Dr "Aura"

Name: Dr. Aurora "Aura" Vesta

Position: (Xeno)Veterinary Consultant for Safe/Euclid SCP animals and staff


Veterinary Knowledge: 6
Irish Charm: 5
Who's a Good Boy?: 4


Security Wolf/Pet
Maul: 3
Sniff & Seek: 1
Wolf Sense: 1


SCPs: None


  • Dog Whistle — +1 to Who's a Good Boy?


  • Caint As Gaeilge — +1 to Nyoka's Maul


  • Net Access — Aura can hack any wireless internet connection.


  • Eight-Legged Freaks — Terrified of Spiders and Spider-like creatures. -1 die to any defense or combat rolls against arachnids.


Relatively new with the Foundation, "Aura" has been quickly finding her feet in the concerns of the containment of the animal SCPs. Though somewhat too trusting of others from the off, she will not hesitate to berate someone on the condition of a creature or if its habitat is not up to standard. She takes a lot of the oddities in her stride, however will still be found to be surprised upon learning something new. Known to hold her own against violent animals, she strives to do what is best for them within the circumstances.

Offered a position by the Foundation after berating agents on the handling of a captured SCP, though fully aware of its unusual abilities.

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