Dr. Crim

Name: Dr. Crim Havik

Position: Researcher


1.) 4 Hit the Deck
2.) 3 Rugged Good Looks
3.) 3 That would be cooler if it were on fire





Entirely too many Zippos. (+1 That would be cooler if it were on fire)




Pyromaniac. Most problems can be solved with the application of fire, as far as Crim is concerned. Seems to have trouble thinking out side the box. Or firepit. Becomes Stressed when attempting to solve a violent problem through nonviolent methods, leading to Rage if things continue to get worse.

Paranoid. Take from that what you will. Crim believes something will go wrong eventually. If not to him, then around him.


Turns out it's illegal to set things on fire. Doubly so when it's your own office. Even if the papers really deserved it.

Tall, intelligent, and good looking. All terms Crim would use to describe himself. He wouldn't use the terms aggressive and pyromaniac, though, regardless of the truth behind them.

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