it was overcast or raining out; sensitizing her eyes to sunlight, avoiding physical contact (and the wearing of normal, everyday clothing) enough to become ridiculously sensitive and irritated when faced with it, and, via sun deprivation, gradually making her skin the ridiculously pale color it is today.

As she progressed into her late teens, she began to show signs of a high IQ much like her mother and father, and, ever-hopeful, they shipped her off to the University of [REDACTED], where she excelled (despite having little to no contact with the other students, gaining no close friends or anything above meager acquaintances) and quickly gained a diploma, moving on to do some light military work; which caught the attention of the Foundation.

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