Dr Deadwood

Name: Dr. Lee Brain Deadwood
Position: Researcher in infectious diseases


Biowarefare: 5
Awareness: 3
Vocal illusions:3





  • Bioagent 532 — +1 to Biowarfare


  • Advanced Voice Modulator — +1 to Vocal ilusions can playback recorded sounds

Perks (Perks are earned)


  • Mute: Dr. Deadwood is technically a mute, and needs a voice modulator to speak. without the vocal modulator he is only capable of communicating in sign language, and he is not very good at that. He also looses access to his skill 'Vocal Illusions'


Dr. Deadwood was a biowarefare researcher working for the CIA on assassination diseases… Illnesses that kill a victim without spreading and leave minimal trace. Due to his activities a terrorist group with connections to china attacked his facility and stole a sample of his prize agent: Bioagent 532. They also slit his throat, destroying his vocal chords. Since then he has used an advanced voice modulator to speak.

Dr. Deadwood had reserves, and was not particularly concerned until his wife and daughter both died a week later. Dr. Deadwood's anylisis revealed that bioagent 532 was instrumental in their death. Dr. Deadwood retired from the CIA. Currently Dr. Deadwood is under SCP investigation as a possible future member.

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