Dr Evelyn Hunter

Name: Evelyn Hunter
Position: Level 2 Researcher


I've seen this on the internet: 6
Science is my hobby: 6





  • Glock 18C — +1 to I've seen this on the internet


  • Backpack of Holding — +1 to I've seen this on the internet
  • Iceberg Industries Shock-Coat, Lab model — +1 to defensive rolls, while active anything touching it takes a 10d6 shock.


  • Stop hurting my friends!: If Evelyn rolls all 4s or higher, she gets a temporary +2 to all rolls for the next 2/3 turns (left to the discretion of the GM).


  • I-it's a nervous t-tick: Evelyn has a stutter that sometimes makes it difficult to understand her. As she gets more and more stressed, the intensity of the stutters increases.
  • My teacher was Mr. Internet: Evelyn has had very little social interaction, and as such is not the best at speaking to people. -1 die on all rolls relating to intimidation or persuasion.
  • Ooh a shiny!: Evelyn loves to collect trinkets, and will often spend more time being distracted by shiny things than paying attention, which could be prove to be bad in a combat situation
  • I'm tired…: If Evelyn uses the *Stop hurting my friends!* perk, all subsequent rolls for that phase lose one dice.
  • Who turned out the lights?: Evelyn is prone to fainting when in stressful, embarassing, or sleepy situations. 1d2 when appropriate (1 - Awake, 2 - Asleep)


Evelyn Hunter grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario with her two brothers, mother, and father. At a young age, she developed a stutter that never quite left, and got herself taken out of public schools to avoid embarassment. Around the age of 13, Evelyn had contact with her first SCP during a midnight stroll around her home. She evaded harm and was given a light amnesiac which seemed to have failed, causing her to become fascinated with science and the paranormal. She encountered several more SCPs in 19██, 19██, 20██, 20██, and assisting in a capture in 20██ before being recruited by the Foundation as a researcher. Most of her skills were learned by internet research combined with practice training in her home.

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