Dr Dumount

Name: Lothaire B. Dumount
Position: Medic/head of medical ward 513


Medicine: 8
Professional Demeanor (mind over body): 4
Dancing between a rock and a hard place (Body over mind): 4




  • The Scalpel — +1 to medicine


  • Blue rubber gloves — +1 die to Professional Demeanor

Perks (Perks are earned)

  • Kondraki's desciple — +1 dice to combat melee rolls
  • Anti-telepathic: — 2d6 Mental Damage Dr. Dumount has headaches at telepaths who attempt to tap into his brain. Literally. This causes a great deal of pain to both him and the telepaths. This levels as a skill.


  • Order A513: — Dr. Dumount is not allowed to leave foundation owned lands unless accompanied by someone holding a remote detonation button. Dr. Dumount has a bomb in his chest, and is to be detonated under many different circumstances. He also has a tracker.
  • Order A513B: — Dr. Dumount automatically enters a state of pain and panic when certain type of whistle is used. This was programmed into him by brainwashes to make him more controllable.
  • Competitive Spirit: — Dr. Dumount always rises to challenges. It's just that he frequently fails. If the challenge is in medicine he MUST do it, and if he fails he loses 1 dice to medicine for the duration. If the challenge is in any other skill he will do it, but only suffers a -1 in that skill should he fail. If the challenge is in a skill he does not posses he is not required to take it and receives no penalty if he fails
  • Who am I?: — Due to the trauma that Dumount suffered, Dr. Dumount suffers from sever identity disphoria causing his identity to change with his appearance. The foundation encourages this by occasional changing his appearance.
  • Anti-telepathic: — If subjected by Agent Locke or Dr. Rights to the Mental Sledgehammer group attack, Dumount is [DIZZY] by default and makes a 1d6 save against being [STUNNED] and [NAUSEATED] on a 1, or only [NAUSEATED] on a two.


Dr. Dumount WAS a wealthy, famous, and very skilled doctor, however his car was attacked by an escaped SCP, at which point all hell broke loose.

When he woke up his body had been heavily modified by the foundation, and his identity was forever barred from him. Since then the foundation has actively worked to keep Dumount unstable and off balance, as they have noticed that this increases his loyalty. They have also worked to limit the currency of his knowledge of the outside world.

Those who ARE aware of the outside world will notice some interesting facts about Dumount. First, his awareness of time isn't what it could be. Second, no famous doctors were kidnapped, or died, in the time frame he thinks he started working for the foundation in. Third, and least major, some of his popular culture references are either obscure, or wrong. Some are both.

Dumount, of course, thinks he's one of the sane ones.

History of RP

Dumount went on the Space Wicket trip where he learned he's allergic to telepathy.

Dumount has acquired a pet snake in the shopping trip.

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