Day Three

<Samantha-Raelin> <The third day of the trip began much like the second. The sun creaking through the window blinds, the warm summer air calm, and refreshing. Well, it would have been, if a Russian military officer hadn't been outside, knocking on the door with an annoying immediacy>
<Gerald> "Ugh."

  • Gerald shifts in his bed.
  • Agent_Strelnikov is showing no sign of waking up.
  • Samantha-Raelin wakes up, arms still around Gerald, as she tries to deny the visitor at the door. "Forget it, too early…"

<Gerald> "M'kay." He scoots closer to Sam.

  • Claudia wakes up, still snuggled up against Dmitri, but…man…there is no need to get up. Also, she's invisible, and painting a face would take time…plus…warm…bed…mmm…Dmitri-smell…

<Samantha-Raelin> <Still, the man was persistent, and the knocking continued. He began yelling. *"Hello? We are looking for a Dmitri Strelnikov!"*

  • Agent_Strelnikov is sleeping rather peacefully, actually.
  • Claudia nudges Dmitri with an annoyed grunt. "Mmngh…door."
  • Agent_Strelnikov groans and shifts around in the bed. He still doesn't get up, though.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks up. "Dmitri…" She picks up a rather large book from her nightstand, and throws it at the wall separating the two rooms. *"Dmitri, it's for you!"*
  • Claudia sighs and starts to sit up, stretching. Well, so long as she didn't open the door…she looked over at Dmitri with a smirk, tapping him on the shoulder.

<Gerald> "….."

  • Gerald is not a morning person.
  • Agent_Strelnikov finally opens his eyes, wondering who the fuck is tapping him and why he can't see them.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Nnngh. No. Ehhhh."
<Claudia> "Dmiiitriiiii…there's someone at the dooooooor."

  • Claudia keeps tapping him, poking him in the face.
  • Agent_Strelnikov winces and snorts. Finally he rolls out of bed and heads downstairs in his boxers.
  • Agent_Strelnikov shuffles to the door and opens it. "Huh."
  • Claudia watches him go, before undressing fully and following to observe.

<Samantha-Raelin> <As he opens the door, he comes face to face with a Russian officer. *"Ah, you are a Dmitri Strelnikov?"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> It's too god damned early to use his fake name, so he just answers truthfully. *"…Yes?"*
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Your presence is requested at Moscow Military HQ, concerning certain events that occurred yesterday."* He takes a look inside, seeing the destroyed room and several dead and mutilated Chechens.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov facepalms. *"FFFFFFF-….Alright."*
  • Claudia realizes that she should have seen this coming, and goes upstairs to inform Sam and Gerald of this, lightly knocking on their door.
  • Samantha-Raelin grumbles. "Come in.."

<Gerald> "Bah."

  • Claudia comes on in, looking them over. "…Some army dude's at the door. Dmitri' seems upset…I think he's asking about yesterday."

<Claudia> "Also, the downstairs still looks like a war zone."

  • Agent_Strelnikov stares at the officer for a few moments before beginning to slowly close the door.

<Gerald> "…..The auction, or the Chechens?"
<Claudia> "Pf, I dunno."
<Claudia> "Both?"
<Claudia> "I don't speak Russian."

  • Agent_Strelnikov continues to slowly close the door in an almost comical fashion.
  • Gerald sighs.

<Samantha-Raelin> "We'd…probably better go see what's up, Gerald."

  • Gerald grunts, and proceeds to get out of bed.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets up out of bed, and proceeds to get out of her pajamas and get into her casual wear.
  • Agent_Strelnikov finally closes the door. The officer doesn't seem that perturbed by this, perhaps he's used to it.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The officer is already off.>

  • Gerald gets dressed and walks downstairs. "What does he want?"
  • Agent_Strelnikov shuffles back upstairs muttering angrily to himself. *"First fucking good night's sleep in ten fucking years…."*
  • Claudia wonders if she can go back to bed.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads downstairs.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "We take trip into town," is all he says.
<Samantha-Raelin> "What the hell do they want?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Me."

  • Agent_Strelnikov realizes what's left of his room is downstairs. He turns and begins going back down.

<Gerald> "Why?"

  • Gerald makes coffee.
  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs and begins picking through debris, trying to find his suitcase. Fortunately the truck seems to have knocked it off the bed, leaving his uniform intact, if a little dusty.

<Claudia> "Should I come? I mean, the last thing we need is a slipup and another 'omg an invisible woman' episode."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Up to you, Claudia, although I'd be just as wary leaving you here. They could have figured out where we are by now."
<Claudia> "Yeah, but I'd rather sneak around naked somewhere not in the middle of a city…ooh, coffee."

  • Agent_Strelnikov pats the dust off as best he can and begins getting dressed. His hat is still in the kitchen.
  • Claudia helps herself to a cup of coffee.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets herself a cup too.
  • Gerald gets coffee.
  • Agent_Strelnikov is almost awake. He stumbles into the kitchen and puts his hat on, then grabs some coffee.

<Gerald> "So….what are we going to have to do, now?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Visit Moscow Military District."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "At least I am."
<Gerald> "Hm."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "You three can go shops if you want."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Sounds like a good idea, maybe you can meet up with us afterwards."
<Claudia> "We still gotta get you some new clothes, though."

  • Gerald nods. "Be careful, Dmitri."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I be fine."

  • Agent_Strelnikov lights a cigarette and finally wakes up properly.
  • Gerald grabs his wallet.
  • Samantha-Raelin is dressed today in jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a vest. It's a bit lighter than usual, but she was getting used to the cold by now. "Sure you don't want someone to come along?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is up to you. Probably be boring."

  • Gerald looks between Sam and Dmitri.

<Samantha-Raelin> "The possibility that it might not be, though, is why you might want someone along."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Your choice, I not cares either way."

<Gerald> "Er, I will, if it's all right with you, Sam."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks at Gerald. "Really?"

<Samantha-Raelin> "Alright, I can take Claudia out to shop then."
<Claudia> "Shopping!"

  • Gerald shrugs. "It would probably be best if someone went with him, doesn't matter who. You want to?"
  • Samantha-Raelin shakes her head. "Nah, I could use time off from anything to do with shooting people."

<Gerald> "Okay."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks to Claudia. "Any preferences?"

<Samantha-Raelin> "As to where we shop."
<Claudia> "None at all…"
<Claudia> "I'm just lookin' for clothes, it ends there."
<Claudia> "And maybe something fun."

  • Gerald grabs his lab coat. "Ready then, Dmitri?"
  • Samantha-Raelin throws the keys to Dmitri. "You drive. Drop us off in the shopping district."
  • Agent_Strelnikov stubs his cigarette out. "Yes. We drop ladies off first."
  • Agent_Strelnikov twirls the key as is his custom and walks past the wreckage.
  • Gerald nods, following Dmitri.
  • Agent_Strelnikov gives the burnt truck a look, then starts the car.

<Agent_Strelnikov> After a series of awesome driving events, they make it to Moscow proper. Dmitri pulls up in front of a large shopping mall and parks. On the sidewalk.

  • Agent_Strelnikov steps out and opens the doors for Claudia and Sam
  • Samantha-Raelin exits the car. "Cmon Claudia, let's have some fun for once."

<Gerald> "See you later Sam, Claudia." He waves.

  • Agent_Strelnikov waves and hops back into the driver's seat.
  • Samantha-Raelin waves Gerald off.

<Agent_Strelnikov> More driving occurs. Moscow has a lot of taxis that Dmitri is especially fond of pulling in front of. After a lot of beeping, they arrive in the Moscow Military District HQ.

  • Gerald gets out of the car, looking up and down the building.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I have never been here."
<Gerald> "Hm."

  • Agent_Strelnikov heads off to the entrance.
  • Gerald follows.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I should have see this coming."
<Gerald> "Huh."

  • Gerald looks a bit nervous.
  • Agent_Strelnikov just looks annoyed.
  • Agent_Strelnikov wonders how this is going to go down. He is officially listed as KIA.

<Gerald> <The entrance lobby of the military HQ is bare concrete, empty except for a few chairs and a secretary sitting behind a counter.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov removes his hat and carries it in the crook of his arm. He strides over to the secretary. *"Captain Strelnikov, reporting as requested."*

<Gerald> <The secretary looks up for a second. *"Alright, please be seated."*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around for a chair. He sighs and walks back to Gerald.

<Gerald> "Hm?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "We wait a bit."

  • Gerald nods and sits down.

<Gerald> <Several minutes later, the same officer that had arrived at the college steps through a door. *"Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich?"*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up and takes note of the officer's rank. What is he?

<Gerald> <Colonel>

  • Agent_Strelnikov salutes crisply. *"Reporting, sir."*

<Gerald> <He nods. *"Follow me, then."* He turns and walks back into a hallway. *"Your friend may stay in the lobby."*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov motions for Gerald to stay where he is and follows at a brisk pace.
  • Gerald nods.

<Gerald> <The officer walks through several winding hallways, all made of the same blank concrete. He opens a nondescript metal door, and leads Dmitri into a small room, with a single desk and two chairs. There's a manila envelope on the desk.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov remains standing until told otherwise.
  • Officer sits behind the desk, picking up the envelope. *"Have a seat."*
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down and sets his hat in his lap.
  • Officer flicks through the papers in the large envelope.
  • Agent_Strelnikov remains impassive.

<Officer>* "So…Captain Strelnikov. Welcome back to Russia. We have a few questions we'd like to ask you. "*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"Yes sir."*
<Officer> *"Well, according to this file, you're currently classified as 'KIA'. Obviously, you weren't. Please explain."*

  • Officer looks up at Dmitri.
  • Agent_Strelnikov clears his throat. *"The answer to that question is above your clearance, sir."*
  • Officer raises an eyebrow. *"Excuse me?"*
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries his best not to smirk.

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I am not authorized to answer that question, sir."*
<Officer> *"Under who's orders?"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I am unable to disclose that information, sir."*

  • Officer throws the papers down on the desk. *"We found dozens of dead bodies around the cottage you are currently staying at. You were spotted fleeing from an auction yesterday after numerous reports of gunfire. Now you presume to tell me that whatever it is you're doing is above my head?"*
  • Agent_Strelnikov says flatly, *"Yes, sir."*
  • Officer narrows his eyes.

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I have idea about the Chechens though. That was unexpected, sir."* he adds.
<Officer> *"For some reason, I'm finding this highly doubtful. Tell me, who were those other individuals you were with? One's a civilian, another is obviously a military personnel, and the third appears to be a scientist of some kind. Highly suspicious company for someone who is supposedly dead."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I'm sorry sir, but there is nothing I can say to answer that question."*
<Officer> "…."

  • Officer is looking angrier by the second.
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries not to show his amusement.

<Officer> *"Tell me, how is your fiancee doing?"* His tone is flat, almost forced.
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"…Just fine sir. She and I are no longer engaged."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov is no longer amused!
  • Officer hasn't been amused to start with.
  • Officer raises an eyebrow. *"How would you know? According to our information, you haven't seen her in quite a number of years."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I don't think that applies to our business here, sir."* He grinds his teeth idly.

  • Officer stares, unblinking. *"You disappear for several years, supposedly dead, only to return in a hail of gunfire and dead bodies. Obviously we are going to do some more background research."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"That is certainly your right to do so, sir. I wish you the best of luck."*
<Officer> *"Now you are proceeding to lie to my face and tell me that you are acting under classified orders that I am unauthorized to know."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I have told you all that I am authorized, sir. I can do no more than this."*
<Officer> *"Do you honestly think I am stupid to believe you?"*

  • Agent_Strelnikov blinks. *"Of course not. But this is all I can tell you."*

<Officer> *"You do realize that these circumstances are *more* than enough than what is needed to charge you with treason?"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I am aware, sir. Your threat is meaningless to me, though."*

  • Officer seems honestly confused at this. *"What?"*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"I am not afraid of you, sir. There are far better things for me to be afraid of than being threatened with accusations of treason, sir."*
<Officer> *"How so?"*

  • Agent_Strelnikov can't resist smiling this time. *"That, too, is something I am not authorized to tell you, sir."*
  • Officer looks pretty pissed now.
  • Agent_Strelnikov isn't surprised by this at all.

<Officer> *"Well then….I suppose there is only one thing left for me at this moment."* He barks out a single word, and two armed guards step into the room. *"Take him to the holding cells."*
<Officer> *"Give him one next to the man currently waiting in the lobby."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs. This isn't surprising either.

<Officer> <The guards grab him roughly by his shoulders, and pull him along more hallways, the officer leading. They lead him to a set of, guess what, blank concrete holding cells. Gerald's already sitting in one, looking confused. They throw him in the one next to it.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov manages to grab his hat as he's pulled along. He puts it on and sits down on a metal bed.
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries tapping on the wall to see if Gerald can hear.

<Officer> *"Now, you will sit here until you either decide to cooperate, or until we send you to a prison for the rest of your life."* He walks off. The guards stay.
<Gerald> "Er, Dmitri? Mind if I ask what's going on?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "They did not like my answers." He shrugs.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Such is Russia."
<Gerald> "Huh."
<Gerald> "So….now what?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…I don't know. Leave it to Chechens to ruin trip."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Try send text message to Sam?"
<Gerald> "Fucking Chechens…."
<Gerald> "Er, they took my phone."

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
  • Gerald sits in his cell, in around.

<Gerald> *looking
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Sorries. Did not mean to get you mix up in this."
<Gerald> "Eh, Shit Happens."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "That officer is very angries with me. Maybe I am charge with treason." He shrugs.
<Gerald> "Hm."
<Gerald> "Er, someone else is coming."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm?" He looks up.
<Gerald> <Another figure is coming from a different direction than the officer. According to his uniform he is….holy fucks, a general.>
<Gerald> *"Captain Strelnikov?"*

  • Agent_Strelnikov stands and salutes. *"Reporting."*

<Gerald> "Er, I'll just stay here, then, alright?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Eh…yes. Probably for best."

  • General smiles. *"At ease."*
  • Agent_Strelnikov lowers his salute reluctantly

<General> <The general gives an order to the guards, who open the cell door. *"Follow me, please."*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov steps outside and follows.
  • General starts to walk through the hallways. *"Tell me, Captain, how has your stay been?"*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"Well, sir, it's been nice to be home. I have been enjoying myself quite a bit."*

  • General nods.*"Good. Unfortunately, there's been a slight mistake and the….let's call them the Southern Core Parties…has neglected to tell us you were on vacation here."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"…I see, sir. I wasn't aware you knew of them."*
<General> *"I *am* a general. The top military leaders of most of the larger nations are aware of the Parties existence."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov nods. *"Yes sir. Thank you for stepping in."*

<General> *"Not only that, but I have been assigned as a liaison between the two."*

  • General chuckles. *"According to them, you have been making quite a name for yourself as head of one of their task forces."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> *"Duty, sir. It is no different than serving in the…uh…shall we say, real world, sir."*
<General> *"Of course. Anyway, as apology for the mix up, I am allowing you to watch the following conversation."* He's smiling as he steps back into the office the colonel interrogated Dmitri in.

  • Agent_Strelnikov goes to raise a finger in protest but stops.

<General> <The colonel snaps to attention as the general walks in. He also looks rather confused as Dmitri walks in behind him.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov isn't sure if he should salute or not. Instead he just stands against the wall with his arms behind his back.

<General> *"Colonel, I believe you have met Captain Strelnikov?"*
<General> <The colonel looks around. *"Er, yes. He was being charged with treason for telling me that I was unauthorized to know why he was found with dozens of dead bodies."*>
<General> *"Yes, well, he is being released."*
<General> <The colonel looks completely flabbergasted. *"Why, sir?"*>

  • Agent_Strelnikov has a feeling about what is coming next!

<General> *"That information is classified. You are currently unauthorized to know as to why."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov knew it!

<General> <Smiling, the general turns, and motions for Dmitri to follow him out. The colonel's jaw dropped several feet, from the looks of it.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs at the colonel and exits.
  • General leads Dmitri back to the entrance of the building. Gerald is already waiting in the lobby, looking just as confused as before, if not more so. *"You are free to go. Please try to keep a low profile for the remainder of your vacation."*
  • Agent_Strelnikov salutes. *"Yes sir, thank you."*
  • General salutes him back, before crisply turning and walking back into the depths of the building.
  • General is now known as Gerald

<Gerald> "Okay, what is going on here?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Friendly general. We can go now."

  • Gerald nods. "All…right then."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Did you gets your phone back?"
<Gerald> "Yep."

  • Gerald pulls it out. "Okay, I have no idea what just happened, so you can tell them."
  • Samantha-Raelin Meanwhile, Sam and Claudia are out shopping, yay!
  • Agent_Strelnikov walks outside of the building.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "We call them, Gerald?"

  • Gerald follows him. "Yep."
  • Agent_Strelnikov dials Samantha's phone.
  • Samantha-Raelin picks up. "Hey, ruskie, how did things go?"
  • Claudia loves shopping. Omft.
  • Claudia is now known as Claudia
  • Gerald listens, as he still has no clue what went on in there.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh…well."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I was almost execute for treason."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "But is ok now."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "Sounds like typical military bureaucracy".

<Samantha-Raelin> "I'm assuming you're done?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, we get lucky. How is shops?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Fantastic. I found some amazing clothes, and these absolutely wonderful earrings."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Okay. We come meets you then, yes?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia found some clothes too. And some lingerie."
<Claudia> "I didn't even know they HAD fetish shops in Russia!"

  • Claudia can be heard faintly in the background.
  • Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit.

<Gerald> "….."
<Claudia> "I'm totally on some sort of police watchlist now for buying this…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Probably."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Or several."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Want me come gets you?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "What does that thing even do, the one in the basket, next to the inflatable wang?"

  • Samantha-Raelin turns back to the phone. "We'll be right out, actually."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Okays. We are not far."

  • Agent_Strelnikov closes the phone and motions to Gerald.

<Gerald> "Hm?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "We better go get them before Claudia is arrest."
<Claudia> "Here, it came with instructions!"
<Claudia> "And a complimentary bottle of lubricant!"
<Claudia> "…Hey, what's this phone number on the instructions, here?"
<Gerald> "…..Okay then. Are we going to continue shopping, or what?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "…poison control?"

  • Claudia points to the Russian equivalent of an emergency ambulance line.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not know."

  • Agent_Strelnikov starts the car.

<Claudia> "Huh."
<Claudia> "…I'm like…eighty percent certain this is illegal to have in America."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Good thing you're with the Foundation."

  • Agent_Strelnikov weaves in and out of traffic. He's a little too good at this.
  • Gerald quietly remembers something.
  • Agent_Strelnikov parks in front of the mall, on the sidewalk. He almost ran over several pedestrians but all ends well.
  • Gerald gets out, a bit shaken.
  • Samantha-Raelin is outside with Claudia. She packs her purchases into the trunk and gets into the back seat.
  • Claudia is delighted with her purchases!

<Claudia> "For the record, I still think you owe me ice cream for NOT pickpocketing anybody."

  • Agent_Strelnikov revs the engine a bit to speed things along.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Fine, we'll get ice cream on the way back."
<Agent_Strelnikov> The Honda sounds like a rally car.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Ice cream, eh?"
<Gerald> "Er, Sam, there was something I, um, think you might like. Not too sure about it though."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I remembers back in Soviet days, was ice cream on every corner."

  • Gerald looks a bit nervous.
  • Agent_Strelnikov pulls back into traffic, cutting off a taxi as is customary for him.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yes, Gerald?"
<Claudia> "I feel very proud." She explains to Dmitri. "I didn't steal anything!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Very goods, Claudia. Very goods." He drives around looking for an ice cream vendor.

  • Gerald sighs, and pulls a moonstone necklace out of one of the pockets in his lab coat.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks it over. "Oh…where did you get that?"

<Claudia> "Plus…I got something I think will be useful. But I'll show you later."
<Gerald> "Er, back in the states. It was *going* to be for Claudia, but after the fight and everything, she said you can have it."

  • Agent_Strelnikov points down a row of apartment blocks. "This street is where my parents live. Or I thinks they do, anyway."
  • Samantha-Raelin blushes. "It's…really beautiful, Gerald."

<Claudia> "You deserve it more." She shifts in her seat, blinking. "…Your parents?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Mmhmm." He keeps driving, looking for ICE CRAME.

  • Gerald smiles. "I'm glad you like it, then."
  • Samantha-Raelin puts it on. She then leans forward to kiss him. "It's perfect, Gerald."
  • Gerald brightens up.

<Gerald> :D

  • Claudia hums lightly to herself. She doesn't know where her family is, and isn't sure she cares.

<Gerald> "So…this might be a family reunion?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov watches the street disappear in his mirror. He almost rear ends the vehicle in front of him.

<Gerald> "We should see them."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Huh? I don't know."

  • Agent_Strelnikov changes the topic. "Ice cream!"

<Claudia> "I don't think that'd be a great idea, Gerald….Ice cream!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov pulls onto the sidewalk in front of a street vendor.

<Agent_Strelnikov> The gentleman with the cart doesn't seem too surprised by this.
<Gerald> "Oh…okay. I'd like a chocolate cone, please."

  • Agent_Strelnikov translates for Gerald.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins.

<Samantha-Raelin> *"I'd like a chocolate, myself, Dmitri."*
<Claudia> "Uh, uh, uhhh…" She looks over the flavors. "What's the pink? Is that cherry or strawberry?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> *"…..Two chocolate."*

  • Agent_Strelnikov points to the ice cream. "Strawberry."

<Claudia> "Strawberry!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov thinks for a moment. *"Two chocolate, two strawberry, please."*

<Agent_Strelnikov> The man scoops two waffle cones and hands them to you through the windows, almost like a drive through.
<Agent_Strelnikov> Excuse me, four waffle cones.

  • Gerald grabs his ice cream, grinning.
  • Agent_Strelnikov pays the man in Euros and pulls off into a parking lot. It's near the canal again!
  • Samantha-Raelin takes hers, taking a big bite out of it.
  • Gerald begins consuming the cone at an alarming rate. "I *love* chocolate ice cream."
  • Agent_Strelnikov hops out of the car and walks to the canal again.
  • Agent_Strelnikov waves for them to hop out. "Come on!"
  • Claudia follows after, licking her ice cream in a way that's either childish or seductive. Hm.
  • Gerald gets out, still inhaling ice cream.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets out, heading over to Dmitri with her cone.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "White Sea Canal. I show you other day."

  • Claudia nods. "Mmhmm."
  • Gerald nods, remembering.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yep."

  • Agent_Strelnikov points down the canal.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I grow up along here."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh? Hung out with friends?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I liked to watch boats, once I tell my father I was going to be sailor. He hit me on head and tell me I was be in army instead. So I enlist in army."
<Gerald> "We saw that picture you had, with the swingset."
<Claudia> "I'm sure you'd have made a handsome sailor."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Imagine, Dmitri in the Nazy."
<Claudia> "Heh…I think he wound up as a good soldier, though."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles a bit.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Lots of children, we play."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "All the time."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "In Soviet times there was always ice cream. Strange thing about that."

  • Agent_Strelnikov bites his ice cream cone.

<Gerald> "Huh."

  • Gerald finished his ice cream.

<Claudia> "Ice cream is a simple pleasure."
<Claudia> "One anyone can enjoy…I think that'd be a part of it."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks at Claudia as she eats the ice cream.
  • Samantha-Raelin does the same with hers, eating the waffle cone.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Yes." He quickly bites the rest of his cone.

  • Claudia is working her way around the waffle cone, eating it meticulously and carefully in a spiral. ICE CREAM IS SRS BZNS

<Claudia> "…Unless you're lactose intolerant. Than fuck you."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "Yeah, fuck them."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Ice-cream is the perfect snack."

  • Gerald chuckles. "You can say that again.”

<Claudia> "Goes good with whatever you need it to!"
<Claudia> "You know what the best breakfast is, ever?"
<Claudia> "Waffles with ice cream."

  • Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek and looks around, waiting for them to finish.
  • Claudia finishes off her ice cream, smiling. "…The view's not too bad here."
  • Agent_Strelnikov turns back and smiles. "You should have see it when it was still pretty."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Well. Prettier."

  • Gerald wipes some melted ice cream off the corners of his mouth.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "We used to swing here, yes?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Do not remember if I tell you this."
<Claudia> "Heh…must'a been nice."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs and looks around. "Swings are gone now, though."

<Gerald> "We saw the picture, yes."

  • Samantha-Raelin smirks. "Times change."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Mmm. Sorries, I ramble."
<Claudia> "Nawww…don't be sorry."
<Samantha-Raelin> "We enjoy participating in your nostalgia."
<Gerald> "Reminds me of home, almost."
<Claudia> "Me too."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles again. "I remember once, I fall into canal."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Was before I could swim, I almost drown."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. There wasn't really a point to that.

<Agent_Strelnikov> Just random musings.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Did you haves fun shopping?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh, tons of fun."
<Claudia> "Aww, sounds scary…I almost drowned once."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia picked out lingerie for me."
<Claudia> "I did! Gerald, you're gonna LOVE it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "While I picked out actual clothes for her."
<Gerald> "….."

  • Gerald turns just the slightest amount of red.
  • Claudia thinks back. "…I was trying to jump across a drainage ditch after there was a big storm, and the whole area was flooded. I got my foot caught in the grate when I didn't make it…my friend helped me out, though."
  • Agent_Strelnikov nods. "Very important to have friends. Very important."

<Claudia> "He was a sweet guy. Never knew I was invisible."

  • Gerald nods.

<Claudia> "That was an upside."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Never knew?"
<Gerald> "How did he help you out, exactly?"
<Claudia> "…He was blind."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Oh."
<Gerald> "Ah."

  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "Sounds like a perfect match."

<Claudia> "And he grabbed my and pulled me back up. Don't have to be able to see to hear someone screaming for help." Claudia shrugged, chuckling absently. "Yeah…cept he was…what…thirty years older than me?"
<Gerald> "Oh…."

  • Agent_Strelnikov leans over the edge of the canal, a bit precariously.

<Claudia> "We wound up living under the same bridge. Literally."
<Gerald> "Oh….I see, now."

  • Samantha-Raelin shrugs. "Must have been hard for you."

<Claudia> "Eh."

  • Claudia shrugs again, joining Dmitri in leaning over the edge. "I survived."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Carefuls, now. Is very nasty water."
<Claudia> "I noticed. Ew."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Come on. I thinks we go back now."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs, starting to head back to the car.
  • Claudia heads back to the car as well. "Thanks for the ice cream!"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Not problem. Not problem at all." He hops into the driver's seat and starts the car.

  • Gerald sits in the back seat of the car. "It was delicious."
  • Agent_Strelnikov backs into traffic, almost colliding with a big Ural truck.
  • Agent_Strelnikov beeps at the truck as if it was their fault, then speeds off.

<Claudia> "beep beep." Claudia mutters under her breath.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Terrible drivers. Terrible."
<Claudia> "I should learn to drive someday."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Really, should be ashamed."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I doubt you'd be able to apply that skill, Claudia."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Even if we do get you decommissioned."
<Claudia> "Well, like Rights says…'learn to do something you never think you'll do, before you need to in an emergency'."

  • Agent_Strelnikov drives past his street again and slows down a bit, looking down it.
  • Agent_Strelnikov keeps driving.
  • Claudia makes a mental note of the street, and where it is. "I mean…I know how to drive in theory, I can use a car."

<Claudia> "It's just the…doing more than starting, steering, and stopping parts."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is not hard. Just watch me," he says as he cuts off a bus. It immediately beeps at him.

  • Agent_Strelnikov learned to drive while in the army!

<Claudia> "…I don't think you're supposed to drive like that. If you want to avoid attention, at least."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm? Has never been problem for me."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Good thing you don't drive much in the states."

  • Agent_Strelnikov cuts across three lanes of traffic amid a flurry of beeping and squealing brakes to merge onto the highway.

<Claudia> "JESUS."
<Claudia> "…Yeah, probably a good thing."

  • Agent_Strelnikov pulls in behind a dump truck and tails it close behind.

<Gerald> "So, what are we doing next?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I don't knows, I was just drive home. Ideas?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "We could head out for dinner, or head home."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I leave you to decides."
<Claudia> "We could always make dinner, too."
<Claudia> "Although, the downstairs is a little…destroyed."
<Gerald> "How much of the kitchen is left?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Nah, I'm sure we could put together a great meal."
<Claudia> "Despite all appearances, I do know how to cook, too."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Kitchen's fine, just Dmitri's room got wrecked."
<Claudia> "A little bit."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I'm a pretty good cook myself, when I try."
<Claudia> "I'm sure if we all pitch in we can make something good."
<Gerald> "Alright, then. Home cooking it is."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Whoops hold on. I miss exit."
<Claudia> "oh god."

  • Claudia clutches at her seat
  • Agent_Strelnikov performs a u-turn on the highway, cutting across lanes of traffic and going onto the shoulder.
  • Gerald wasn't ready, and got thrown across the back seat.
  • Agent_Strelnikov drives against traffic, then darts across and onto the exit.

<Gerald> "Oof!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Sorries! Was my mistake."

  • Samantha-Raelin has Gerald thrown into her.

<Claudia> "…"
<Gerald> "Er, hello Sam."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Hi Gerald."

  • Gerald moves back to his seat, brushing himself off.

<Agent_Strelnikov> Shortly thereafter they arrive home, fortunately without incident.

  • Samantha-Raelin gets out of the car rapidly. "Cmon, Claudia, let's get a meal together."
  • Claudia nods. "I'm gonna wash up first, though. Don't wanna get makeup in the food."
  • Gerald gets out of the car, and walks into the cottage.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around in the front yard. It appears someone has removed the burnt out truck along with the carcasses. How nice!

<Gerald> "So, what's on the menu, then?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov walks into the house and sets his hat down next to the tin box.
  • Claudia heads up to the bathroom, washing off her face and hands.
  • Samantha-Raelin heads into the pantry, retrieving a whole buffet of vegetables, salted meats, spices and fruits.

<Gerald> "You know, since we'll probably be inside for the rest of the evening, I think I'll change into pajamas now."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Good idea." Dmitri heads off to what's left of his room to see if he can piece together a set of pajamas.

  • Samantha-Raelin heads upstairs to get changed out of her clothes as well. Might as well be comfortable.
  • Claudia comes back down to look over prospective foods with Samantha, also having gotten more comfortable

<Gerald> "So, er, what's this about Claudia getting new lingerie she thinks I'll like?"

  • Samantha-Raelin returns, having put the pajamas on. "Ready to get to work, Claudia?"

<Claudia> "Ready!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh…you'll see, soon enough."
<Claudia> "You'll also need to see one of the things I got…"
<Gerald> "Okay…." He's wearing his blue pajamas again, along with that goddamned lab coat.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh? Which one, Claudia?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov walks out in his striped blue and white pajamas. They're a bit dusty, but they'll do.
  • Samantha-Raelin is already chopping and dicing vegetables.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down at the table and lights a cigarette.

<Claudia> "The suit…" She grins. "They said it'd be like a 'second skin' and Im holding them to that…"

  • Gerald looks curious.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "Oh, that should be interesting."
  • Claudia starts doing cooking things. LA da da cooking
  • Gerald is lying down on the couch again.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks outside the window as he drags on his cigarette idly.
  • Claudia finds this very homey and nostalgic…

<Agent_Strelnikov> "This beats a jail cell."
<Claudia> "By far."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks over to Claudia, smiling. This was really nice, cooking with friends at a cottage in the country. "Definitely."

<Gerald> "Heh. Definitely."

  • Gerald makes some coffee.
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries to think of something to say.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts with the boiling and slicing now.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia, don't put too much garlic powder in!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov has nothing.
  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs and taps some ash from his cigarette with a light cough.

<Claudia> "A little extra flavor never hurt anyone…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Or Cheyenne pepper."
<Gerald> "…."
<Samantha-Raelin> "…did you just put half the container in?"
<Gerald> "….."
<Claudia> "No!"
<Claudia> "I know what I'm doing!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov lights another cigarette.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs, smiling. "I'm sure it'll be great."
  • Claudia laughs as well.
  • Gerald quietly takes a drink of his coffee.

<Gerald> "Hey, don't we head back tomorrow?"

  • Samantha-Raelin sets a big pot of soup off onto one of the stovetops to simmer, while she starts on other dishes. "Yep, it's our last night here."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Awww."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "We had better make good night of it then."
<Gerald> "Huh. It's been a great vacation, you know."
<Claudia> "It has!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I have tie up many loose ends."
<Claudia> "I had fun!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "I got a chance to kick back for once."

  • Claudia had *FUN*
  • Agent_Strelnikov also had *FUN*
  • Gerald smiles warmly. "Best vacation in my life, I'd have to say."
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I bet, Gerald."
  • Gerald blushes.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald wet beak many times."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Really, if I ever want to make him blush, all I gotta say is "Strawberry Jam". Or make him remember yesterday evening."

  • Claudia snorts and starts laughing.
  • Gerald turns redder. And redder.

<Claudia> "Hey, hey…BLBLBLBLBLBLBL."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs.
  • Agent_Strelnikov turns completely red.

<Samantha-Raelin> "They match!"
<Gerald> "….."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "IS NOT FUNNY."
<Claudia> "Like two jugs of strawberry jelly."
<Claudia> "Heeh."

  • Samantha-Raelin just loses it laughing.
  • Agent_Strelnikov buries his face on the table.

<Gerald> Oh look, a tomato. Wait, that's just Gerald.
<Claudia> "Aww, c'mon, guys!"
<Claudia> "Learn to laugh!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "By the way, we are all resolute on keeping that secret from Karen."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Thanks you," he murmurs through his arms.

  • Gerald nods.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "It will weigh on me, but….well."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I needed something."
<Claudia> "Don't worry about it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Listen, one day, you can tell her."
<Claudia> "…Sometimes people just need things. Someday, you'll be able to tell her, and she'll understand."

  • Agent_Strelnikov nods. "I am just a man."

<Samantha-Raelin> "And I'm sure she'll understand, because she'll know she has such a great man."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "I do not think she cares."

<Claudia> "One hell of a man, at that."
<Claudia> "I think she cares…I just think she isn't sure how to show it."

  • Gerald nods, sipping his coffee.

<Claudia> "Too many bad men trying to flirt with her have left her bitter and hard-shelled."
<Samantha-Raelin> "It's really obvious that she likes you a lot, though."
<Claudia> "Like…crap, I hate metaphors."
<Claudia> "I don't know. An angry armadillo?"
<Claudia> "You can't beat your way in…you'd have to coax her out."
<Gerald> "Porcupine, more like. She's nice though, when you get to know her."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Hm. She is too much like me."
<Claudia> "Porcupines don’t curl up."
<Claudia> "Hedgies do!"
<Gerald> "Hedgehog, then."

  • Samantha-Raelin continues to cook. There's a definite…heat to the smell of her cooking. That of red pepper and spice.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you for advice."

  • Claudia is helping to cook as well. She loves spices. Omfg.
  • Samantha-Raelin seems to put a flare into her methods. And a lot of coconut milk.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I cannot waits for dinner."
<Gerald> "It smells delicious."
<Claudia> "It damn well does."

  • Samantha-Raelin has had formal training in Thai Cuisine. Oddly, she rarely gets a chance to use it.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Claudia, how are things on your end?"
<Claudia> "Pretty good! Not as elaborate as yours, but I think this'll go together well!"

  • Claudia makes her food with the sort of rough, hot-as-hell southern flare to them. It's the type of cooking you only get with parents in the kitchen.
  • Agent_Strelnikov drums his fingers on the table and looks outside.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Nothing about Thai cooking is elaborate."
<Samantha-Raelin> "It's tossing a bunch of things at each other, covering it in curry, and serving it over rice."
<Gerald> "Heheh."
<Claudia> "Pf, same difference."

  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "Once we roast wild boar in Chechnya. Whole company feast on it for a day."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Was very nice. After that we napalmed a village."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Good weekend."
<Claudia> "…Sounds charming."
<Claudia> "You know, my dad used to call this napalm chicken."
<Claudia> "How appropriate."

  • Samantha-Raelin finishes up her meal. She pours several bowls of tom kar gai for the table, and leaves the pot in the middle with a serving ladle. "Soups on!"

<Gerald> "My dad once tried to cook food once on mother's day."
<Gerald> "The house almost burned down."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "So THAT is where you get it."
<Gerald> "….Huh?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "The fire thing."
<Gerald> "Oh, that? No, I didn't start getting into accidents into I joined the Foundation, like twelve years later."

  • Claudia finishes up her meal as well, bringing out a platter of fried chicken and various things to slather on it/dip it in/eat it with that all look like they could ignite at any moment.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Really."

  • Samantha-Raelin then sets out several plates, covered in a great deal of rice. On one half, she ladled a red shrimp curry, the other half chicken with peanut sauce. It was quite the spread. "Alright, dig in!"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oooh."

  • Gerald nods. "Yep. Oh, that looks /good/."

<Claudia> "Lets eat!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov pokes at the rice and begins eating.
  • Claudia fills up her plate to full capacity.
  • Gerald hops over to the table, and starts to eat.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts on her dinner, consuming equal proportions of Thai cuisine and fried chicken. "This is fantastic, Claudia."
  • Agent_Strelnikov eats voraciously, he was very hungry.
  • Claudia nods towards Samantha. "Mmph! This is good!"

<Gerald> "*Delicious*!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov has never eaten Thai before. His mouth begins burning.
  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "Ah, haven't had the chance to cook for other people in years."
  • Claudia seems to be immune to both the effects of Thai 'oh god my face is melting' spices and caijun 'oh god my lungs are melting' spices!
  • Samantha-Raelin is quite immune to spice as well, after all her time in Asia.
  • Gerald ate a bit too quickly.
  • Agent_Strelnikov 's face is turning red.

<Gerald> "….I think my mouth is on fire."
<Gerald> >.>

  • Claudia gets up and returns with glasses of milk for Gerald and Dmitri. "Here."
  • Agent_Strelnikov guzzles the milk.

<Claudia> "Milk soothes the burn better than water or juice or drinks."

  • Samantha-Raelin smiles. "I forget sometimes, people aren't quite as tolerant."
  • Claudia smiles as she sits back down. "…Wussies."
  • Claudia continues digging in.
  • Agent_Strelnikov coughs. "Am not wuss."
  • Gerald guzzles the milk.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I am just not used to eat this well."
<Gerald> "….."
<Claudia> "S'allright."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Once I bake a cake with flower, vodka, grass and cigarette ash on hood of a jeep."
<Claudia> "I know that not everybody can handle napalm chicken."
<Claudia> "..>That sounds very macgyver."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "This is /very/ different from that."
<Claudia> "Also, disgusting."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Was battlefield expedient. Taste ok."

  • Agent_Strelnikov returns to eating the chicken.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "That sounds like the worst cake, ever."
  • Gerald goes back to eating, this time a bit slower.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Was better than no cake."
<Claudia> "You know, that's a good way to look at things."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I…I'm not entire sure I agree."
<Samantha-Raelin> entirely*
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I had not have cake in three year. Was better than no cake."
<Claudia> "That's rather optimistic."
<Gerald> "….."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Was for my Captain's birthday."
  • Samantha-Raelin looks at Claudia. "You…you know what this means, right?"
  • Gerald mumbles something about a Krazy Ivan.
  • Agent_Strelnikov just made up Krazy Ivan on the spot. It has nothing to do with Chechnya.

<Claudia> "…Cake?"

  • Samantha-Raelin gets up, wiping her mouth with a napkin. "Cake."
  • Gerald looks up immediately at the word cake.

<Gerald> "….cake?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks up from his chicken and stops musing about Chechnya. "Cake?"

<Gerald> "Cake!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Cake! Cake!"

  • Samantha-Raelin heads to the kitchen. "Get the flour, I'll get the sugar!"

<Gerald> "CAKE!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "NO GERALD."

  • Agent_Strelnikov glares.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "You have gone too far."

  • Agent_Strelnikov returns to his chicken.

<Gerald> "But…I love cake!"

  • Claudia runs to grab the flour
  • Samantha-Raelin gets the eggs, milk, all that great stuff.
  • Claudia gets out measuring cups and mixing bowls
  • Gerald waits eagerly for cake.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Wants me help you make cake? I am very good at make cake."

  • Samantha-Raelin gets a motherfucking egg beater out! A mechanical one!
  • Samantha-Raelin has made this an EXTREMELY SERIOUS situation!

<Samantha-Raelin> "No, Dmitri. Thanks, but no."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Okays." He looks a bit deflated, but continues eating.
<Agent_Strelnikov> [fuck both of you i am suddenly starving]

  • Gerald finishes his food and awaits the cake.

<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 Cake Making!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Cake Making!: 32 [8d6=4,6,4,3,4,5,2,4]
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, FUCK YOU INVISIBILITY = CAKE: 12 [6d6=3,4,1,1,1,2]
<Samantha-Raelin> [:(]
<Samantha-Raelin> [reroll, cake is important enough to warrant it]
<Claudia> 6d6 CAAAAAAKE
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, CAAAAAAKE: 25 [6d6=6,2,6,1,6,4]
<Samantha-Raelin> [MORE LIKE IT]

  • Samantha-Raelin works with Claudia as a cake making team!

<Claudia> {RAAAAAAH]
<Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 I can make cake too
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, I can make cake too: 32 [7d6=3,5,6,4,5,4,5]


<Agent_Strelnikov> [Take that fuckers.]
<Claudia> [I just imagine them banning Dmitri to some little corner of the kitchen to make a cake on his own]

  • Samantha-Raelin pushes Dmitri out of the kitchen. "Sorry."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "But! But!" He falls back onto the couch.
<Samantha-Raelin> "Stay."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Awww."

  • Gerald chuckles.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets back to MAKING A GODDAMN CAKE.
  • Agent_Strelnikov can't stay still for long. He walks around the room with his hands behind the back, periodically looking outside to make sure there are no further Chechens.
  • Samantha-Raelin pours the batter into pans!
  • Claudia sets the oven!
  • Samantha-Raelin throws those fucking pans in the oven!

<Samantha-Raelin> "FROSTING."

  • Agent_Strelnikov watches out the window.

<Claudia> "FROSTING."

  • Samantha-Raelin gets to making some homemade frosting!

<Claudia> "Heh, I'm an expert at frosting, yanno."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I bet you would be."
<Claudia> "But more in wearing it, than using it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Mmm."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Mmmm!"

  • Samantha-Raelin makes a pretty damn good frosting!

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Er."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks away.

<Claudia> "Oops."

  • Samantha-Raelin things for a moment. Then she runs off downstairs.
  • Samantha-Raelin returns. Strawberry preserves! She mixes it into the frosting.
  • Gerald waits patiently for the cake.

<Claudia> :D
<Claudia> :DD

  • Agent_Strelnikov peeks into the kitchen.
  • Samantha-Raelin immediately stares at Dmitri. "NO PEEKING"

<Agent_Strelnikov> 6d6 Steal a peek at the cake!
<Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Steal a peek at the cake!: 25 [6d6=4,5,6,3,1,6]
<Agent_Strelnikov> [OH SHIT TEAM UP AND ROLL]
<Claudia> 6d6 NO PEEKING
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, NO PEEKING: 31 [6d6=4,5,6,4,6,6]
<Samantha-Raelin> 7d6 NO PEEKING
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, NO PEEKING: 28 [7d6=6,6,4,6,2,3,1]

  • Agent_Strelnikov is scolded and shooed away.
  • Agent_Strelnikov withdraws back to his domain.

<Gerald> 6d0 You're on your own.
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, You're on your own.: 0 [6d0=0,0,0,0,0,0]

  • Agent_Strelnikov sulks.
  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "I wonder what they'll think."
  • Gerald chuckles.
  • Claudia giggles. "I'm sure they'll love it."

<Samantha-Raelin> "I'll have to save the extra frosting. I think Gerald likes strawberries."
<Claudia> "Who doesn't?"

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs.
  • Samantha-Raelin hears the oven timer ding, and removes the pans.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Time to frost this son of a cake!"
<Claudia> "YES."
<Samantha-Raelin> XD

  • Agent_Strelnikov paces.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts to remove and frost the layers of the cake. She licks her fingers. "Mmmmm, this is gonna be good."
  • Claudia does the same. SENSUALLY
  • Gerald calmly drinks his coffee.
  • Samantha-Raelin thinks of something.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts making a design on the top of the cake with the strawberry preserves.
  • Claudia looks at the design curiously
  • Samantha-Raelin It's a red jam motorboat, on a sea of pink strawberry frosting.
  • Agent_Strelnikov tries, very carefully, to peek inside.

<Samantha-Raelin> 12d6 NO. PEEKING.
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, NO. PEEKING.: 44 [12d6=1,4,4,6,2,4,5,4,2,3,3,6]

  • Agent_Strelnikov D:
  • Agent_Strelnikov scurries away
  • Claudia can't stop laughing
  • Samantha-Raelin puts the cake on a platter. "Get a big knife, forks, and plates. I'll carry it in."
  • Claudia nods, collecting the requested materials.
  • Samantha-Raelin arrives back at the table, setting down the pink frosted cake.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Cake!"
<Gerald> "Cake!"

  • Gerald jumps to the table. He then sees the design.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Cak-…"
<Gerald> "….."

  • Agent_Strelnikov cocks his head to one side.
  • Samantha-Raelin waits to cut it up, letting the others see the design first.

<Gerald> "You have a twisted sense of humor, you know that?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Bblblblblbl."

  • Claudia giggles. "BLBLBLBLBLBL."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Very nice cake."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I do, care to make something of it?"

  • Gerald blushes.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins.
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks at Claudia and smiles.
  • Samantha-Raelin cuts the cake into slices, giving one to each of them.
  • Gerald forgets the design as he noms cake.
  • Agent_Strelnikov nibbles on his cake and comments.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Is much better than the cake I made."

  • Samantha-Raelin enjoys the cake quite a bit. "I bet. It has strawberry preserves in the frosting."
  • Agent_Strelnikov thinks for a moment, "I think we were ambush while eating that one."

<Gerald> "It's goddamned delicious, that's what it-what."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks behind him out of habit.
  • Gerald blushes again.
  • Claudia devours cake <3
  • Samantha-Raelin whispers into Gerald's ear. "I saved the extra frosting."

<Gerald> "….." Crimson.

  • Claudia giggles.
  • Agent_Strelnikov eats his cake quietly.

<Claudia> "…blblblblb.
<Claudia> "

  • Agent_Strelnikov chokes.
  • Agent_Strelnikov pounds his chest and manages to down that bite of cake.
  • Claudia pats Dmitri on the back. "HAhaah! Sorry!"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Dammit Claudia."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Do nots tease me like this."
<Claudia> "I couldn't resist, sorry."

  • Samantha-Raelin finishes off her slice. "I'll go put the rest in the fridge."
  • Gerald eats his cake in silence.
  • Samantha-Raelin returns from doing this. "So, anything else interesting happen while we were shopping?"

<Gerald> "I got thrown in a jail cell, a bunch of angry Russians yelled at me."
<Gerald> "Not much."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I meet a colonel and general."
<Samantha-Raelin> "A General, huh?"
<Gerald> "Huh. So that was that guy with the fancy uniform."
<Claudia> "Sounds important."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "He was nice fellow."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Knows about us, too. Is how we get released."
<Samantha-Raelin> "…knew about us?"
<Claudia> "Hm?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "He knows about Foundation."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Says many peoples like him know."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Ah, okay. Well, good thing, or they may have had you shot."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh, they try, believe me."

  • Agent_Strelnikov chuckles and lights another cigarette, having finished his cake.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…I cannot think of any more VDV trick to show you, Claudia."

  • Claudia smirks at Dmitri. "…Maybe that's for the better."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Probablies."
<Claudia> "Which reminds me, before bed, I wanna show you guys something!"

  • Claudia hurries off upstairs

<Gerald> "Hoo boy."

  • Samantha-Raelin just grins.
  • Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit on his cigarette.
  • Claudia is heard rustling and rummaging about upstairs, changing clothes, before she comes back down. There's a brief second where there's a startling impression of a headless mannequin, but, well, at least the bodysuit fits her like a glove. One hell of a black, shiny latex glove. Or some other material. "A bitch to get into, surprisingly comfortable…"

<Gerald> "….."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
<Claudia> "Plus, all I'd have to do was paint up my face and get some glasses…you'd never see me! Er, at least…you'd never…not…see me…"
<Claudia> "…"

  • Claudia grins. "…And just be glad I didn't come down in the OTHER outfits I bought."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I am having Yoric reassigned."

  • Claudia may or may not have gotten something military-themed. It is for Dmitri's sanity that she's not whipping it out.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "He does not deserves to see this."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I gotta admit, it's certainly a…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "…an improvement."
<Gerald> "Not bad, actually."
<Gerald> "Really nice. Good job, Claudia."

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs Gerald. "Cmon, you're coming with me."

<Gerald> "Herp!"

  • Claudia laughs. "You two go have fun…aww, I was gonna ask if Sam wanted to see my other outfit…"
  • Samantha-Raelin heads upstairs. "For Dmitri's sake, don't wear that to bed."

<Claudia> "I suppose I can show her later."
<Claudia> "I'm not gonna sleep in it!"
<Claudia> "I HAVE pajamas!"

  • Gerald is dragged upstairs, not actually resisting.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "I…uh.."

  • Samantha-Raelin is wearing the lingerie under her pajamas. They aren't going to sleep.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Do you need helps getting out."
<Claudia> "A little."

  • Agent_Strelnikov coughs.
  • Claudia turns away from Dmitri. How the hell she managed to zip up this suit in the back is a mystery and a half.
  • Agent_Strelnikov grabs the zipper and pulls it down slowly. Ostensibly he's trying not to damage the suit, but really, [DATA REDACTED.] He blushes a bit.
  • Claudia smiles, painted red lips in the air. "Thanks…I should go pack up the rest of the stuff I bought, before bed."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm." He still fiddles with the zipper.

  • Samantha-Raelin is showing Gerald the lingerie Claudia picked out right about now.

<Claudia> "Dmitri?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "What? Yes? Huh?"

  • Claudia chuckles softly. "…might wanna watch what you do. You're not nearly drunk enough for me to justify." Before she heads back upstairs, peeling off the latex as she goes.
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down on a chair. His hand is shaking again. God dammit.
  • Claudia decides to model her other clothes that she got for herself while he spends some time downstairs. Fashion shoooow.
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