Dr Auteu

Name: Dr. Jean Auteu
Postion: Researcher at Site 19


Seems Like A Good Idea: 5
I Don't Think I'm Lying: 5
It's All Good: 3



  • Successful SCP-350 Exposure: Auteu can make Seems Like A Good Idea rolls to apply telekinesis. Multiple rolls without rest between them apply a stacking -1 to each successive attempt.
  • Anton: As the only 2558-J that is not immediately startled by proximity to Dr. Auteu, he was allowed to keep it, if only to stop him from startling all of the other ones every time he came to visit. Dr. Auteu usually keeps Anton in the pocket of his lab coat, which has been modified to be extremely comfortable for him, and to expand should Anton become startled. Anton is of the "Bouncy" variety of 2558-J


  • Awesome Hat: Gives +1d6 to It's All Good
  • Riot Baton: With a power source embedded in the handle and some metal plating, this riot baton also functions as a taser. +1d6 to combat with Seems Like A Good Idea
  • Frag Grenades: Has 2 per mission. +1d6 to combat with Seems Like A Good Idea, damages multiple enemies, causes shot status effect if hit.
  • Lightning Grenades: Has 1d2-1 per mission. +1d6 to combat with Seems Like A Good Idea, damages multiple enemies, causes stunned status effect if hit.
  • Bottled Emotions: Bottles containing substances that elicit: Jealousy, Happiness, Sorrow, or Fear in whoever is exposed to them, a different bottle for each. Dr. Auteu also has a bottle marked Bacon…


  • Philosophical Zombie: Dr. Auteu is devoid of all emotion. However, to compensate for this, he is capable of simulating any emotion deemed appropriate for any given situation. This lack of empathy allows him a bonus of two dice when using the skill I Don't Think I'm Lying to manipulate people.
  • Soul-less: Dr. Auteu is Completely unaffected by any SCP that interacts with souls, he is unaware of the reason behind this, although he may suspect something.
  • Silly Hat Day: Auteu gets +1d6 to all rolls when someone in the party is wearing a silly hat. BRLBRLBRLBRLBRLBRLBRLBRL


  • Philosophical Zombie: Dr. Auteu is devoid of all emotion, and his ability to simulate it can only go so far in his social life. Dr. Auteu will have a harder time establishing meaningful links with his colleagues. This lack of empathy will hinder him when he works with teams. When teaming with other players, Dr. Auteu loses two dice in any rolls made in the team.
  • Animal Affinity: Dr. Auteu is very compassionate towards animals. However, they tend to either be afraid of, or even hostile to him. Very few are indifferent, but even then they are still on edge as long as he is in the vicinity. This is especially true with cats. As such, he is not allowed anywhere near SCP-2558-J-EX.


Dr. Jean Auteu was picked up in a routine psychological evaluation following the capture of SCP-███, when the examiner noticed that he, although emotionally distant, seemed completely unaffected by the [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Auteu was brought into the foundation under the cover that he would be useful in researching various items, to date he has been kept unaware of his condition. Dr. Auteu seems to lack any real emotions, rather the emotions he experiences are mere simulations, this doesn't appear to be due to any SCP contact, but rather a natural occurrence. On the surface he is very easy to get along with and seems incredibly personable, but any deeper relationship is impossible, as all of the previously clear emotions seem hollow and false.

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