Dr Coleman

Name: Dr Peter Coleman
Position: Safe/Euclid SCP Researcher primarily based at Site 25


Book Learnin: 6
Deft Hands: 3
Cookery: 3



  • PDA of current research notes — +1 to Book Learnin.


  • Belt pouch of sterile gloves — +1 to Deft Hands.


  • I'M JUST A RESEARCH MONKEY!: -1 Dice in all Combat situations. This is increased to -4 around Dr Kondraki.
  • It goes the other way up: Becomes Stressed when another Researcher or Agent is interacting with an SCP he has previously researched.
  • You can't harm a book!: Becomes Depressed/Enraged if a book is damaged or destroyed within his line of sight for less than the most dire need.


Dr. Coleman was recruited by the SCP Foundation as a research assistant 4 or so years ago. He was primarily based at Site 25 in England but moved around Europe when his duties demanded it. Due to a rather nervous disposition he was allowed to specialise primarily in Safe/Non-dangerous Elucid SCPs with is primary focus being on books and other written forms of SCP.

After becoming a full Research Fellow he showed a special aptitude for being willing to research the possible origins of SCPs down to minute details and help the Foundation with his findings. His ability to cook has been sited as the most often reason that more…boystrous members of the research team haven't made his life difficult and his curries have become a favorite among certain groups of the staff where ever he has been based.

He is currently midway through a tour of SCP sites world wide and has found, much to his horror, that the foundation is a far more dangerous place than his comfy office back in England would suggest and after viewing the logs of the actions of Dr Kondraki in the termination of the SCP "Duke" he now wishes to return to Site 25 and his delightfully dull life rather sharpish.

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