Day Two
  • Samantha-Raelin wakes up to the sunlight pouring through the window adjacent to the bed, yawning. Looking to see Gerald next to her, she smiles, and starts to get up and dressed.
  • Gerald wakes up and looks around.

<Gerald> "Morning, Sam."

  • Agent_Strelnikov snores in his bed. The light does nothing to him.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets into another shirt and coat combo, albeit a different pair this time. She dressed practically. "Morning, Gerald. Sleep well?"
  • Gerald gets out of bed, wipes some dried strawberry jam off the corners of his mouth, and proceeds to get dressed.

<Gerald> "Heh. Yep."
<Gerald> "That was, without a doubt, one of the most wild nights of my life."

  • Claudia is nowhere to be seen at the moment. But it would depend upon where you groped around for her…
  • Agent_Strelnikov groans and blinks, sitting up tiredly.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I didn't think you'd like the jam that much."
  • Gerald laughs. "Neither did I."
  • Agent_Strelnikov rubs his eyes and looks around his room, seeing nobody. He sighs.
  • Samantha-Raelin steps out, fully dressed, heading to the bathroom to do all her brushing and cleaning. All those things.

<Claudia> The blankets on Dmitri's bed shift a little, though, without him touching them, and there's a slightly strawberry-hued stain in the air. Easy enough to miss.
<Claudia> Oddly enough, if he were paying attention, it looked more like she just lied down again than moved.

  • Gerald puts on his lab coat from pure force of habit and steps into the hallway.
  • Agent_Strelnikov yawns and sits on the bed quietly.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads downstairs, looking for the others.
  • Gerald steps into the bathroom when Sam gets out.
  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't really want to get up. He lays back down on the bed and looks at the ceiling.
  • Claudia chuckles gently, the sound right by Strelnikov's ear, before whispering. "If she asks, I'm not here. Da?" With that, she wipes a bit of dried jam off herself and stands, ghostlike and quiet as always.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Oh god."

  • Samantha-Raelin knocks on the door to Strelnikov's room. "You up and ready yet?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Uh…yes! Out in minutes."
<Agent_Strelnikov> [Define up and ready]

  • Claudia waits by the door for someone else to open it. You can't see it, but she's grinning madly.
  • Gerald steps out of the bathroom and heads down to the kitchen.
  • Agent_Strelnikov runs both hands through his hair and stands up. He walks out of the room in his boxer shorts.
  • Samantha-Raelin shrugs. "Alright, we're going to head out to the city and get some lunch. Got any suggestions."
  • Claudia follows close after and slips upstairs silently.
  • Samantha-Raelin gives a whistle in jest. "The ladies will love you if you head out like that."

<Claudia> After a few minutes, she can be heard moving about her room, as if she just got up.

  • Gerald looks like he really isn't much of a morning person.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I bets. I never do this back on site, though." He shuffles into the bathroom and cleans himself up.

  • Agent_Strelnikov brushes his teeth, washes his face, then shuffles back to his room to dress. After a few minutes he reappears, decent once again.

<Gerald> "Blah."

  • Agent_Strelnikov plops down at the kitchen table. Their bottle of vodka still sits on the table, empty.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks fairly good for someone who just woke up. "Well, any idea what we should do for lunch?"
  • Claudia comes downstairs after a short shower, dressed rather normal and looking composed as ever. "Lunchtime already?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…It is this late?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Good god."
<Samantha-Raelin> "We were up pretty late last night."
<Gerald> "Huh."

  • Samantha-Raelin nudges Gerald.

<Gerald> "Hm?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "No thanks to you."
<Gerald> "….."

  • Agent_Strelnikov grins at Gerald.
  • Gerald blushes.
  • Claudia laughs at them lightly. "I'm sure all that jelly didn't go to waste…"
  • Samantha-Raelin looks at Dmitri. "Well? How about it?"
  • Agent_Strelnikov hides his face. No, the jelly did not go to waste.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I…uh…I sleeps just great?"
<Claudia> "Same here. Whew, those shots knocked me out…"

  • Claudia actually didn't sleep that much, for more reasons than you'd suspect.
  • Agent_Strelnikov coughs. "Yes…yes, they did."
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "Too bad Break couldn't come, I'm sure she would have enjoyed all this."
  • Gerald chuckles.
  • Claudia chuckles as well. "Oh yeah, she would've loved this vacation."
  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles wistfully. "…Yeah."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Why don't we just take a trip to the city, cruise around and find somewhere to eat?"

  • Gerald nods. "I'm up to that."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is fine with me, yes."
<Claudia> "Sounds good to me."

  • Samantha-Raelin heads out the door, grabbing her scarf. "Ruskie, you drive."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes ma'am." He stands up and twirls the keys.

  • Gerald walks out, still not quite awake.
  • Agent_Strelnikov makes sure he has everything important, then heads out to the car.

<Agent_Strelnikov> After a series of inconsequential driving-related events, they reach the outskirts of town.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Park over here, and we'll get out."

  • Claudia hopes that the rather quick painting job she did for her face will hold up today. Doesn't look too bad, at least.
  • Gerald is fully awake now.
  • Agent_Strelnikov parks and shuts the car off, locking it once everyone is out.

<Gerald> "So, what are we considering for food?"
<Samantha-Raelin> <As the intrepid group passes along the sidewalks of Moscow, taking in the sights and considering places to eat, a man slips a piece of paper into Samantha's coat pocket, unbeknownst to herself.>

  • Samantha-Raelin spots a nice little Russian bistro on the corner. "That looks good."
  • Claudia is honestly willing to eat anything. "I'm starving…"

<Gerald> "Oooh."

  • Samantha-Raelin steps into the restaurant, finding a table for them.
  • Samantha-Raelin begins to look over her menu, but as she sat down she noticed the crinkle of something paper in her pocket.
  • Claudia looks over the menu. Hey, she remembers some of these words!
  • Gerald sits down next to Sam, stomach demanding food.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down next to Claudia and looks over the menu.
  • Claudia nudges Dmitri after a moment. "Got a smoke?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh, uh. Yes."

  • Agent_Strelnikov hands Claudia one of Sam's handrolled smokes.
  • Samantha-Raelin grabs the glass of water on the table, and takes a drink. The crinkle bothered her still. Reaching into her pocket, she found a slightly crumpled advertisement. It seemed…discrete.

<Gerald> "Any Russian equivalent of pancakes, Dmitri?"

  • Claudia blinks. Handrolled…fancy smancy. She leans back in her seat and lights up.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Uh….hm."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks on the menu and points to something for Gerald. Pancakes are pancakes.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks over the piece of paper as she sets it down on the table, grabbing and lighting up a smoke of her own.
  • Gerald orders some damn pancakes. "Hey Sam, what's that?"
  • Agent_Strelnikov pokes Gerald and offers him a cigarette.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Some kind of auction."
<Gerald> "Ooh, sounds like fun."
<Claudia> "Ooh, for what?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Someone must have slipped it into my pocket."
<Claudia> "Good advertising, if it's reverse pickpocketing."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh, you know, one of those fancy pants arrangements."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Must have looked like I had money."
<Claudia> "We're must seem fancier than I'd think…"
<Gerald> "I am wearing a labcoat, you know."

  • Samantha-Raelin continues to pour over it, even as the waiter comes by. She orders a sandwich for herself, something simple.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sets the cigarette and lighter in front of Gerald expectantly.
  • Claudia also orders a simple sandwich.

<Gerald> "Er, no thanks."
<Claudia> "You know, I don't get the labcoat…"
<Claudia> "Do you not own a real coat?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "No no. You smoke now."

  • Samantha-Raelin comes to the bottom of the advertisement. "He doesn't have to smoke if…"

<Samantha-Raelin> "…oh. Oh man."
<Gerald> "I look ridiculous in a regular coat. What is it, Sam?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and takes his cigarette and lighter back.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Marshall…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Marshall Carter and Dark, Ltd."
<Gerald> "…."
<Gerald> "No."

  • Samantha-Raelin points out a logo in a prestigious manuscript at the bottom.

<Gerald> "No. It can't be. We came to goddamn Russia, there's no way that kind of thing can follow us here."
<Claudia> "Who?"

  • Claudia looks from Sam to Gerald curiously.

<Gerald> "Okay, bumping into regular Foundation personnel at the local bar? Fine. This? No fucking way."
<Samantha-Raelin> "This is a big city, Gerald. Of course they'd operate here."

  • Gerald hangs his head and groans.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks to Claudia. "Marshall Carter and Dark are a group of rich people with time and money on their hands. They like to deal in SCPs."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Usually through secret auctions, such as these."
<Claudia> "…So…they're like SCP connoisseurs or something?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oooh. I bet we meets Putin there."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "He is wealthies."
<Samantha-Raelin> "They're a bunch of thugs, more like it. They'll use any means necessary to get what they want, like spoiled children."
<Gerald> "Goddammit."
<Claudia> "…" Claudia opens her mouth for a second, before licking her painted teeth and realizing that she doesn't need to say anything.

  • Samantha-Raelin folds it up and puts it into her pocket as their meals arrive.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts on her sandwich. "We'll have to go, see what it's all about."
  • Agent_Strelnikov also ordered pancakes. They're delicious.
  • Gerald sighs and eats his pancakes.

<Gerald> "We'd have to be careful, they'd do anything to get their hands on an invisible woman."
<Samantha-Raelin> "If anything illicit ends up for sale, either we can buy it off them, or report it to the local Site."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I'm sure they're unaware that Claudia is an SCP herself, Gerald."

  • Agent_Strelnikov scoots a bit closer to Claudia.

<Claudia> "…Haha. Invisible showgirl."
<Gerald> "Hm."
<Claudia> "Like the girls on The Price Is Right."

  • Claudia doesn't seem too worried about this.
  • Agent_Strelnikov puts his arm around Claudia's waist, underneath the table.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Regardless, we're going. Command would give us hell if they found out we didn't try to stop it."
<Gerald> "Okay, do we have enough money to buy anything? The prices are probably through the roof."

  • Gerald nods at Sam.
  • Claudia smiles at Dmitri, and leans in a bit, shrugging. "….Makes you wonder how much SCP stuff winds up out there, actually."

<Claudia> "Like, on Ebay and stuff."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I told you, Kondraki paid well."
  • Agent_Strelnikov nibbles on his pancakes.
  • Gerald drowns his pancakes in syrup.
  • Claudia eats her sandwich neatly.

<Samantha-Raelin> "If anything like that showed up on eBay, we'd find them, kill them, then call up paypal to cancel any transactions."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "When is auction, then?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "6pm, apparently."
<Claudia> "For sale- Invisible woman. Sorry, no pictures."
<Gerald> "What time is it now?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov chuckles at Claudia.

<Samantha-Raelin> "12:30pm, so we have some time."

  • Gerald nods.

<Gerald> "Well, this should be interesting, to say the least."
<Claudia> "I'll say…this trip seems to just get more and more…amusing."
<Gerald> "Five bucks says those guys you danced against at the disco were Chaos Insurgents."
<Claudia> "I'll take that bet."
<Samantha-Raelin> <Time passes, and the group enjoy a day around town. Claudia and Sam deflect flirting locals and Dmitri and Gerald chat about boolets and fire-proof materials. Maybe he tries to convince him to smoke. Regardless, the group heads back home to get into some finer clothes, before heading back to attend the auction.>
<Claudia> "That's just TOO ridiculous."

  • Claudia repaints herself up special for the auction, but keeps with the sunglasses. Okay, it looks a little silly, but still…
  • Gerald found a fancy, silk lab coat. Holy hell, you can buy anything in Russia.
  • Samantha-Raelin is back in her black designer dress, now with 100% less bloodstains, and a pair of high heels and ruby-studded earrings. She was dressed to impress.
  • Agent_Strelnikov is in his best dress uniform with a high peaked cap. He looks like an officer should.
  • Claudia still has most of her skin covered up, but the dress clothes are tight against her form. It certainly makes up for it.
  • Samantha-Raelin As they arrive at the auction house, a man at the front asks them for their voucher.
  • Samantha-Raelin reaches into her pocket, and hands it over.

<Samantha-Raelin> <"Ah, good, we're happy to have you miss…?">
<Samantha-Raelin> "Remington."

  • Samantha-Raelin makes her way inside with the rest of the party as her guests.
  • Gerald steps inside, looking around.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around the auction house, drawing a few looks as they notice the uniform. Some of them nod in respect.
  • Claudia stays close by Dmitri's side, looking around with interest.
  • Gerald actually looks halfway decent with his fancy lab coat.

<Samantha-Raelin> <As they enter, a man at the gate observes something…off about Claudia. He's not sure, but as her collar shifts as she walks, he notices that there's nothing behind it. Grabbing a small radio, he speaks something in Russian.>

  • Samantha-Raelin takes Gerald's arm in hers.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Now don't we look fine?"

  • Gerald smiles warmly at her.

<Claudia> "We look good." Claudia mutters to herself, resisting the urge to try and slip her fingers into people's pockets.

  • Claudia has to remind herself that she can't just run away naked if they feel anything anymore.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The group is lead into a small auction hall, and shown to their seats, while Samantha is given an electronic bidding device.>

  • Samantha-Raelin fiddles with it a bit, understanding its functions.
  • Claudia feels fancy.
  • Gerald looks around, trying to memorize the bidders and sellers.
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries to pay attention to what the auctioneer says.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Soon enough, the auction begins. The first item up is typical, an Ekster piece. It doesn't seem very…unusual at all.>
<Gerald> "Hm."
<Claudia> "Mm."
<Samantha-Raelin> "This isn't what I was expecting. Far too public."

  • Agent_Strelnikov does his best to translate anything of importance.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Not a bad piece, though."

  • Claudia leans on Dmitri's arm. "The best way to hide things is in plain sight, anyways."
  • Agent_Strelnikov puts his arm around Claudia, feeling kind of guilty for doing so.
  • Claudia does not understand your concept of guilt.

<Gerald> "You think this might be a cover?"
<Claudia> "Well…you're not going to put the prize pig up for sale first…are you?"
<Claudia> "Throw out some simple things first."
<Claudia> "Wait until people get bored."
<Claudia> "Then you bring out the crown jewels."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The auction goes on. During one of the auctions, the lights flicker for a moment. Then they go dark. Shouts of surprise are heard throughout the room. "Don't worry, minor technical difficulties!" the auctioneer sounds out>
<Claudia> "…I used to sneak into the back of auctions and nick stuff- gah…"
<Claudia> "…Freaking lights."

  • Gerald tries to see if anything goes on under cover of darkness.
  • Agent_Strelnikov can't see shit!

<Gerald> 1d6 I see you!
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, I see you!: 4 [1d6=4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <In the confusion…something seems to have grabbed a hold of Claudia!>
<Gerald> "Claudia!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Chance of noticing!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Chance of noticing!: 2 [1d6=2]
<Samantha-Raelin> <It's pitch dark, and your eyes haven't adjusted, but you see…someone.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't see shit.
  • Gerald makes a lunge at them.

<Gerald> 4d6 Agility
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Agility: 9 [4d6=2,4,2,1]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Strelnikov, you do notice your armrest vanishing.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Claudia?"
<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald, they're already gone. They were very quick about it.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <The lights come back on. "Ah, there we go."
<Gerald> "Shit. Claudia's been kidnapped."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Claudia!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around frantically.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks around. "Oh…god dammit!"
  • Claudia is nowhere to be found. DAMN her reflex of going completely silent when startled!
  • Samantha-Raelin grabs her gun, jumps over several chairs and people in them, and rushes up to the auctioneer.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Everyone get the hell out, auction's over!"

  • Gerald checks the area for signs of the paint Claudia uses getting scraped off.
  • Samantha-Raelin puts the gun up to the man's head. "You. You are going to tell me exactly what I want to know, or I'm going to blow your brains across this fine Monet."
  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up and draws his sidearm as well.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Who the f-…what? What do you want to know?"*>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"I want to know exactly where your Marshall, Carter, and Dark friends took our friend."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"I don't know! I have no idea!"*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov shouts to Samantha, *"Gut him like a Chechen!"*

<Samantha-Raelin> *"Oh, I will, if he doesn't tell me where they took our invisible girl."*

  • Gerald checks for backdoors or anything of that sort."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Alright, alright! This is just a front…just to see who has money, you know?"* He twitches, then finally relinquishes the rest of the information. *"…There's another auction, they're taking her there now. That is the real sale."*>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Where, when, and how do we get in."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"You can't! You don't have the credentials!"* He sweats quite profusely, then adds, *"…Well…unless…unless you don't kill me and take me with you!"*>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Bullshit."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"*Fine, look, in the back room, you can get passes in the office, just let me go alright?"*>

  • Samantha-Raelin grins, looking over to Dmitri. *"Go check it out, Dmitri."*

<Gerald> "What's going on?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "This worthless excuse for a human works for MCaD. Apparently, they plan on auctioning off Claudia."
<Gerald> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov hops onto the stage and looks around for the office. He kicks the door open and sweeps inside.

<Gerald> "Shit."
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"You're SCP, aren't you? I knew it!"*>

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. *"Keep your mouth shut until we find those passes."*
  • Agent_Strelnikov walks out, carrying laminated passes in his hand.

<Samantha-Raelin> *"Good boy, you told the truth."*

  • Gerald takes a pass.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The auctioneer's fear turns to indignance. *"You pricks! You think you're so fucking special. You're probably already too late!"*>
<Gerald> "Where is it, then?"
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Right, right. Where is this auction being held."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"A few blocks south of here, it's not far. I can show you!"*>
<Gerald> "That's it. Soon as we get home, I'm learning Russian."
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Sure, you do that."*

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs him, and positions herself behind him with a gun to his back. *"Lead on, comrade."*

<Samantha-Raelin> "Follow behind me, have your weapons ready."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Shoot the guards as we leave."

  • Agent_Strelnikov wonders what Gerald will shoot with. He shrugs and flanks Sam.

<Gerald> "Er, I'm unarmed."

  • Agent_Strelnikov draws a shank from his boot and tosses it to Gerald.
  • Samantha-Raelin nods. "That will do."
  • Gerald catches it.

<Gerald> "Alright, then."
<Samantha-Raelin> [Team up with Gerald, for Terror and Tissue Paper]
<Gerald> [Woo!]
<Gerald> 8d6 Shanksberg
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shanksberg: 28 [8d6=6,6,2,1,1,5,5,2]
<Samantha-Raelin> <The Guard doesn't see it coming until it's too late.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Makarovberg
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Makarovberg: 18 [7d6=2,2,4,2,4,2,2]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald spills his blood quite cold heartedly.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Dmitri has less luck, but manages to make up for it with a bullet to the man's head.>

  • Gerald looks at the bloody knife afterwards. "Thank you Dr. Bright." He mumbles.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The entrance is clear. The man begins to lead them down the street. Samantha continues to conceal her firearm.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov steps over the guard's body callously. Like callous cat.
  • Gerald hides the knife in one of his many pockets.

<Gerald> "Let's go, then."
<Samantha-Raelin> <Soon enough, they arrive at the location.>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"You've done your job then."*

  • Samantha-Raelin starts to lead the man off to a nearby side-alley.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"What do you think you're doing?!"*>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"You slut! You're a whore!"*>

  • Samantha-Raelin makes sure they're concealed, and reaches into her pocket to retrieve and attach a silencer. "Oh just shut it already."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <He tries to struggle but doesn't have much luck, seeing as she's secured his arms quite well.>

  • Samantha-Raelin puts a bullet through the man's brain. The silencer dampens the gunshot.
  • Gerald tries to ignore what's happening in the alley.
  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. He wishes he had a suppressor, too.
  • Samantha-Raelin steps back out, wiping a bit of blood from her face. "Shall we head in?"
  • Gerald nods.
  • Samantha-Raelin presents their passes to the guard.
  • Agent_Strelnikov puts his weapon away before approaching the guard.
  • Samantha-Raelin has already concealed her firearm.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guard takes their passes and scrutinizes them. Fortunately they aren't photo passes, so there is nothing to really betray them. He hands them back and waves them inside.>

  • Gerald wonders if blood will stain his coat.
  • Samantha-Raelin leads them in, and they find themselves in a similar auction house, if not of a higher class. The place reeks of opulence.
  • Gerald finds a place to sit between the buyers.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down nervously.
  • Agent_Strelnikov nudges Sam and leans over, speaking quietly. "Plan so far?"

<Samantha-Raelin> <The Auctioneer notices them. *"Ah, I see we have some late arrivals. Not too late, I'll assure you."* He brings out a jewel case, opening it to reveal a small ring. *"This ring, found in Grecian ruins in 1998, was believed to have been blessed by the God of Music, Apollo. It gifts the hand on which it's placed with immense musical aptitude. Starting the bidding at two million."*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov pales a bit. "Two millions!"
  • Samantha-Raelin whispers back "Wait until they bring up Claudia, shoot the guards and the auctioneer, and get her out of here and back home."
  • Gerald 's jaw drops.

<Gerald> "We going to even attempt some of these?" He whispers.
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Two guards flank the auctioneer, hands clasped behind their backs. They scan the audience behind dark sunglasses.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Points to Dmitri *"We have two million!"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> "What! N-…"
<Gerald> "Also, what we don't buy, we remember what it is, and who bought it."

  • Agent_Strelnikov grinds his teeth.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Luckily, another bidder takes over for Dmitri.>
<Samantha-Raelin> "None of these items are dangerous enough to warrant action at the moment."

  • Gerald nods.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Soon enough, the ring is sold off. In the next few weeks, musings of a "Russian Harp Prodigy" will spread through Moscow and into the world at large. Before his tragic suicide.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around, trying to see if he recognizes any faces.

<Gerald> "Hm."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The auctioneer brings up another item. It looks like an antique German Luger. *"This weapon, used by a German officer in WW2, is capable of firing a projectile at near the speed of light. The actual projectile is unknown, and it appears not to require ammo. Bidding begins at one and a half million."*>
<Samantha-Raelin> "That one, however, is."

  • Gerald looks at Sam. "How about that one?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ooh." He is genuinely interested.

  • Samantha-Raelin puts her hand up. "One and a half million."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards turn and look at her, making mental notes of her appearance.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Another bidder brings it up to two>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Samantha, however, raises it to three. Murmurs are heard around the room.>
<Gerald> "Hoo boy."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The bidding continues, until Samantha settles it at five and a half, at which the other bidder, a scrawny looking Yankee gun collector, finally concedes. *"Sold!"*>
<Gerald> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov claps excitedly.

<Samantha-Raelin> <A man comes down to deliver the box which holds the gun, and an electronic bank transfer device. Signing her name, she hands it back.>

  • Samantha-Raelin decides to open the box and look the item over.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I won't lie, I sort of wanted it myself."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Good tastes."
<Gerald> "Damn."
<Gerald> "Wonder what the recoil is like…."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The auctioneer begins once more. *"Alright folks, that's it for the regular bidding tonight. Those who are staying for the special auction, will need to come up and confirm their bank accounts with us before we begin. The rest of you may leave, and Marshall, Carter, and Dark would like to thank you for our patronage."*>

  • Samantha-Raelin hands the box and the gun over to Dmitri. "I'll just be a moment."
  • Gerald looks a bit nervous.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks at Samantha. "Yes ma'am." He immediately starts fondling the gun.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads up to the men at the side of the room, to confirm her bank account.

<Claudia> [Sensually fondling]
<Agent_Strelnikov> [Yes.]
<Gerald> "Careful, Dmitri."

  • Agent_Strelnikov is slightly aroused by the weapon, but he'd never admit this.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "What? Oh, yes. Of course."
<Claudia> [UNF UNF UNF BANG]
<Gerald> [Is that a makarov in your pocket, or are you happy to see that gun?]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <One of the guards steps forward to begin confirm banking details. He eyes Samantha with unease.>

  • Samantha-Raelin gives him a sly smile.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Name, please."*>
<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 Feminine Wiles
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Feminine Wiles: 19 [8d6=1,5,1,1,5,1,3,2]
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Samantha Raelin."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <He looks her dress up and down. *"Lovely dress, Ms. Raelin."* He offers her some paperwork to fill out.>

  • Samantha-Raelin gets to work on the paperwork. She finishes in a tenth of the time.

<Gerald> "Heh."
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Very good, thank you. Please have a seat and we'll begin momentarily."*>

  • Samantha-Raelin nods, and returns to her seat, retrieving her gun from Dmitri.

<Claudia> ["MY GUN." "I WANT TOUCH IT" "MINE."]
<Gerald> "Er, this might not be the time, but I think you look amazing in that dress, Sam."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks dejected, but gives the gun to her.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The room is only at a fifth of what it was before, only around 10 people in attendance. The auctioneer begins again. *"Now that all the messy paperwork is out of the way, we'll begin the special auction. Under your seats, are electronic bidding devices. Bids will be secret, with the highest bid in the first round taking the item.*">

  • Samantha-Raelin retrieves the device. She smiles at Gerald, but puts a finger up to shush him.
  • Gerald nods quietly.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards stand around, look over the crowd with impassive stares.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <*"For our first item, we have this young boy. Testing with an IQ of 210, a certified genius, this boy is capable of solving calculations with the aptitude of a government supercomputer. He'll bring quite the bit of status to your home. Bidding begins at twenty million."*>
<Gerald> "…."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The boy is brought out. A small, Slavic born child, he looks quite understandably afraid up on stage.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov mutters to himself, "Bastards."
  • Samantha-Raelin sighs. "Nothing we can do about it."

<Samantha-Raelin> <Soon enough, the child is sold off for an impressive fifty million. *"Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a rare treat."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov perks up.

<Gerald> "This is it, I think."

  • Gerald whispers to Sam. "That gun could come in handy."

<Samantha-Raelin> <A man dragging a chain, seemingly pulled along the floor, arrives. *"Now, you may be asking, what kind of item is a chain? Well, it's what's attached to it."* With that, he throws a container full of non-toxic marker dye, revealing the invisible and naked Claudia to the crowd. She was gagged, and her arms were bound, with the chain attached to her left leg. *" A beauty, isn't she? We'll begin at forty million."*>
<Gerald> "….Now."

  • Samantha-Raelin is fairly decisive as she removes the gun from its box. Taking aim, she fires at the man's head.
  • Agent_Strelnikov draws his pistol.

<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 Light Speed!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Light Speed!: 34 [12d6=4,2,3,2,3,1,4,4,5,1,3,2]

  • Claudia is attempting to swear very energetically at the auctioneer

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards felt something was up. They draw sidearms as well and aim for Samantha and Dmitri.>

  • Gerald pulls out his shank-mobile.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 6d6 Guards shooting!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Guards shooting!: 25 [6d6=5,4,5,1,6,4]

  • Gerald ducks and tries to move forward.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Dmitri shooting!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Dmitri shooting!: 24 [7d6=2,2,1,6,4,4,5]
<Samantha-Raelin> <The man's head is clearly removed from his shoulders. The doors of the room automatically lock.>
<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 True Grit
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, True Grit: 26 [8d6=2,6,1,4,1,1,6,5]

  • Gerald also grabs one of the legitimate buyers.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards don't seem to realize that Gerald is part of Dmitri and Sam's group. They write him off as a bystander.>

  • Samantha-Raelin avoids the shots, rolling and taking a shot at one of the guards.
  • Gerald moves forward, trying not to draw attention as he gets up to the stage.

<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 Light Speed Luger!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Light Speed Luger!: 44 [12d6=5,6,5,3,3,3,1,2,3,4,6,3]

  • Agent_Strelnikov is lightly grazed by one of their rounds, then aims and fires again.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Pistolet Makarova
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Pistolet Makarova: 18 [7d6=1,1,3,1,2,4,6]

  • Claudia is stumbling and swaying unsteadily on her feet. It's hard to tell just from the dye, but she seems a touch…disoriented.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 6d6 Wilhelm scream!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Wilhelm scream!: 20 [6d6=2,2,5,3,3,5]
<Samantha-Raelin> [12 is 8 from her skill, and +4 from the luger.]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <One of the guards is cleaved almost in two by Samantha's shots. Dmitri is piss poor today and hits nothing.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Hit something this time, fag
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Hit something this time, fag: 16 [7d6=2,3,4,2,2,2,1]

  • Gerald gets to the stage, waits for the guards to fall, then lunges at the man holding the chain binding Claudia.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Fuck you I roll again
<Gerald> 6d6 SNEAK ATTACK
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Fuck you I roll again: 28 [7d6=5,6,4,3,2,5,3]
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, SNEAK ATTACK: 24 [6d6=4,6,1,3,4,6]

  • Samantha-Raelin is pleased as hell with this little weapon. She fires on one of the remaining guards.

<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 Light Speed!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Light Speed!: 45 [12d6=2,3,4,3,6,2,1,6,4,4,6,4]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Strelnikov's rounds finally hit something, dropping another guard. Samantha intercepts two more as they rush from a back room. Gerald sneaks up behind one of them, catching him unawares.>
<Gerald> "Claudia!"

  • Samantha-Raelin heads over to Claudia, and grabs her coat. She puts it around her, concealing her modesty as much as was possible in the oversized coat.
  • Gerald grabs the man holding the chain, pressing the knife to his throat.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The other buyers have made their escapes, leaving the room empty save for them and the bodies.>
<Samantha-Raelin> "Get her arms free, and get that gag out of her mouth."

  • Claudia looks over at Gerald, stumbling towards him before pausing looking over at Samantha, still trying to mumble through the gag.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The man seems mildly disturbed by this. He aims at Claudia.>

  • Gerald tries to pull him to the ground.
  • Gerald also attempts to disarm him.
  • Agent_Strelnikov hopes Gerald shanks him soon.
  • Samantha-Raelin brings the luger to aim at the man, but won't shoot while Gerald is on him.
  • Samantha-Raelin removes Claudia's gag.
  • Gerald shanks him in the arm, hoping to keep him alive for questioning.

<Gerald> 6d6 Shankers
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shankers: 23 [6d6=3,2,5,2,6,5]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <This causes the man's arm to tense, discharging a round in the air. It is unexpected and rather startling.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Through the confusion, a fifty-something Irish-American actor barges into the scene, neckchops two guards, and goes back stage. He retrieves a young woman and makes his exit.>
<Gerald> [….Did Sean Connery just jump in?]
<Agent_Strelnikov> [Nope.]
<Agent_Strelnikov> [LIAM NIESON.]
<Gerald> [Ah.]

  • Claudia swallows after the gag is removed…before leaning back against Samantha, grinning. "…Heey…about time you came." Something about her definately isn't right.

<Samantha-Raelin> [Sean Connery is scottish you idiot]

  • Samantha-Raelin looks a bit worried, but continues to shoot people anyway.

<Gerald> [Oops….]
<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 Lightspeed Luger!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Lightspeed Luger!: 45 [12d6=4,5,2,4,4,5,4,5,2,2,6,2]

  • Gerald pulls the gun out of the guy’s hand.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <A reinforcing team arrives at a bad moment. Samantha's shots land square in the middle of them, decapitating the leaders.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Stop missing, fag
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Stop missing, fag: 29 [7d6=3,4,3,4,6,4,5]

  • Agent_Strelnikov makes a fine shot, drilling one of them squarely between the eyes.
  • Gerald stabs the guy in the hand, and holds him down.

<Gerald> 6d6 Stabbity shank.
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Stabbity shank.: 20 [6d6=2,6,4,2,3,3]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <This hurts a lot! He lets out a painful shriek and glares at Gerald. His eyes are burning with rage.>

  • Samantha-Raelin undoes the handcuffs on Claudia's hands with a bobby pin, and then gets to work on the clasp on her leg.

<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 Feminine Wiles!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Feminine Wiles!: 31 [8d6=5,6,2,3,6,1,4,4]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <This one isn't going down without a fight. He headbutts Gerald.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> 6d6 HEADBUTT
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, HEADBUTT: 25 [6d6=5,6,4,5,4,1]
<Gerald> 5d6 Fuck you
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Fuck you: 17 [5d6=6,2,1,2,6]

  • Claudia isn't exactly being helpful, but lets Samantha work, humming lightly to herself, watching Gerald and the man fight.
  • Gerald yelps as the man's head collides with his nose.

<Gerald> "AH!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Gerald gets cracked in the face and drops his knife, stunned. The guard is immediately up and grabs the knife with his other hand.>

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs Gerald, and pulls him back. She unloads on the man at close range, a bit of anger in her eyes.
  • Gerald clutches his face.

<Samantha-Raelin> 16d6 Light Speed Luger, Mach 4!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Light Speed Luger, Mach 4!: 50 [16d6=5,4,1,3,2,4,4,2,6,2,1,5,1,2,2,6]
<Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 NO!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, NO!: 27 [8d6=2,1,6,1,5,5,4,3]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guard is no match for this barrage.>

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs Claudia by the hand. "We're getting out of here, now!"
  • Claudia blinks, moving in close to Samantha. "Mmmmkay, sugar…"
  • Samantha-Raelin heads for the backdoor of the building.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Samantha leads them into the back alleys of the building. Unfortunately, another group of guards waited for them. Suddenly, however…>

  • Gerald gets up and stumbles after Sam, still a bit dazed and keeping his hands to his face.
  • Agent_Strelnikov stays close behind Sam, covering Claudia with his body. Giggity.

<Samantha-Raelin> <…a group of drunk, Russian punks come from the shadows, armed with knives, and ready to take the guards on! It's the assholes from last night!>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards weren't quite expecting this. The drunken gang takes them by surprise and distracts their attention from you.>

  • Samantha-Raelin puts her arm around Claudia and the coat, and starts running in the opposite direction, towards the car. "Cmon, move!"
  • Gerald follows them, holding the knife and keeping one hand over his bleeding face.
  • Claudia runs with them, but doesn't really seem to be registering that they're in any danger, looking at Dmitri with a grin. "Hey, ruskie…"
  • Agent_Strelnikov pushes Claudia along and hops in the driver's seat.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets into the back seat with Claudia, and waits for Gerald to get in. "Drive, now!"
  • Gerald hops into the car.
  • Agent_Strelnikov floors it. The tires squeal and he pulls into traffic. A taxi beeps furiously at him but he just keeps going like a madman.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts to use a handkerchief to wipe the ink off of Claudia.
  • Claudia leans on Samantha in the backseat, still grinning until Sam literally wipes the smile off her face. "Ooh…getting a little touchy?"
  • Claudia teases, leaning in close to Sam .
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "You wish. Looks like they may have shot her up with something."
  • Gerald nods.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Gerald, how's the nose?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guards dispatch the drunks with relative ease, but by the time they're finished being accosted, our party of heroes has already fled the scene. One of them throws down his hat in disgust.>
<Gerald> "Er, I think it might be broken."
<Claudia> "Naaah…I'd feel it if they shot me up with something…." She purrs, shifting to nuzzle into Sam's shoulder and neck, before looking over at Gerald, reaching over to lightly touch his jaw. "Aww…pooor baby…"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "You can keeps this shank, Gerald. I make another one when we gets home."

  • Gerald nods.
  • Agent_Strelnikov hops back onto the highway. This day's excursion into town is over!
  • Samantha-Raelin hands him a wad of tissues. "Use these. Dmitri, drop me and Claudia off, and take Gerald to the hospital."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes ma'am."

  • Claudia sits up in the backseat, wriggling her way out of the coat Samantha put on her. "Aww…we gotta wait for the boys,then?"

<Claudia> "Then again, I'm not one for waiting."

  • Gerald grabs the tissues and holds them to his face.
  • Agent_Strelnikov makes it back to the cottage in record time. He hops out to open a door for Sam and Claudia.
  • Gerald moves to the passenger's seat when they get out.
  • Samantha-Raelin takes Claudia inside. "Cmon, let's get that crap washed off you."

<Claudia> "S'not so bad…better than some things I've had sprayed on me." She laughs, leaning heavily on Sam

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "You're going to have to tell me about it."

<Gerald> "So, where's the hospital around here?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov drives back into the suburbs and finds a small clinic. He decides this will do and pulls into the lot.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "This be fine."

  • Gerald makes sure not to bring the knife into the clinic as he gets out.

<Claudia> "Pff…you've got Gerald, I'm sure he could show you." She laughs again, leaning herhead against Sam's shoulder. "You know…you guys are good friends, coming for me like that…"

  • Agent_Strelnikov escorts Gerald inside and brings him to the counter.
  • Samantha-Raelin sits Claudia down in her room. "Hey, I was the one who put you in danger. I couldn't…you know, just let them take you."
  • Agent_Strelnikov points to his nose and says to the attendant. *"This man's nose is broken, he needs help."* She just looks at him, bored.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Alright. Sign here, here and here."*> Dmitri groans and fills out Gerald's paperwork.

  • Samantha-Raelin steps out, heading to the bathroom to run a bath for her.
  • Gerald looks around, trying not to bleed too badly.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <A doctor steps out, smoking a cigarette. He points to Gerald and waves him back as Dmitri continues to fill the papers.>
<Claudia> "Couldn't have been too bad…did you hear how much I was worth?" Claudia is quiet for a second, before starting to get her sneak on to come up behind Sam.

  • Gerald follows the doctor.

<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, INVISIBLE GLOMPHUGWHATEVER: 18 [6d6=4,5,2,3,1,3]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"What the hell happened to you? Get in a fight?"*>
<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 True grit
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, True grit: 25 [6d6=4,6,3,5,2,5]

  • Agent_Strelnikov suddenly realizes that Gerald speaks no Russian. He looks up at the girl and asks if he can follow him, but she orders him instead to take a seat in the waiting room.
  • Gerald says, in slightly broken Russian, *"Slipped, fell."*
  • Samantha-Raelin manages to notice her before she's able to sneak up on her, and turns, grabbing her shoulders.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"What, did your wife hit you?"* The doctor laughs.>

  • Claudia pauses, still leaning towards Sam with a sheepish chuckle. "…Eh-heh…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Walked into a doorknob I guess. Alright, sit down."*>

  • Gerald nods, and sits.
  • Samantha-Raelin leads her into the bathroom, and settles her into her bath, as she leaves to go change out of her dress which was once again stained in blood. At least not her blood this time.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The doctor looks Gerald over and pushes his head back. He looks up into Gerald's nose and forcibly swabs some of the blood out. This tickles like all hell!>

  • Samantha-Raelin heads into her room, and changes into some pajamas.
  • Gerald has been through this kind of procedure several times now, he knows the drill.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"It's not broken, just hit a blood vessel is all."* He pinches Gerald's nose and puts a bandage/brace device there to keep pressure on it. *"Just don't look down too much and you'll be fine."*>

  • Claudia splashes around in the bath a little until she's good and clear again, before getting up, leaving wet footprints after herself, digging something out of the suitcase in her room and striding back to the bathtub in better spirits.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The doctor offers Gerald a cigarette.>

  • Gerald shakes his head. "No thanks."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Come on now."*>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Fine then."* The doctor just sticks the cigarette in Gerald's lab coat.>

  • Samantha-Raelin returns, in her heart print pajamas, and notices the wet footsteps. "You know I'm going to have to wipe these up."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <Outside, Dmitri is showing off his teeth to some amused people in the waiting room. The doctor shows Gerald the way out.>

  • Gerald waves to Dmitri.
  • Claudia is moving around the bathroom, looking for something in her little bag of supplies. "It's water, it'll try…Sam, did you and Gerald bring any K-Y? I can't find mine…"
  • Agent_Strelnikov waves to Gerald and laughs at the bandage and gauze in his nose.
  • Agent_Strelnikov offers Gerald a cigarette, unaware that the doctor already did this.

<Samantha-Raelin> "What exactly are you doing?"

  • Gerald laughs as he steps back into the car with Dmitri, declining the cigarette.

<Gerald> "Not quite broken, as it turns out. Just a busted blood vessel."

  • Claudia waves something resting on the edge of the tub at Sam. You can only assume she's grinning, brandishing the artificial phallus like some sort of weapon. "…Nuttin'."
  • Agent_Strelnikov drives back to the cottage. It's uneventful aside from Dmitri almost running over a gypsy. "Goods, I am glad. You kill like the pro now, yes?"
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I'll see what I have in my bag."

<Gerald> "Heheh."
<Claudia> "You know…you're free to join me." Claudia chuckles gently.
<Claudia> "I dunno how long it'll take the boys to get back…"

  • Samantha-Raelin jokes. "I thought you weren't into that."
  • Agent_Strelnikov drives along, happy as can be, unaware of the events taking place at the cottage. Blissfully unaware.
  • Samantha-Raelin has her cosmetics case on the bathroom counter, searching through it.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "So asides from killing thing, how are you like Russia so far Gerald."
<Gerald> "I like it, it's a great place. Scenic, too."

  • Claudia shrugs. At least, she might, reaching over to lightly knead Sam's shoulder. "Mmm…depends on my mood, I guess. Something about being dragged off and stripped down. Or whatever they shot me up with, heee…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, very pretties. The girls seem to like it as well, makes me happies."

  • Samantha-Raelin pulls out a small, mostly depleted bottle of clear gel. She tosses it over. "Didn't think I still had this."
  • Gerald nods, quiet.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I hopes they are not getting into trouble."
<Gerald> "I think they drugged Claudia, though."

  • Claudia catches it, laughing lightly. "Pf…well, you certainly had enough jelly last night to make up for it."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, bastards. I am glad we kill them. She is in goods hands with Sam, though yes?"

  • Gerald nods again. "Definitely."

<Claudia> [Yes, good hands. Skilled and gentle, yet strong.]

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "It certainly was fun. I sort of feel bad for bringing Gerald along, while you and Dmitri have to settle for…creativity. Must be lonely without Karen around."
  • Agent_Strelnikov drives in silence for a bit, then suddenly wags a finger at Gerald and smiles. "That Claudia, though…."

<Claudia> "Ehh…he seems to be doing fine…just needed to clear his head." She giggles, and it's that 'I know something you don't' giggle.
<Gerald> "What about her?"

  • Samantha-Raelin shrugs it off. "I'll assume you'd like some privacy?"
  • Agent_Strelnikov chuckles. "Nothing, nothing."

<Gerald> "No, tell me, what's up?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "No!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Well."
<Claudia> "Aww, don't wanna stick around?" She twirls the sex toy like a baton. Oh god that's disturbing. "See? It's even double-ended…I get a lot of these as gifts."

  • Gerald narrows his eyes. "Tell me…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov , very quietly, "blblblbl."

<Claudia> "Sharing is caring, as they say."

  • Gerald pauses for a second, then his eyes widen. "Oh…."

<Gerald> "….."

  • Samantha-Raelin wonders who exactly is getting her these gifts. "I'll be in my room, if you need anything, or if those drugs cause any side-effects."

<Claudia> "Aww…" Claudia says, sounding pouty. "No fun…guess I'll have to try to sneak you and Gerald in for a sandwich later, eh?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov pulls into the driveway.

<Claudia> "Granted, he'd probably spontaniously combust."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "You know what, I'd probably better stay. In case whatever they shot you up with is as bad as I think."
  • Gerald gets out of the sedan and walks into the cottage. "We're back!" He yells.
  • Claudia claps her hands, setting the toy back on the sinktop for a moment. "Woo!"
  • Samantha-Raelin takes a seat on a chair in the bathroom, being decently spacious. "Could go into a coma, seizure…"
  • Claudia chuckles. "Well, I guess you'll have to keep a VERY close eye on me then. Figuratively, of course."

<Claudia> 6d6 Invisikiss MWAH
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, Invisikiss MWAH: 19 [6d6=4,2,5,1,6,1]

  • Samantha-Raelin hears them. "Looks like they're already back."

<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 True Grit
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, True Grit: 15 [6d6=2,1,3,3,1,5]

  • Samantha-Raelin gets caught this time, having trouble avoiding her sitting down.
  • Agent_Strelnikov walks in and sets his hat down next to the tin box he brought home.
  • Claudia lunges forwards, cupping Sam's jaw with her hands. "Mmmmhmmmm…oh, I guess they are."

<Claudia> "So much for girl time. HI BOYS." She shouts
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo!" He shouts back, having no idea of what is happening upstairs.

  • Gerald grabs a bottle of vodka and pours a glass. "Seems like she's upstairs."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. I go changes first."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins, yelling back to them. "We're upstairs. Don't come in the bathroom."
  • Agent_Strelnikov heads to his room and strips down to his boxers again.

<Gerald> "….wat."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia's taking a bath, I'm watching over her to make sure the drugs they shot her up with have no nasty side effects."

  • Claudia giggles lightly, muttering under her breath. "I might need a good check-over, too…"

<Gerald> " 'kay."

  • Agent_Strelnikov tromps upstairs in casual clothes.
  • Gerald is perfectly comfortable in his fancy lab coat, thank you very much.
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "You know, I can see why Gerald likes you."
  • Agent_Strelnikov leans into the bedroom awkwardly. "Is she ok?"

<Claudia> "OOh? It certainly isn't for my stunning looks."
<Samantha-Raelin> [Not in the bedroom.]
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Huh." He leans out of the bedroom and heads for the bathroom.
<Samantha-Raelin> "You're a fun, playful person, and that's probably what he needed."

  • Agent_Strelnikov leans into the bathroom awkwardly. "Is she-….."
  • Agent_Strelnikov darts back out. "SORRIES. Sorries."

<Claudia> "Heh…hey, the poor guy needed some fun…."
<Samantha-Raelin> "You can say that. Poor thing was getting set on fire or nearly killed every other day."

  • Claudia laughs at Dmitri's reaction. "…Nothing to cure a case of bad luck."
  • Agent_Strelnikov stands in the hallway, blushing like hell.
  • Gerald takes a drink, unaware of what's going on upstairs.
  • Samantha-Raelin nods. "You've got a bit of ink still on your forehead."
  • Agent_Strelnikov leans in again, very slowly.

<Claudia> "Cept for…how does the Russian say it? A bit of beakwetting. Haaha…" Claudia reaching up trying to wipe the ink off.
<Claudia> "Hrmn…stupid ink…"

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "He has a way with words. Not quite a way with sneaking around, though. Right, Dmitri?"
  • Claudia laughs, brandishing the sex toy towards the door. "Don't be shy, now."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov withdraws a bit.
  • Agent_Strelnikov is very intimidated.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…uh….um…"
<Claudia> "Aww, don't be shy, now…"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov peeks inside with one eye.
  • Samantha-Raelin shuts the door with her foot.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Ow!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov backs into the hallway and holds his eye.
  • Agent_Strelnikov misses all the fun things.
  • Gerald is downstairs. He wonders if he should show Sam and Claudia how his nose is doing.
  • Agent_Strelnikov puts his ear to the door.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. She starts to get undressed, the steam from the hot bath making the pajamas a bit uncomfortable. "So, any negative side effects?"

<Claudia> "No negative ones so far…" She chuckles. "Just the good ones…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Still not sure what they could have used. Could have been a standard heroin shootup, like the Bosnian groups like to use."

  • Agent_Strelnikov growls. Bosnians.

<Samantha-Raelin> "But you don't seem to be exhibiting those symptoms, so I'm guessing it's something MCaD cooked up, bastards."
<Claudia> "Nah, nah…doesn't feel like smack…feels like, mmm…" She dips a foot back into the bathtub, chuckling. "Like being drunk, but still very, very aware."
<Claudia> "Little warm, though."

  • Gerald decides to get a snack.
  • Agent_Strelnikov stays by the door, trying to listen.
  • Gerald rummages through the pantry, and makes himself a sandwich.
  • Samantha-Raelin thinks this over. "…oh. Okay, that explains things."

<Claudia> "I wanna say like…an afro…whatever. That stuff. You know. Rights sometimes bakes it into muffins."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Yes…aphrodisiac."
<Claudia> "Mmmhm. Sexyjuice."
<Claudia> "Close enough."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Judging by the symptoms, you're going through the easy bit of it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Probably a mix of them. First ones are quick acting, and the others are time release."
<Claudia> "Bout as easy as it gets…mm…so I can't just get it over with all at once/"

  • Gerald eats his sandwich. Mmmm.
  • Agent_Strelnikov presses his ear to the door some more. It begins creaking.

<Claudia> "…He's not terribly subtle,is he?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Nope, something that by the time they got you back to their mansion, you'd be all ready for the rich asshole who bought you. And no, subtle doesn't define Dmitri well."

  • Agent_Strelnikov thinks he is pretty subtle.
  • Samantha-Raelin locks the door, then pounds very loudly on her side.
  • Agent_Strelnikov jumps back, startled.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "I heard him jump!"
  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and heads downstairs.
  • Gerald subtly drinks his drink some more.
  • Agent_Strelnikov walks into the kitchen and fixes himself a sandwich. He puts a kettle of water on the stove as well and begins brewing tea.

<Claudia> "Aww…well, the poor guy needs to get his kicks somewhere…" She chuckles. "Mm…You know, a rich asshole wouldn't be so bad…screw him senseless, go through his stuff, escape into the night. Works in theory, anwyays.
<Claudia> "
<Samantha-Raelin> "Those guys have more security than morals, usually."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Especially when they bring an invisible girl home."
<Claudia> "So long as they didn't have dogs…"
<Claudia> "Animals don't react well to something they can hear and smell, but not see."
<Samantha-Raelin> "By the way…can I ask you a favor, and keep this secret when we get back? If command finds out I nearly lost you, they'll kill me. Possibly literally."
<Claudia> "Pff, no problem…anything for a friend." She leans in close, so close her breath can be felt on Sam's face. "…and I mean /anything/."

  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down and nibbles on the sandwich, still flushed red.

<Gerald> "How are they, Dmitri?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh..uh….um……er….'
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…fine."

  • Gerald nods. "Good."
  • Samantha-Raelin feels just a bit uncomfortable. "Why don't you get back to your bath, relax a little?'
  • Claudia sighs lightly. "Aww…alright…" She slides into the bathtub. The water doesn't help much, instead it just gives away the shape of her body, adding form. She's also still carrying the toy with her.

<Claudia> "Big tub, though…sure you don't wanna try to squeeze in here?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "B-better to observe you from here, I think."
<Claudia> "Mmhm…never figured you for the voyeuristic type."

  • Gerald decides to head to the room upstairs and change into pajamas.
  • Claudia [[REDACTED]]’s
  • Agent_Strelnikov pours himself some tea and sits down again at the table. He stares out the window, deep in thought.
  • Samantha-Raelin maybe even blushes a little. "Haha…right."
  • Gerald is wearing his lab coat…over his blue pajamas? What the hell?

<Claudia> "I'm just sayin'…Mmmn…"
<Claudia> *Presume for Redacted Material*

  • Agent_Strelnikov wishes Karen was here.
  • Samantha-Raelin attempts to avert her eyes, but it's definitely an interesting sight.

<Claudia> Now you see it, now you don't! MAGIC or perhaps just weirdness.

  • Gerald finds a couch and lies down in it, sighing from comfort.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks over to Gerald. "Tea?"

<Gerald> "No thanks. Any coffee?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I did not makes any, no."
<Gerald> "Is there a coffee maker around here?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "…you know, once we can reclassify you as safe, we may have no reason to contain you at all."

  • Gerald gets up and finds the coffee machine.

<Samantha-Raelin> "After all, you present very little existential threat to humanity, if any at all."
<Claudia> "Mm…you know, re-integrating into normal life probably wouldn't work very well though…"

  • Gerald makes some fucking coffee.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sips his tea quietly and stares distantly out the window.

<Claudia> "…unless I'm willing to paint myself up every day, well…I'm stuck with the Foundation."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I doubt that will happen, considering what you know."
<Samantha-Raelin> "But, you'd be more like Lurk."
<Claudia> "The lizard-guy? Eh…maybe." She sighs and grins. "That reminds me…do I get bonus points for helping to deplete Marshall Whatevers and Dorks of some stock?" She trails off, leaving the meaning to that a little ambiguous
<Claudia> "Or at least a reward?"
<Claudia> "Treats work for the lizard…"

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "Maybe, although they're probably going to be mad when they learn I didn't actually pay for that gun."
  • Gerald sips his coffee. "Ahhhhh…."
  • Samantha-Raelin smirks. "Treats? What did you have in mind?"

<Claudia> "Mmm…can I get aother kiss?" She leans up on the edge of the tub. "…S'boring to keep secrets, but you don't give 'em away for free."

  • Agent_Strelnikov stays quiet, looking outside. He looks very distant and engrossed in whatever he is thinking about.

<Gerald> "Watcha thinking about, Dmitri?"

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Fine. A kiss."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm? Oh."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Just remembering things."

  • Claudia leans up from the tub. "Mmm…kiss first, then secrets…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Being back, it brings up many memory."
<Gerald> "What things?" He seems quite relaxed, lying in the couch, drinking his coffee.

  • Samantha-Raelin leans over, and kisses her.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Just, small things. The way she would stand at the stove and cook breakfast, or the way she whispered in my ears when we make love. Small things, Gerald."
<Gerald> "Oh…"

  • Claudia kisses Samantha back heatedly, with a small, happy moan. She doesn't end the kiss. No sense wasting opportunity. "Mmmmnnn…"
  • Gerald leans back, and looks over. "Hey Dmitri, do you have any family?"
  • Samantha-Raelin pulls back. "Now, spill it."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Parents. Same boat as Eva, though."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I feels better now, though. You know?"
<Gerald> "Ah." He nods, sipping his coffee.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I thinks she has move on from me. It make me sad, but…I am happy that she is happy."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "A lot of pain comes from not knowing. Now, I know a bit more."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "It would have been worse for me if she had still been there, waiting for me."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I…I don't think I could have left."
<Gerald> "I see."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "But I feel like the weight is lifted from my shoulders, yes? At least a little bit."

  • Gerald nods. "Guess I'm lucky I get to talk to my family a couple times a year, I guess."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "My father was army, like me. He made me enlist."
<Gerald> "Oh."

  • Claudia sighs. "Fine, fine…" She says…before coughing raggedly. As if by magic, a large odd-looking coin appears. "Blech, ugh."
  • Samantha-Raelin looks at the coin. "Um…"

<Gerald> "My parents were, let's see…father was an architect, actually."
<Claudia> "…In theory, maybe I shouldn’t have swallowed something from a room full of SCPs."
<Samantha-Raelin> "From the auction?"
<Claudia> "It was this or the ring when they weren't looking. And the ring had pointy bits…not the worst thing I've swallowed, though." She giggles a little, holding it out.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Your mother, Gerald?"
<Gerald> "Er…an engineer."
<Claudia> "Hasn't killed me yet. That's good, right?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Really?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "My mother was housewife."

  • Samantha-Raelin takes it, washes it off in the sink, and looks it over. "What is it?"

<Gerald> "They met working on this big building project, actually."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "That is very romantic."

<Samantha-Raelin> "We arrived late, so I didn't get the description on this."

  • Gerald smiles.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I can't remember last time I saw my parents."
<Claudia> "Coin. Didn't read the card by it." It's simple silver, rather heavy for its size, one side engraved with a tree in full leafing, edged with flowers in excruciating detail. The other side's got an image of dead vines and a skeletal tree. "Hrk…hold on, lemme try to get this up too…"

  • Claudia starts coughing lightly again.

<Gerald> "And my sister's a botanist now."

  • Samantha-Raelin sets the coin aside for now. "That's a hell of a trick, you know."

<Claudia> "Thanks-ggk!" A little plastic container fell from her mouth into visibility. "…Took me a long time to figure out. I still sometimes choke on stuff, or accidentally eat it…"

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "What's this, now?"

<Claudia> "Beats me."

  • Agent_Strelnikov reaches over and picks up the tin box, leafing through it. He pulls out a few photos and looks at them.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks over at the door. "I wonder how the boys are doing."

<Claudia> <The box seems to be in a different order than it was yesterday. But unless he's really paying attention, he wouldn't notice.>
<Gerald> "So, what kind of pictures are those?"
<Claudia> "…But tasted good." She holds it up. "They gave me some. I think they're breath mints. They taste like cherry. The guy was a little pissed off when I bit his hand and swallowed the bottle."
<Claudia> "Eh, they're boys."

  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't notice. "Pictures of us."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "She leave them, for me."
<Gerald> "I see."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Breath mints?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Your breath probably still smelled like alcohol."
<Claudia> "Or something. Tasted like Ludens."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shows Gerald one of them. It's Dmitri and Eva, sitting on a swingset by the canal they visited yesterday. It looks to be in much better shape in the photo.

<Gerald> "Oh, I wondered why we drove by that.”
<Claudia> "Or paint…I can't believe they scrubbed that off my teeth."
<Samantha-Raelin> "But, back to the other question, what kind of 'treats'?"
<Claudia> "Hehe…I'm a simple girl, Sam."
<Gerald> "Er, hang on a second." He fumbles around his lab coat, and pulls out his wallet.

  • Gerald pulls a small picture out of his wallet, and hands it to Dmitri.
  • Agent_Strelnikov holds it delicately between two fingers and looks at it.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. She moves her chair over to the side of the tub. "I hope you don't mean a sexual relationship with Rights, because I think he might bite you if you try."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Your parents, Gerald?"
<Gerald> It's a picture of a tall woman smiling on a beach. She's wearing jeans and a white cotton shirt. The resemblance between her and Gerald is unmistakable.

  • Gerald smiles. "Sister."
  • Agent_Strelnikov feels stupid, but smiles at her.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "She is look just like you. Except not on fire as much."
<Gerald> "Ha. Ha. Ha."
<Claudia> "Hah….nah, Rights is nice and all, but not what I'm looking for. She spends too much time being all…motherly. And I'm sure that's great for her pet Lizard, but…"
<Claudia> "Mm…I'm no pet."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. The photo DOES have a lack of fire. He hands it back to Gerald.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh, I'm sure."

  • Gerald puts it in his wallet and drops it back into one of the pockets of his coat.

<Claudia> "…granted, the other perks that Rights tends to give help too…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Then what do you want?"
<Gerald> "I wonder how Claudia and Sam are doing…."
<Claudia> "…Something reliable."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I am sures they are wet b-….I am sures they are fine."
<Gerald> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov blushes and looks away.
  • Gerald quietly drinks some coffee.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "You are a lucky man, Gerald."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Ms. Raelin is a very fine woman."

  • Gerald nods. "You can say that again. She's amazing."
  • Gerald smiles warmly.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I am happies for you, very much."

  • Samantha-Raelin isn't exactly sure, but takes a stab at it. "Hey, once we get you out of that containment, I'm sure some guy will be glad to have you."

<Claudia> "Maybe…mmm…a nice steady guy would be nice."
<Gerald> "Thanks, Dmitri. That means a lot to me."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles and sips his tea. "And to think I only suggest this as joke at first."

<Claudia> "I need someone with the sociability and niceness of Gerald, and Iceberg's ability to be a freak."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Have anyone in mind?"
  • Gerald laughs.

<Claudia> "Oh, always got a few. But they tend to be of the…taken, variety."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Like Gerald."
<Claudia> "Or Dmitri." She sighs happily.
<Gerald> "Truthfully? I was considering asking her before. One of the reasons I requested Kon to let her go."

  • Agent_Strelnikov drums his fingers idly. "Oh? Good for you. I am happies you did it."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I myself do not have the nerve to do such things."

  • Gerald nods, drinking more of his coffee.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I wonder what's up with him and Break, sometimes."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Heh. Karen, she scares the shits out of me."

  • Gerald raises an eyebrow. "Really? She's a bit intimidating, but I like her."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I am always intimidate by women. I think I remember my mother too much."
<Gerald> "I guess after going through life dealing with one horrific injury after another, you tend not to worry about them after a while."

  • Claudia is fiddling with the plastic container, before chuckling. "Wanna know what I think about those two?"
  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "I just was afraid to talk to her."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Shoot."
<Claudia> "It'll cost you another kiss."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I still am. So much I would like to tell her, but I just cannot do this."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Greedy, aren't we?"

<Gerald> "You should try. What's the worst that could happen?"
<Claudia> "It's the only way to be, for me. Hehe." The container rattles as she sets it down.

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "I always end up saying the wrong thing."

<Gerald> "Like what?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Eh. She is too much like me for her own good. Every time I try to give advice she tells me something and I feel stupid."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs, and leans over for another kiss.
  • Claudia leans over to give Samantha another firm, passionate kiss…sliding something strongly cherry-flavored into her mouth as she does so. Mm, nummy. Wait.
  • Samantha-Raelin tastes them immediately, but ends up swallowing whatever it was before she could break away from the kiss. "What…were those?"

<Claudia> "…Nuttin'." Claudia says with a little musical air to her voice, going back to her bath. "Breathmints."

  • Agent_Strelnikov goes quiet and drums his fingers on the cup of tea.
  • Samantha-Raelin tastes them. They were very obviously coated with something else, but there was definitely something…suspect. "Oh…crap, you didn't just…"
  • Agent_Strelnikov picks up the engagement ring from the tin box and holds it in his hands.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Were those…the…"

  • Claudia sinks into the bath a bit. "…S'not fair that I gotta be bored."
  • Agent_Strelnikov supports his head with a hand and looks down at the ring.
  • Claudia chuckles darkly.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks at her a little shocked. "Do you have any idea of the significance of what you just did?"

<Claudia> "MMaybe." She has a tone like a child who just got away with something against the rules. "…As I was saying, I think Break and Dmitri either need to cut each other some slack, or start REALLY getting active pursuing each other. Break's like…she doesn't even know how to be forwards. And Dmitri's too much of a gentleman to do anything with it. Mind you…one HELL of a gentleman. Rrwor."

  • Claudia is very observant.

<Samantha-Raelin> "What do you mean by that?"

  • Claudia smirks. "You're smart, figure it out."
  • Claudia makes a little 'blblblbl' noise
  • Samantha-Raelin starts to get her clothes on again, not bothering to button her top as she unlocks and opens the bathroom door. "Never mind, forget I asked. I'm going back to my room, and wait out the effects."

<Claudia> "Aww!"

  • Claudia pouts, looking after her. "…Try not to injure Gerald too much!"
  • Samantha-Raelin knows that being in the same room as Claudia with those drugs in her system would be bad news.
  • Agent_Strelnikov turns the ring over and over in his hand, remembering what Break told him.
  • Samantha-Raelin finds her way back to her room, and lays out on the bed. She'd just wait for Gerald. That's all.
  • Claudia muses over something for a moment, before getting out with a splash, starting to towel off.
  • Samantha-Raelin stares up at the ceiling. She could feel the starter taking effect, making her head spin.
  • Agent_Strelnikov wonders what she's doing up at the quarantine, hoping she's all right. He gets the distinct feeling that she probably doesn't even miss him, and the thought is absolutely heartwrenching.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sets the ring back in the box. He thinks for a moment, then tugs his own ring. After some struggling, the ring comes free and he sets it in the box as well.
  • Samantha-Raelin sighs. The night had only begun, and she'd shot nearly 5 or 6 people to death. It wasn't a way to live, especially on vacation.
  • Claudia creeps her way into Sam and Gerald's room, quiet as a church mouse…it'd only be a matter of time before Gerald came up. She grinned. This could be fun…if only there was some way to get the Russian in here too…
  • Agent_Strelnikov contemplates having a drink, but decides not to.

<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 True Grit
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, True Grit: 21 [6d6=4,1,3,3,6,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> [For detecting Claudia.]
<Claudia> 6d6 Invisible Sneakings!
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, Invisible Sneakings!: 19 [6d6=2,4,4,2,4,3]

  • Samantha-Raelin looks around, thinking she heard something. Or an invisible someone.

<Samantha-Raelin> "…Claudia?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov sits at the table in a sullen mood, unaware of the potential beak-wetting opportunities upstairs.
  • Claudia holds her breath best she can. Now if she can just hold off long enough…
  • Samantha-Raelin looks around, her hands moving around her to try and get her. "Come on, no reason to hide. Or be naked in my room without telling me."
  • Claudia giggles a little as Sam lands a hand on her. "Mm…I figured you might be a little more peeved. Heh…"

<Samantha-Raelin> "I-I just don't want you sneaking around. Not while you…well, while we have that stuff in our systems."
<Claudia> "Hehe…if I wanted to cause havoc, I'd have gone downstairs…"

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and holds his head in both hands.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sure does have mood swings.

<Claudia> "Seems like a good idea now, though…unless you can find some way to keep here…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "What…what do you mean?"
<Claudia> "..You're a smart girl…figure it out."
<Gerald> "Eh, better check on how Sam and Claudia are doing."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yeah." He keeps holding his head in both hands.

  • Gerald gets up, and sets he coffee down. He's wearing blue lounge pants, a loose blue pajama top, and a lap coat. Seriously.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Outside, the hum of trucks on the horizon is faint.>

  • Gerald walks upstairs. Bathroom door's open, so he walks to his and Sam's room. He knocks.
  • Samantha-Raelin is just a little bit occupied right now.

<Gerald> "Hello?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh…damn, should we let him in?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov stays at the table, wallowing in his own depression.

<Gerald> [Emo Russian is Emo.]
<Claudia> "Mmn…might as well."
<Agent_Strelnikov> [ Hey look here kid ]
<Claudia> "The more, the merrier."
<Agent_Strelnikov> [ I'll kick your ass ]
<Claudia> [I think Dmitri just needs more motorboat]
<Samantha-Raelin> "Come in~"
<Agent_Strelnikov> [Probably]

  • Gerald opens the door and steps in, smiling. He looks around, smiling.

<Gerald> "Er, hello?"
<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald walks in on a naked Sam and Claudia. They're not playing cards.>
<Gerald> "…."
<Claudia> "hey cutie."

  • Gerald has gone from white to crimson in about half a second.
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles warmly. "Oh, look at that. He's so cute when he's red."

<Gerald> "Er…."
<Claudia> "Aww, I know…"

  • Gerald 's jaw is kind of on the floor at the moment.

<Gerald> "Wha?"
<Claudia> "Hehe…he's the same color as that strawberry jam…"

  • Samantha-Raelin moves over to the edge of the bed, and grabs Gerald by the belt loops. "Mmm, cmon."
  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up and tries walking around downstairs, hands clasped behind his back. He tries to ignore whatever noises escape from upstairs.

<Gerald> "Mind if I ask what's going on here?"

  • Claudia does the same, tugging Gerald towards the bed via his shirt. "You're a doctor, right?"

<Claudia> "You can figure it out."
<Gerald> "Er."

  • Samantha-Raelin isn't much for explanations right now. "Gerald, get those clothes off, or I'll do it for you."

<Gerald> "….Alright, what's really going on here?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks out one of the picture windows, lighting a cigarette and staring at the horizon.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Claudia slipped me whatever they gave her back at the auction."

<Gerald> "….Oh, hell."
<Claudia> "I'd say it was an accident, but I think I've done enough lying for today. Hehee."
<Samantha-Raelin> <As you look outside, those trucks you may have heard earlier are getting a little…louder. Lights appear on the horizon.>

  • Gerald appears to be in a state of shock.
  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. Trucks aren't uncommon.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia, get the door. Make sure he's not going through it."

  • Claudia does as she's told quickly, shutting the door and skipping back up to Gerald, cooing in his ear. "…C'mon, now, don't be shy."

<Gerald> "Oh, I see it now. I was talking to Dmitri and dozed off on the couch."
<Claudia> "Whatever fantasy makes you happy."

  • Gerald stumbles a bit as Claudia pulls him over to the bed.
  • Samantha-Raelin advances on him, getting up from the bed, putting her arm around his neck. She kisses him on the cheek.
  • Claudia kisses him on the other cheek.
  • Agent_Strelnikov takes a drag from his cigarette, then pulls it from his mouth and twirls it idly. Something's not right here.
  • Agent_Strelnikov stalks around the lower floor, wondering what the fuck is wrong with this picture.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The lights from the trucks seem to get closer.>

  • Gerald is so shocked, he sits abruptly on the bed.
  • Agent_Strelnikov can't figure out why, but his hand starts shaking. Something isn't right.

<Samantha-Raelin> <As they advance, they turn at about 500 meters.>

  • Samantha-Raelin starts removing his shirt and lab coat. He won't need them.
  • Claudia starts undoing his belt, making herself helpful.
  • Agent_Strelnikov peers outside, and turns off the lights on the lower floor out of instinct. He isn't sure why.

<Samantha-Raelin> <You can hear people yelling in the distance.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Gerald." He turns around, remembering that Gerald went upstairs.

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks back to the window.
  • Samantha-Raelin discards the shirt and coat, throwing it off with abandon and stroking his chest. "How about this for a dream, hmm?"

<Samantha-Raelin> "A bit naughty for a dream, imagining Claudia here."
<Samantha-Raelin> <The trucks have disappeared from your view, circling around the side of the house. The hum of the engines stop. Then one starts up again.>
<Gerald> "Best…vacation…ever…" He mumbles.
<Claudia> "I always figured dreams were supposed to be naughty, though…which makes this one hell of a dream."
<Samantha-Raelin> 1d20 Wartrukk
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Wartrukk: 17 [1d20=17]

  • Gerald has started to get whatever was given to Claudia and Sam into his system, methinks.
  • Agent_Strelnikov 's hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Suddenly, Strelnikov's room explodes in a cascade of dust, smoke, and wood splinters!>
<Samantha-Raelin> <A truck has driven through the walls, destroying the room almost entirely! Through the hole, and through the front and back entrances, soldiers begin to advance!>
<Samantha-Raelin> <CHECHENS.>
<Gerald> [D:]
<Claudia> [OH SHIT SON]

  • Agent_Strelnikov draws his pistol from a concealed waist holster and stands up from the couch he dove behind.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Oh god not again no
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Oh god not again no: 30 [7d6=5,4,2,4,6,4,5]

  • Samantha-Raelin looks up immediately. "Wha..what the hell?"

<Gerald> "Huh?"
<Claudia> "What was that?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov begins firing immediately.
  • Samantha-Raelin hears the gunfire. "Dmitri!"

<Gerald> "Fuck!"
<Samantha-Raelin> <Dmitri's gunfire takes out several of the soldiers. They return fire.>
<Claudia> "Shit!"
<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 Chechen Assault!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Chechen Assault!: 17 [6d6=1,2,6,1,6,1]
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Oh shit look out
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Oh shit look out: 19 [7d6=4,3,3,2,1,3,3]

  • Samantha-Raelin gets off of Gerald, and despite various urges, grabs her big coat, throws it on alone, and grabs the luger.
  • Samantha-Raelin then realizes her luger is in the box, under the bed. Shit! The Glock will do.
  • Agent_Strelnikov dodges out of the way just in time.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads downstairs, into the gunfight.
  • Gerald fumbles around with his pants, and gets his shirt/lab coat back on, grabbing the knife in the pocket.
  • Agent_Strelnikov scampers off to the kitchen.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Dmitri!"

  • Gerald runs downstairs behind her.

<Samantha-Raelin> 9d6 Guns!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Guns!: 30 [9d6=2,5,1,5,5,3,1,6,2]

  • Agent_Strelnikov grabs a kitchen knife and turns around to face the Chechen scum.
  • Claudia feels very out-of-place in the fight, buck naked and…actually, invisibility wasn't too bad here.

<Gerald> 5d6 Get around them, then stab!
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Get around them, then stab!: 16 [5d6=3,3,1,5,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Samantha manages to take out several more.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Lunge, slit their throats. Very businesslike.
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Lunge, slit their throats. Very businesslike.: 26 [7d6=4,5,1,3,6,3,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald manages to catch one unaware, while Strelnikov takes out two.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov slices in a broad swath, cutting the throats out of two Chechens. He raises his pistol and fires at another.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Why here, why now
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Why here, why now: 26 [7d6=3,3,4,4,3,5,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <The Chechens return fire on Gerald, Strelnikov, and Samantha>
<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 Chechen businessmen!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Chechen businessmen!: 17 [6d6=5,2,2,5,2,1]

  • Gerald jumps behind a counter in the kitchen.

<Gerald> 5d6 Cover
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Cover: 17 [5d6=4,2,3,3,5]
<Samantha-Raelin> 6d6 True Grit
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, True Grit: 16 [6d6=2,3,2,5,2,2]
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Cover

  • Claudia hides upstairs. AHH GUNS.

<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Cover: 24 [7d6=3,4,2,4,4,6,1]

  • Samantha-Raelin manages to avoid a hit, but a piece of shot up wood clonks her. "Ow!"

<Samantha-Raelin> <Strelnikov takes out two more. The Chechens are thinking of a retreat.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov reaches down and grabs a weapon from one of the Chechen bodies.
  • Gerald attempts to stab another.

<Gerald> 5d6 Stab?
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Stab?: 16 [5d6=5,4,1,2,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald catches one more unawares.>

  • Samantha-Raelin returns fire!

<Samantha-Raelin> 9d6 Guns!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Guns!: 39 [9d6=2,6,5,4,6,3,3,6,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Samantha takes out 4. They start to retreat back to the trucks.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov steps outside and levels the AK he snatched up.

<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Shoot them in the back.
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Shoot them in the back.: 22 [7d6=1,1,2,2,6,5,5]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Strelnikov takes out a few more stragglers. Not many left.>

  • Gerald runs after them, trying to stab another.

<Gerald> 5d6 Fuck you, I was going to have a threesome.
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Fuck you, I was going to have a threesome.: 18 [5d6=6,1,4,5,2]

  • Samantha-Raelin rushes up, the coat doing a poor job of covering her as she moves, and fires.
  • Agent_Strelnikov follows them at a walking pace, carrying the AK in one hand and a knife in the other.

<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 Pump Shotgun!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Pump Shotgun!: 38 [12d6=1,3,2,4,4,1,4,6,2,4,4,3]
<Samantha-Raelin> <Their retreat fails, as the remaining Chechens are gunned down.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov stops over the body of a bleeding Chechen, who still happens to be alive.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Team Red Dawn Wins! You Got: 17 AK-47s, 6 trucks, 17 dead Chechens.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov twitches and begins bashing him in the face repeatedly with the buttstock of the AK. Blood and bits of flesh fly all over him.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Make that 18 dead Chechens>

  • Agent_Strelnikov is showing no signs of stopping.
  • Gerald checks around the trucks for anything of interest.

<Claudia> "…Can I come down now? Are people done shooting?"
<Gerald> "Okay, what the hell just happened?"

  • Samantha-Raelin sighs, looking a little tired from that. She also notices that she's barely dressed. "Chechens, Claudia."
  • Agent_Strelnikov continues clubbing the body. The face is just a bloody, featureless pulp now.

<Samantha-Raelin> "They're all dead, don't worry."

  • Claudia can be heard tromping down the stairs. IN a few moments there's a splash near one of the bodies, and her tracks are marked in red footprints. "Oh, ew, ew, icky, blood, ew."

<Gerald> "Careful, Claudia."

  • Samantha-Raelin has a bit of blood on her too. God dammit.

<Claudia> "…IS Dmitri okay?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up and kicks the body in the side, then moves to another one.

<Samantha-Raelin> "He's…working out some issues."
<Claudia> "I don't think he's realized that one's dead…oh, wait, I think he's done."
<Claudia> "Oh."
<Gerald> "He's fine."
<Claudia> "Okay."

  • Agent_Strelnikov begins kicking the shit out of it, despite the fact he's wearing his shoes and not jackboots.
  • Samantha-Raelin stores her gun in her coat, and heads back upstairs.

<Gerald> "Think this might have to do with the auction?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov is mumbling incoherently.

<Claudia> "I dunno."

  • Samantha-Raelin removes her coat in her room, and heads back to her room. Could she please go half a day without having to shoot someone in the head?

<Claudia> "What're Chechens?"

  • Claudia follows after Sam.

<Gerald> "Er."

  • Agent_Strelnikov twitches and throws the AK away into the field. He begins dragging bodies to the trucks.
  • Samantha-Raelin lays out on the bed. She was still quite under the effect.

<Gerald> "Er, need any help?"

  • Gerald looks torn.
  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't really hear Gerald. He keeps dragging bodies away, acting much like a madman.
  • Gerald slowly backs into the cottage, a bit frightened.
  • Gerald walks up back to their room. "Wow. Wonder what happened there."
  • Samantha-Raelin sighs. "Why do I have to be so good at killing people, Gerald?"
  • Claudia flops on the bed next to Sam. "…Everybody needs a talent."
  • Agent_Strelnikov rips the sleeve from one of the Chechens and walks around the truck. He stuffs it into the petrol tank and lights one end of it.
  • Gerald shrugs and sits down next to Sam. "Well….you could blame Kon."
  • Samantha-Raelin looks a little down. "I would, but it wouldn't do any good."

<Agent_Strelnikov> The flames finally reach the petrol tank, causing the truck and the bodies to subsequently erupt in flame. Dmitri stands in front of the blaze, watching.
<Samantha-Raelin> "I just wanted to enjoy a trip with my friend, my boyfriend, and my superior officer. Can't I have that?"

  • Gerald shakes his head. "You know, Dr. Bright once taught me that sometimes it's really necessary to kill. Especially considering where we work."

<Gerald> "But I know what you mean."

  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down in the field, silhouetted by the flames.

<Claudia> "…Do you guys smell something burning?"

  • Samantha-Raelin shrugs. "Help me get his pants off again."
  • Gerald lies on the bed, hands behind his head. "Not too late, you know."

<Gerald> "There's sti-what."
<Claudia> "Let’s turn this vacation for the better."

  • Claudia isn't going to argue with this change of plans.

<Gerald> "Erp."

  • Claudia also wonders if post-nookie smores could be in order, if the truck is still burning then?
  • Samantha-Raelin thinks the same thing, but hotdogs!
  • Gerald really only has one thing on his mind. Some three, eh?

<Gerald> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov finds it symbolic of his life that nobody bothers to check on him as he mutilates and burns the corpses of his would-be assailants.
  • Samantha-Raelin has his pants down. Commence fade-to-black!

<Samantha-Raelin> <Time passes…>
<Agent_Strelnikov> The truck is a smoldering wreck, and Dmitri appears to have fallen asleep laying on his back outside.
<Gerald> "….."

  • Samantha-Raelin seems to have gotten the drugs out of her system, and is back in her pajamas, leaving the room, cigarette in her mouth. She heads downstairs to find Dmitri.
  • Claudia is smoking as well. She heads downstairs to find drinks and possibly a snack.
  • Agent_Strelnikov actually isn't asleep. He's just laying on his back staring at the embers as they fly.
  • Samantha-Raelin finds him out there, laying out in the wrecks, and taps him on the shoulder to wake him up. "Up, ruskie."
  • Samantha-Raelin hands him a cigarette, and a lighter. It's a very nice Russian brand.
  • Gerald stays in bed for a couple more minutes, but decides to get up and head downstairs. After getting his pajamas/ lab coat on, of course.
  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up slowly, covered in blood, dirt, ash and occasional bits of flesh and human hair.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Let's get back inside. A drink'll do you some good."

  • Claudia is staying naked. Clothes are for SUCKERS. Also, it's much more fun to just be a floating cigarette.
  • Gerald is sitting in the living room, drinking some coffee.
  • Samantha-Raelin puts her arm around his shoulder, leading him in.

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"No drink. Not now."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov shakes his head quickly, trying to let some sense return. *"…Well. Alright."*
  • Gerald looks down as his phone rings.

<Gerald> "Huh." He picks it up.
<Samantha-Raelin> *"That sounds more like the Dmitri I know."
<Samantha-Raelin> *
<Gerald> "Hello?"
<Iceberg> "Hey Gerald, buddy, what's up?"

  • Claudia has poured herself a cup of coffee. It is approximately half coffee, half vodka. No sense skimping

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I am a beast, a monster, Sam."*

  • Gerald sighs. "Ice, what do you want?"

<Iceberg> "What, a guy can't call his friend on vacation to see how he's doing?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"Sometimes I think Lurker is more human than me."*

  • Claudia looks up at Gerald. "Ice?"

<Samantha-Raelin> *
<Gerald> "Okay, we've been gone for only two days, you wouldn't call unless there was something."
<Iceberg> "….. That hurts. I just want to see how you four are doing."
<Iceberg> "Also, who you four are doing, but that's another matter."
<Iceberg> "Doing, in the sense of, well. You know what I mean, eh man?"

  • Gerald nods to Claudia.

<Samantha-Raelin> *"You just get caught up in it, Ruskie. A lot of soldiers do."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"You don't know. I've only told Agatha."*
<Samantha-Raelin> *"What don't I know?"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"…Lots."*
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Because if I'm going to be in your squad, I'd like to know."*

  • Gerald facepalms with one hand. "…..Yes, it was fairly obvious."

<Iceberg> "Right…… well, come on, how's the trip?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sits down at the table. *"Get a drink."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"…Let me clean up first."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov stands and walks towards his room only to realize that it's a wreck. He sighs and walks upstairs to take a shower.

<Gerald> "We've been having fun, I guess. Went dancing. Saw an auction. The food here is good."
<Iceberg> "Really? Never had a taste from Russian food myself. Sounds fun, didn't know you had enough money for an auction. So, how many people ya killed?"
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Sure thing…sir."*

  • Samantha-Raelin heads over to grab a bottle of vodka from the stores, and several glasses. She pours them tall.

<Gerald> "….What?"
<Iceberg> "…. Is that a tone that….. you've actually killed people?"
<Iceberg> "I was joking."

  • Claudia leans over to Gerald, talking loudly into the phone so Ice can hear her. "HI ICE."
  • Agent_Strelnikov is kind of mortified to get in the shower after remembering what Claudia was doing. But he mans the fuck up.

<Claudia> "HIIII."
<Iceberg> "HI CLAUDIA!"

  • Gerald sighs.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks over to Claudia and Gerald. "Either of you up for a drink?"
  • Claudia holds up her coffee "Fifty-fifty alcohol."
  • Gerald holds up his coffee. He's also on the phone.

<Gerald> "So, how have things been at the Foundation?"
<Iceberg> "Yes, well. Your killing aside, things have been fine. Not much of interest. Red Dawn ain't back, some SCP troubles, people going places……. We got this new pastor for a field agent, Lurker gave Rights an engagement ring…"
<Iceberg> "That's mostly it."
<Gerald> "I knew about the engagement already, yeah. Alright, I better go, unless there's something else about."
<Iceberg> You can make out the sound of machinery in the background, and a flipping coin.
<Iceberg> "What, that's it? Fine, put someone else on the line?"
<Iceberg> "Please?"
<Gerald> "Fine." He looks away from the phone. "Dmitri, Ice wants to say hello." He tosses the phone to him.

  • Agent_Strelnikov comes downstairs at an opportune moment.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Huh. What? Ice?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov picks up the phone and waits for Iceberg to talk.

<Gerald> "He's on the phone."
<Iceberg> "Hey, Dmitri, comrade!" Comes over the phone in a….. surprisingly good Russian accent.
<Iceberg> "How fares the motherland?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Fine." He says tersely.

  • Gerald drinks his coffee, and looks between Sam and Claudia a bit nervously.
  • Samantha-Raelin puts out her cigarette in the ash tray, looking over to Gerald. "Sure you don't want one? After all that?"

<Iceberg> The accent quits. "Good, good."
<Iceberg> "How have you been?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Fine." He doesn't sound too excited to be talking.

  • Gerald nods.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks over to Claudia, giving her a smile.
  • Claudia smiles back at Sam lightly

<Agent_Strelnikov> "It's been just great."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I just mutilated about twenty Chechens, in case you're curious."
<Iceberg> "Something bad happen? You sound….."
<Iceberg> "Oh."
<Gerald> "I take it MCaD wanted Claudia….ready for whoever bought her. Probably put some kind of stimulant in whatever they drugged her with."
<Iceberg> "Chechens. Should have known. Always your issue button."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Tell Doktor Rights I miss her."
<Iceberg> "I will, I will."
<Iceberg> "You hear about her engagement?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I appreciate it. How are you."
<Claudia> "Stimulant, oooh yeah."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, I heard, actually."
<Iceberg> "Oh? Well, I've been doing fine, just a few small projects."
<Iceberg> You can make out the sound of machinery in the background, and a flipping coin.

  • Gerald turns a bit red.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yeah. Then she slipped me one."
<Claudia> "…I'm high-price!"
<Gerald> "….."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is there a wedding date yet?"
<Iceberg> "Oh, nothing yet. I think they're wondering if this new pastor we got as an agent will do it. Not sure."
<Iceberg> "I'll ask next time I see her, ok?"
<Gerald> "So, what are we going to do tomorrow?"

  • Gerald lays down on the couch.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Shopping, obviously."
<Gerald> "Oooh."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks. Glad to hear you are doing well." It sounds oddly genuine.
<Iceberg> "Good to hear you too. Talk to you later sometime."
<Iceberg> "Could you please let one of the girls have a turn?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Maybe follow up the MCaD lead…although that would mean shooting more people."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I'm really, really tired of it."
<Gerald> "Huh, that reminds me, you didn't pay for that gun, did you. And I don't see why we should have to follow them, we are on vacation."
<Claudia> "Call in some other agents to do it."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. Here, talks to Claudia." He hands the phone to Claudia.

  • Claudia takes the phone, grinning. "Hi~!"

<Iceberg> "Claudia!"

  • Samantha-Raelin shakes her head. "Nope. Gave them a fake bank account."

<Gerald> "Heheh."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Should work until they try and do something with the money."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Then they'll have feds on their asses.

  • Gerald chuckles, smiling towards Sam.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sits down at the table, his hair still wet from the shower.
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles back at him, thinking of the events of the last hour or two.

<Iceberg> "Hey, how are you doing?"
<Claudia> "I'm doing just fantastic. This is one hell of a vacation…compared to the past few years, I think I've made up for all my lack of excitement."

  • Claudia paces around with the phone.

<Samantha-Raelin> *"Well, are you going to drink or not?"*

  • Agent_Strelnikov answers by grabbing a glass and taking a long drink.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…What do you want to know."

  • Agent_Strelnikov is ready to say all kinds of depressing and morbid shit. Just hit him.

<Gerald> "Ready to go shopping tomorrow?"
<Iceberg> "Oh? That's good. How's the….. excitement in the bedrooms?"
<Iceberg> "Since I know you're the only one who'll talk about these things….."
<Claudia> "Oh my god. Amazing. I'm sure I can't say too much because Sam'd kill me, but /amazing/. Also, remind me to ask for strawberry jelly back home."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Me?"
<Gerald> "….."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I want to know what happened."
<Gerald> "Yes, you."

  • Agent_Strelnikov takes another drink. "Yes, I am ready to shop."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Why you went all vietnam vet on those Chechens."

  • Samantha-Raelin takes a drink with him.
  • Agent_Strelnikov laughs. He's never been called a vietnam vet.
  • Agent_Strelnikov clears his throat and reverts to his good English.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Like I was telling Doktor Heiden before we left. You teach yourself to hate, and soon you know nothing but it."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "It's necessary, but sometimes it gets taken too far."
<Iceberg> "…. Strawberry jelly. Shoot, I'll bring you a jar and you show me, please sugar?"
<Claudia> "Oh, of course…man, just a hella interesting trip. And we're shopping tomorrow." She keeps pacing, drifting off into the kitchen to avoid breaking up the conversations.
<Iceberg> "Shopping? Good for you, get something interesting to take home."
<Claudia> "I will."
<Claudia> "Trust me, I will."
<Iceberg> "Good."
<Iceberg> "Got to ask though……. who you've been with, if you don't mind. Curious, you know."
<Iceberg> "Had to fight for Gerald, or…….?"
<Claudia> "…Let’s just say that there isn't a bedroom in this cottage that's gone untouched by me, now."
<Iceberg> "Oh really…… helped out a poor lonely man?"
<Claudia> "Mmmhmmm…which, by the way, you will never mention to anybody else."
<Iceberg> "Right, right……. well hey, he needed it. You can tell."
<Claudia> "He did."
<Claudia> "Plus strawberry jelly."
<Claudia> "Jelly got EVERYWHERE. It was hilarious."
<Iceberg> "Damn. Lucky."
<Iceberg> "Well, learned to share Gerald?"
<Claudia> "Mmhm…sharing is caring, as they say."
<Iceberg> "Double lucky."
<Iceberg> "Well, I wouldn't want to waste your time…….. anything else darling?"
<Claudia> "Not really. Ooh, wait, tell Rights that I love her forever for teaching me to airbrush myself a face."
<Iceberg> "I will……. you heard? She's engaged now."
<Samantha-Raelin> "And you have a history with the Chechens."

  • Agent_Strelnikov seems content to leave it at that but obviously there is more.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Yeah."

  • Gerald nods, taking a drink of coffee.
  • Samantha-Raelin is content to leave it at there for now."
  • Agent_Strelnikov is silently thankful for this. He returns to the glass of vodka.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I look forward to working with you."
<Gerald> "So, you're joining Red Dawn?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "The honor is mine, Ms. Raelin."
<Samantha-Raelin> "As their intelligence and communications officer, yes."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I promise I won't get you killed like the other six in Canada."
<Gerald> "Oh, good for you!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Never gonna happen, ruskie. I've got too much to live for."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "I am glad we got to know each other."
  • Gerald laughs. "You could say that again."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I think I lead the Foundation for number of beautiful women attached to my team."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Leading the pack."

<Gerald> "Heh."

  • Agent_Strelnikov nods. "Leading the pack."
  • Samantha-Raelin heads over to join Gerald on the couch, cuddling up with him. "So…what did you think?"

<Gerald> "…." He turns red again.

  • Samantha-Raelin pecks him on the cheek. "Cmon, I'm curious."
  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles a bit, then pulls the tin box over to him again and begins leafing through it some more.

<Gerald> "Er….."
<Samantha-Raelin> "You seemed to enjoy it…a lot."
<Claudia> "WHAT." Can be heard from the kitchen. Claudia seems started, and delighted.

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks through the photographs and smiles. He feels a lot better, having vented some rage and bloodlust.
  • Gerald is turning redder by the second. He kisses Sam on the cheek. "As always, he greatest."

<Gerald> *the

  • Samantha-Raelin lays across his lap, looking up at him. "That's not an answer."

<Gerald> "….Hm?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Just say it made your heart pound with excitement."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "That always worked for me."

  • Agent_Strelnikov lights a cigarette idly and keeps looking at his photos.
  • Samantha-Raelin sighs, knowing she's not going to get a straight answer from him. "Well, I kinda liked it."
  • Gerald looks at Sam. He leans over and hugs her, warmly. "Sam, it was amazing, to say the least."
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "Glad to hear it."
  • Agent_Strelnikov says abruptly. "Doktor Rights is getting married."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Who doesn't know?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I was not sure if you knew or not. Lurker asked me how to do it, heh."

  • Samantha-Raelin was never told directly, but if she didn't know things like that, what kind of intelligence officer would she be?

<Samantha-Raelin> "It think it's sweet."

  • Gerald nods. "I know. When's the wedding?"
  • Samantha-Raelin might have been a bit odded out before, but after the events of tonight, can't say she is.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I don't know. Soon though, I'd think."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Should be quite the event."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I wonder who will be Best Man."
<Gerald> "Wonder who the best man will be…."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Kondraki's not going to be happy about it, or Bright."
<Samantha-Raelin> "But to hell with it. Site 17's offkey enough."
<Gerald> "Heheh."

  • Gerald drinks some coffee.

<Iceberg> "You seen Lurker?"
<Claudia> "You mean the giant lizard-thing?"
<Iceberg> "Yeah…….. you know her. He's a sweet guy to….. and in her own words, a dong like her forearm."
<Claudia> "…Whoa, seriously?"
<Claudia> "Where the hell does he put it?"
<Claudia> "I mean, he just walks around naked all the time."
<Claudia> "Yikes."
<Claudia> "…So how's the rest of senior staff taking this?"
<Iceberg> "I don't know. Ask Rights, she knows Biology. They're doing good as ever. Well, good as they can be."
<Claudia> "…Estimated time of arrival for Rights to start breeding an army of half-iguana-things?"
<Iceberg> "Hm. Can she? Not sure, uh, I'm not a biologist. I assumed somewhere between normal for a human to normal for….. whatever he is."
<Claudia> "…I'm sure we'll find out. Heh…that's good, though, I guess…good for her."
<Claudia> "Weird, but then gain, SCP."
<Iceberg> "I suppose….."
<Iceberg> "So, yay, soon she'll be exclusive I guess….."
<Claudia> "Aww…I guess so. She doesn't exactly seem like the type for non-open relationships, though."
<Iceberg> "Maybe. I was wondering if, you know, maybe when you got back, the two of us could give her…. slight…. well, party?"
<Claudia> "…Best bachelorette party ever?"
<Iceberg> "Yeah. Got a man whore and everything." He laughs.
<Claudia> "You don't get to write yourself off as the stripper…"
<Iceberg> "You're right. I won't be charging."
<Claudia> "Do I still get to shove dollar bills in your pants?"
<Iceberg> "…. Maybe."
<Claudia> "Just for atmosphere, of course."
<Iceberg> "Of course."
<Iceberg> "Well, I guess Sam deserves a turn……"
<Claudia> "Right-o…I'll put her on. And Ice…?"
<Iceberg> "Yes?"
<Iceberg> "You too…. bye."
<Claudia> "I'll be glad to see you again once I get back…alright, here's Sam."

  • Claudia comes back into the room and holds the phone out to Samantha, plopping on the couch.
  • Samantha-Raelin takes the phone. "Hey Ice, how are things?"

<Iceberg> "Things are good."
<Iceberg> "No major incidents recently."
<Iceberg> "Kon's only killed a couple people this week."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks at Claudia. His eyes linger for a few moments.

<Claudia> "…Man, I can't believe Rights didn't tell me she was getting hitched."
<Claudia> She leans back, blowing a bit of smoke into the air.
<Gerald> "So, what did Ice want?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Good to hear you're not fucking things up while we're gone."
<Iceberg> "Says who? <Claudia>'s not my only girl, you know." He laughs.
<Iceberg> "Sorry, I love puns, you know."

  • Samatha-Raelin laughs. "He's getting calm in his old age, isn't he?"

<Claudia> If you pay really close attention, you can get the slightest, ghostly glimpse of Claudia, the faintest structure of sweat, grime from the fire's smoke, and anything else.
<Claudia> "Just to talk. Glad things are going well back home."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Ha. Ha. So, you're going to tell me about the engagement, or will you assume I already know."
<Iceberg> "Kon? Calm? Nah. People have just been avoiding him since you left. And yes, if Gerald and Red know, I suppose you must."

  • Agent_Strelnikov drums his hands on the table and sets the pictures back in the box.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I know enough about it already. I'd be a piss poor intelligence officer otherwise. By the way, I'd advise against that new brand of condoms you're trying."
<Iceberg> "Ha ha. Right."
<Iceberg> "So, how's Russia?"
<Iceberg> You can make out the sound of machinery in the background, and a flipping coin.

  • Claudia looks over at Dmitri, musing. "…So what's in the box?" She already knows, but still.

<Samantha-Raelin> "They don't hold up to low temperatures."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles a bit. "…Past life."
  • Agent_Strelnikov holds the box out to where he thinks she is.
  • Gerald chuckles. He then looks at Dmitri.

<Gerald> "Fond memories, eh?"

  • Claudia gingerly takes the box, looking through the pictures. "…hm."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Very fond. I wish I could tell you the memories."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Fine, don't listen. Anything else?"
<Iceberg> "Or so I got from Gerald's tone when I was joking with him."

  • Agent_Strelnikov points out one photo in particular.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Lovely. Trip's been eventful."
<Iceberg> "Good. You actually killed people though?"
<Claudia> "Me too…oh, what's this one?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "That is her and I, where we visited yesterday. The canal."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "It looked a bit better then." His Good English is still on.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh, like 20 already."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Maybe 25, if you count the ones who killed themselves."
<Iceberg> "Damn. Working here must impart you with a danger magnetism."

  • Gerald gets out his wallet again, and pulls out the picture of his sister. "Since we're going down memory lane here, might as well get this out."

<Claudia> "It ooks lovely…"
<Claudia> *looks
<Samantha-Raelin> "We seem to go looking for it, actually."
<Iceberg> "Oh? Will we get a report, or will I have to interrogate your boyfriend when you get home for details?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "You'll get a report, several actually. Especially on dealing with a new branch of MCaD."
<Iceberg> "Those bastards again, eh?"
<Iceberg> "Always thought about attacking them. Never got around to it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Where there's money, there's MCaD."
<Iceberg> "You'd think they'd harrass Kondraki all the time then." He laughs again.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Well, you might get the chance to."
<Iceberg> "His paycheck aside, might get a chance? Finally wised up and sent me a pretty plane, have you?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I feel a lot better."

  • Gerald nods. "Good."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I just needed to let something out."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Just a bit of….pent up rage."

  • Claudia smiles at him, even if the gesture goes unseen. "…I understand. I mean, I don't know from experiance…but I understand what it's like to need to let something out or explode."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Kondraki's not much of a people person, as you might know."
<Gerald> "Heh. I noticed."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I exploded."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is just a good thing they were Chechens."

  • Gerald chuckles.

<Claudia> "Hey, if you're gonna be a bomb…go off in themiddle of an enemy field."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles grimly. "I have done this."

<Gerald> "Well, glad to hear you're better now."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Better, not quite heal. But better."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Rent your own. Then find a place to live, because I'll lock the doors."
<Iceberg> "Locks never stopped me. But, fine, fine. Got work to do anyways. But a guy can try."

<Claudia> "Nothing heals instantly."
<Gerald> "Heh. Look who you're talking to, here."
<Gerald> "Me, of all people, know that."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Where are you, Claudia? Come over heres where I can…uh…see you."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Try and fail."
<Iceberg> "Perhaps, this time. So, how's 347 been? No significant incidents for our little SCP?"

  • Claudia picks up the box again, gently closing it and moving over to sit it down near Dmitri. "Maybe I should put some paint on…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "No, is ok. I just….eh."

  • Agent_Strelnikov feels around for Claudia.
  • Gerald sips his coffee.
  • Samantha-Raelin covers the receiver. "Then you'd have to put clothes on."
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "None, really. She's been a regular angel."

<Iceberg> "Good, good. She starts ripping your shirt off again, your whole "Relaxing" excuse might grow thin."
<Iceberg> "Or, maybe she getting very "relaxed. Who knows? You do share a boyfriend now."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks over to Claudia, and gives her a sly grin.
  • Claudia chuckles lightly, taking Dmitri's hands and putting them on her shoulders, to give him a better grasp. Lest he flail about and grab a boob or something.
  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "Thanks you. I just wanted someone close."

<Iceberg> "Not how I heard it. Sounding like you were sharing more than just him….. but maybe that's talking a little far."

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I'll keep it in mind."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Well, it's not really sharing. Not at all."
<Iceberg> "Listen to you, rubbing it in."

  • Claudia takes that as a sign and sits in Dmitri's lap, leaning against him comfortably. She smells like girl and coffee and vodka and cigarettes. Awesome.

<Claudia> "S'allright."
<Gerald> "…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov won't lie, he finds this tremendously attractive. But he'll never admit that.
  • Gerald blushes as he listens to Sam talk.

<Claudia> Also, it's a touch chilly without clothes. Mmm body heat

  • Agent_Strelnikov wraps his arms around her and keeps her warm. Aww yea.
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "Well, you might hear lots of things, Iceberg, lots of things you don't get to be here for."
  • Claudia is having the best vacation ever. She sighs happily.
  • Agent_Strelnikov is pretty happy too. Such mood swings.

<Iceberg> There's a loud boom in the background.
<Iceberg> "…… Those dumbasses."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Sounds like trouble."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Better go take care of it, Ice."
<Iceberg> "Well, I need to go, and you probably want privacy."
<Samantha-Raelin> "You have no idea."
<Iceberg> "Tell them all bye, tell them I can't wait to call again. Tell Gerald both of them I'm proud of their handling of the situation of you two fine ladies, and tell Gerald he's a lucky bastard."

  • Samantha-Raelin swiftly turns the phone off, and hands it back to Gerald.

<Iceberg> "…. Hung up on me. Damn. Well, next time then. Hey! You two! What the hell was that! Those are high quality explosives, not your mothers! Handle them gently!"

  • Gerald drops it in his coat pocket.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks over to Claudia and Dmitri. "Now, we have to figure out who's sleeping with who, since Dmitri's out a room."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Fuck. I already allow myself to forget that."
<Gerald> "Dibs on Sam's room."
<Claudia> "Dmitri can share my room, it's no problem!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Either you can share a bed, which you seem oddly comfortable about doing, or Claudia can bunk with me and Gerald."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks at Dmitri. "How about you?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Three in a bed is…uh…a bit much, yes?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I can…share with Claudia."
<Gerald> "…." He turns a bit red again.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia…can you promise not to try and seduce him? Again?"
<Claudia> "It's a reflex."
<Agent_Strelnikov> Now it is Dmitri's turn to be red.
<Claudia> "I'll be good, sheesh."
<Claudia> "I'm a big girl! I can keep my hands to myself."
<Samantha-Raelin> "We can forgive last night, and keep it hush, but not if you do it again without the chemical enhancement."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks sternly at Claudia. "I'm serious."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…I had a lapse in judgment. Fault is mine."

  • Claudia sighs. "Yes'm…"

<Gerald> "Happens to all of us, Dmitri."
<Claudia> "Dmitri, it was my fault, trust me."
<Samantha-Raelin> "You were drunk, desperate, and had an invisible woman with strawberry tits."
<Samantha-Raelin> "The odds were against you."
<Claudia> "You just reacted like a human would do."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. There is no arguing with that logic.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I like Break too much to let you do that to her."

  • Gerald nods.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I need your word, Claudia."

  • Claudia nods. "I swear upon my humanity, may Break shoot me in the face should I be naughty."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Are you sure you can keep to that?"
<Claudia> "You'll know if you find me sleeping in the bathtub tomorrow morning or not."
<Gerald> "Don't think Karen won't be willing to do that, you know…."
<Claudia> "I know she'd do it."
<Claudia> "Then she'd probably let Dumount dissect what was left. Eech."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "She hates Dumount as much as me."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks uncertain. "Fine. I'll trust you this time. If you betray that trust…well, I doubt I'll ever let what happened earlier make a repeat performance."

<Samantha-Raelin> "And me."

  • Gerald chuckles. "And me."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Poor man." He pours four glasses of vodka.
<Claudia> "I don't hate him. He's just creepy and messed up. Trust me, I spent a lot of time watching people…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "I hate him because he's creepy, messed up, and doesn't seem to try to change."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I let….her..give me massage once. When I was shanked by the Chechen."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Now he keeps trying to give me them."
<Gerald> "He decided one day to scold me for falling in love with an SCP."
<Gerald> "Let me tell you, that pissed me off more than anything."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Where does he get off, huh?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Almost as bad as The Hated Yoric."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I have no use for this man anymore."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "At least Dumount is a good doktor."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric…man is he annoying!"
<Claudia> "Gerald, just remind him that he ADOPTED and SCP and keeps it as his daughter."
<Claudia> "Granted, him and Rights share joint custody, but still."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Adopted?"
<Gerald> "Huh, that's ironic. Yoric also tried giving me relationship advice."
<Gerald> "And while Sam and Claudia were fighting, no less."
<Claudia> "…He raised her, Dmitri."
<Claudia> "I don't mind Yoric…"
<Claudia> "Then again, one thief to another. You learn to ignore the odd bits."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Who?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov is confused. "Who is he adopt?"

<Claudia> "I dunno her name. I only see pictures and when Rights mentions her. Little…bug-girl? Freaky as hell."
<Gerald> "Oh, Bluie, I think they call her."

  • Samantha-Raelin shrugs. "Regardless, he's a damn hypocrite."

<Claudia> "…Which reminds me. I'm officially placing my bets on popping a little half-whatever-Lurker-is-army out of her womb for before December."
<Claudia> *my bets on Rights

  • Gerald nods.

<Claudia> "He's crazy."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "I bet they'll be adorable. And Kondraki will absolutely hate them."

<Claudia> "That's why I at least try to be somewhat civil. I worry I'll end up like him if the Foundation decides to poke around in my brain."
<Gerald> "Heheheh."

  • Agent_Strelnikov blinks.

<Claudia> "Kondraki hates everything. It's his mantra. It's whispered that once every blue moon, his icy heart doth beat and a black god of emotion stirs within' him!"
<Claudia> "But then he realizes it was just gas."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…I cannot even picture this."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "But, she is want a family. So is Lurker."
<Claudia> "I just imagine tinier Lurkers."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Awww."
<Claudia> "Or tiny Rights'…with claws…and fangs…"
<Claudia> "…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Don't confuse Kondraki with Gears. He has emotions, but they're all hate."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles and unconsciously squeezes Claudia.
  • Claudia blinks. The image of tiny little Rights' capable of mauling people is horrifying
  • Samantha-Raelin gives Gerald a kiss. "Love is in the air, isn't it?"
  • Gerald smiles warmly.

<Gerald> "Yep."
<Claudia> "I think that's the smell of burning flesh and truck."
<Claudia> "…Or love."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Sorries."
<Claudia> "I could be mistaken."
<Claudia> "S'all good. Smells better than a fire barrel."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "If you say so."
<Gerald> "If you ask me, it smells like…" He hugs Sam, inhaling "that perfume you're wearing."

  • Samantha-Raelin giggles. "Like it? I picked it up in Siberia, when I was stuck there."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I wish my home could be less dangerous for us all. Sorries for the excitement."
<Gerald> "It's wonderful."
<Claudia> "I don't mind."

  • Samantha-Raelin nods. "If it were too peaceful, we'd get bored and start sleeping with each other, and that's no way to spend a vacation."
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs.

<Claudia> "This vacation has made up for the past few years of sitting in a locked room."

  • Gerald raises an eyebrow. "I beg to differ."
  • Agent_Strelnikov declines to respond to that. Instead he leans on Claudia a bit.
  • Claudia leans back on Dmitri comfortably. "…What a vacation."

<Samantha-Raelin> "So, who's up for shopping?"

  • Gerald raises his hand.

<Claudia> "I am."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I needs new clothes now."
<Claudia> "I need to get souvenirs anyways."
<Gerald> "Wait, we aren't going to any more auctions, are we?"

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs him. "No. more. auctions."
  • Gerald responds by wrapping his arms around her, pulling her in. "Kidding."
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Good, I'm not."
  • Samantha-Raelin gets up the couch. "I'm going to start getting ready for bed. I could use the shower, must have an inch of dust on me after that attack."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Ruskie, no peaking."

  • Agent_Strelnikov nods. "Promises.”
  • Gerald lies on the couch in his pajamas, contemplating a shower when Sam is done.
  • Gerald is still wearing his lab coat.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets into the shower, using the opportunity to get all the grime and dust that had accumulated, as well as some unattended to splatters of blood.
  • Agent_Strelnikov leans on Claudia a bit more.
  • Gerald drinks some vodka.
  • Samantha-Raelin enjoys the peace of the shower for the moment. A little sanctuary, free of violence and sex, as fun as they both could be. This vacation was almost a bit draining.
  • Agent_Strelnikov rests his head on Claudia's back and dozes.
  • Gerald rests on the couch, eyes half closed.
  • Samantha-Raelin finishes her shower, toweling off. Odd, a moment of quiet.
  • Samantha-Raelin sets mode: +o Claudia
  • Claudia finds the sudden relaxing quiet rather comfortable.
  • Agent_Strelnikov does too. He snores a bit.
  • Claudia chuckles a little. "Oookay, you…let’s get you to a bed before you start passing out, really…"
  • Gerald appreciates the sounds of a Russian cottage a night.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets back into her pajamas and heads downstairs. "You two should head to bed. And I mean to sleep."
  • Agent_Strelnikov blinks his eyes open. "Huh."

<Claudia> "I second that…Ruskie's a little…uh…dead on his feet, though."

  • Samantha-Raelin would note that she is right next door. She will hear any funny business.
  • Agent_Strelnikov lets go of Claudia and looks around. "Bedtime, alreadies?"
  • Claudia nods, getting up and giving Dmitri a Tug. "C'mon, you…I'm gonna put on Pajamas. Then it's sleepytime…"
  • Samantha-Raelin heads over to Gerald. "Ready for bed, love?"
  • Gerald nods, standing up. "Yep."
  • Agent_Strelnikov follows Claudia along. He shuffles up the steps.
  • Claudia pushes Dmitri into her bedroom and stops in the bathroom to wash up a little, before shuffling back in to get some pajamas on.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads to their room. She was a bit too tired for anything but sleep herself tonight.
  • Gerald is wiped out.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down on the bed. He strips off the t-shirt and pants, sitting in his boxers. His pajamas are probably gone.
  • Claudia is tired as hell too… "What side of the bed do you want?"
  • Gerald gets in bed with Sam, and almost immediately falls asleep.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Does not matter."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "You pick."

  • Claudia takes the far side, then, quickly making herself comfortable. "…We'll get you new pajamas tomorrow."
  • Agent_Strelnikov lays down, a bit close to her.
  • Claudia doesn't seem to mind the closeness. Actually, she's expending a lot of energy not to start cuddling.

<Claudia> "…Sleep well, Dmitri, and sweet dreams."

  • Agent_Strelnikov puts an arm around her anyway. He can't sleep alone.
  • Samantha-Raelin cuddles up with Gerald, but stays awake for a little while longer, just to make sure.
  • Claudia smiles and sighs lightly. Might as well get a snuggle out of it. She snuggles in and quickly starts approaching snoring-land.
  • Gerald sleeps pretty soundly, his body often forgetting the difference between sleep and getting knocked out.
  • Agent_Strelnikov fade to black.
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