Dr Everest

Name: Peter R. Everest
Position: Researcher at Site 19


If it ain't broke…: 6
Code Monkey: 3
Go Ceilings: 2




  • Multi Purpose Wrench — +1 to If it ain't broke


  • PDA — +1 to Code Monkey



  • Nervous Habit: When Dr. Everest enters a conflict, he must crack a joke before his second turn. If a joke is not told before the end of his second turn, he loses 2 dice for skill checks until he does tell one. The joke must be related to the situation at hand.


Peter Everest was first brought to foundation attention when his attempts at creating perpetual motion bordered on success. Numerous Attempts were made to make contact with Mr. Everest but proved futile as his home had been outfitted with numerous crude but effective traps and weapons. He eventually ran out of materials and was offered a position with the foundation as a researcher for the more mechanical SCP's.

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