Dr Bright

Name: Dr. Jack Bright
Position: Personnel Director


Getting Into Trouble: 20

Getting Out Of Trouble: 15

Dying: 25

Being An Asshole: 18


Dr. Brights Scapegoats

Ineffectual in Combat
Detail Oriented
Clueless in social situations
Practice at using safe SCPs (Mainly for Pranks)
Thick Skinned:4





Zap Staff
Drunken Monkey(+10 to getting into trouble)


Lab Coat (Holds vast amounts of junk)
Junk (Held in Lab Coat in vast amounts)
Bottle of Booze (Never runs out, +5 to Getting Into Trouble for anyone who drinks from it)


Can Never Die: 963 always brings him back
Oooh, Lookit Shiny!: People with low Willpower find it hard not to pick up 963 if it is unattached.
Because I Said So: Allows Dr. Bright to alter one rule in his favor.
Human Shield: Any one attack that would incapacitate a fellow Researcher instead hits Bright.
I Remember: Can search memories of current host body for pertinent imformation. Must roll an 18-20 on 1d20 to obtain relevant information.
Whats That?: Capture the attention of 1d8 people for 1d6 rounds.
Mental Shell Game:Because Bright keeps his mind in 963 instead of in flesh, he is highly resistant to mental effects.
Adaptive: It takes Bright no time in order to adapt to a new humanoid body. It takes him five minutes to adapt to an animal body he is unfamiliar with. He takes 10 minutes to adapt to a completely alien body.
Wanna Bet?: Bright is capable of making money by betting on the outcome of any undertaking, even if he has no one to bet against.


For the Foundation:Bright is incapable of acting against the best interests of the Foundation.
Dies Easily: This one should be obvious.

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