Dr. Blades

Name: Dr. Yas [UNKNOWN] ("Yasassin") (note: Staff began referring to this researcher as "Dr Blades" for lack of a known last name. Researcher has not objected.)
Position: Researcher


Surprisingly Lethal: 5
Too Clever for her Own Good: 5
Disarming Personality: 3



  • Handmade Handgun — +1 to Surprisingly Lethal

This handgun was made by Blades out of supplies purloined from various locations. It looks quite odd, but it's effectiveness should not by any means be underestimated.

  • 15 blades— of varying sizes and shapes, hidden about her person in locations including but not limited to wrist sheathes, waistbands, and boots


  • Specialized Clothing — +1 to Disarming Personality
  • Standard Issue PDA


  • Give The Gun To The Crazy One: Blades is able to give some item that provides a +1 shift towards to the roll of another character's "insanity" skill once per scene. What the character then does with that item is whatever is thematically appropriate.


  • Oh, She's a Nice PersHOLYSHITWTF?: Dr Blades seems like a totally normal, very nice person-until you get her into a combat situation. When in combat, she is so violent that she scares people.
  • Cold Blooded Killer: Dr Blades is used to the objective of a mission being "kill," not "capture" or "contain." When she sees something as a threat, the latter two are difficult for her, and she sometimes forgets.
  • Self Preserving: Dr Blades's only focus is herself. She will take whatever action she sees as being most beneficial to herself at the time, sometimes to the detriment of others around her.


Dr Blades is a former freelance assassin who pursued what she believed to be a mark into an SCP Facility. (Unbeknownst to her at the time, this was an attempt to get rid of her by someone who thought she had become too dangerous. It is unknown who this was or how they knew about the Foundation). Upon discovery and capture, she somehow managed to talk herself out of death and into a research position. She has not yet decided if this is actually better.

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