Day Four

<Samantha-Raelin> <The day begins quite normally, around noon this time. The sun beats through the blinds.>

  • Samantha-Raelin wakes up, looking around, seeing Gerald still asleep. She prods him. "Cmon, up."

<Gerald> "Bah." He gets up groggily.

  • Agent_Strelnikov wakes up….on the couch.
  • Gerald yawns and gets up, putting his clothes on.
  • Claudia is sleeping. Honk-zz
  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around for his shirt, finding it on the floor. He slips into it and shuffles to the kitchen.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets dressed, putting the lingerie away for now, before getting into some decent clothes. She looks into the other room. "Wakey wakey, Claudia."
  • Gerald tromps into the kitchen.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Morning."
<Gerald> "Morning."

  • Agent_Strelnikov has the coffee and tea brewing already.
  • Claudia grumbles and rolls over, in a cocoon of blankets. They smell like Dmitri. <3
  • Agent_Strelnikov would d’awww if he were there.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts pulling her out of the cocoon.
  • Gerald grabs some coffee when it's done and drinks.
  • Agent_Strelnikov disappears into the pantry for a moment. He returns with some thick slabs of bacon.
  • Claudia grumbles. "Mmmmngh. Gettin' up, gettin' up…"
  • Claudia struggles away from Samantha, trying to cling to the bed.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "I hope you didn't stay up trying out your purchases."
  • Agent_Strelnikov starts arraying them in a frying pan, then goes to town. It smells wonderful, and slowly wafts upstairs.

<Gerald> "….."

  • Gerald 's stomach growls audibly.
  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Gerald. "You want me season with cigarette ash?"

<Samantha-Raelin> "Mmmm…that smells great."
<Gerald> "…What? No!"
<Claudia> "Mmn…noooo. Maybe."
<Claudia> "A little bit."

  • Claudia gets up and yawns. "…Bacon?"
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "Cmon, let's get some."
  • Samantha-Raelin heads downstairs, and to the table. "That smells wonderful, Dmitri."
  • Claudia nods, shuffling towards the door. "…I can't believe vacation's almost over…oh, that smells heavenly."
  • Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Sam and Claudia.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Bacon."
<Agent_Strelnikov> As if you didn't know!

  • Claudia grins. "Bacon <3"
  • Agent_Strelnikov lifts the pan from the stove and serves the bacon onto a few plates he put out. One of them might actually be a saucer rather than a real plate.
  • Samantha-Raelin starts eating the bacon. "Plan on making anything else, or just bacon?"
  • Claudia devours her bacon
  • Gerald checks his bacon for cigarette ash, then proceeds to nom the bacon.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "..Oh. Uh."

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around. "Just bacon."
  • Agent_Strelnikov sits down, lights a cigarette, then begins eating bacon from the pan.

<Claudia> "M'good with Bacon."

  • Gerald looks up. "I can scramble eggs…."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "You probably burn them." He chuckles.
<Gerald> "…."
<Claudia> "The whole house would go down in flames."
<Claudia> "Granted, Chechens already did take out that wall…"

  • Gerald eats his bacon, muttering about bacon.

<Gerald> *eggs
<Agent_Strelnikov> "As sad as I will be to leave, will be nice to get home finally."
<Claudia> "Mm…I guess so."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Maybe Karen come home soon and I see her."
<Claudia> "Ooh, that'd be nice!"

  • Samantha-Raelin nods. "Our flight should be at around 5pm."

<Claudia> "I can show off my new outfits at home, too…"

  • Gerald excitedly makes scrambled eggs.
  • Agent_Strelnikov observes Gerald to make sure there is no fire.
  • Claudia disappears into the kitchen, and returns with freshly-sliced strawberries. Fresh. om nom nom

<Gerald> "I've always found eggs to go best with strawberry….erp."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Strawberries." He smiles.

  • Claudia grins, offering everybody a few of them. Delicious.
  • Agent_Strelnikov takes one and twirls it in his fingers for a bit. Strawberries are special to him.
  • Agent_Strelnikov pops it in his mouth and smiles.
  • Claudia has gathered this information.
  • Gerald makes eggs, blushing a bit.
  • Samantha-Raelin grins. She has too.

<Samantha-Raelin> "So, what shall we do until 5pm?"

  • Gerald finishes the eggs, and drop them on everyone's plate. They're actually pretty good.
  • Samantha-Raelin enjoys some eggs.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Well. I do nots care."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I leave this up to you."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I have done all I wanted."

  • Claudia eats
  • Claudia has lips outlined with fresh red strawberry juice. It's half messy, half weird.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Well we should pack first, so we'll have our whole day free."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "I only brings one suitcase, is easy for me."

  • Gerald nods.

<Claudia> "I got a new bag while shopping, so that takes care of that…"
<Samantha-Raelin> <As you eat, the faint smell of…something, goes undetected amongst the aroma of eggs, bacon, and strawberries>

  • Claudia isn't paying attention. Fuck you strange smell, BACON.
  • Gerald noms delicious eggs n' bacon.
  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't notice. He keeps eating the bacon.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Undetected, the gas is inhaled by the occupants of the cabin. Dropped through the stovepipe near the kitchen, no one would notice the colorless substance.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Slowly, but surely, the world around them gets a little less coherent.>
<Gerald> "…."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Something…something’s wrong."

  • Claudia has ceased eating and is staring at the ceiling. "…hehe…mmn…still tired…"

<Gerald> "Er…"
<Gerald> 5d6 Shit Happens
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shit Happens: 21 [5d6=5,5,2,3,6]

  • Agent_Strelnikov sways a bit.
  • Gerald attempts to fight whatever it is.
  • Agent_Strelnikov , ironically, is the first to pass out. His head hits the table with a thunk.

<Samantha-Raelin> <Gerald attempts, but fails.>

  • Samantha-Raelin looks a bit tired…before she passes out herself.
  • Gerald simply slides off his chair.
  • Claudia collapses on the table. She snores.

<Samantha-Raelin> <The world goes dark.>
<Gerald> 5d6 Knocked out quite a few times, used to it by now.
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Knocked out quite a few times, used to it by now.: 17 [5d6=4,4,1,6,2]
<Samantha-Raelin> <The next thing you know, the four of you find yourselves with your hands and feet bound, and your eyes blindfolded, in some sub level basement.>
<Claudia> 5d6 A Ghostly job of waking up
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, A Ghostly job of waking up: 25 [5d6=5,6,6,3,5]

  • Claudia starts to wake groggily. "…kinky."
  • Agent_Strelnikov snores.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Not…now, Claudia."

  • Gerald wakes up.

<Gerald> "Hm? What's going on?"
<Claudia> "mmmnghl…mm…s'it dark?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov slowly comes to.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Don't know. Someone must have knocked us out."
<Claudia> "..Mm."
<Agent_Strelnikov> <You're vaguely aware of other people in the room. They're not saying anything but occasionally you hear them moving around.
<Claudia> "…Though' I smelled somthin' funny…"

  • Claudia tries to focus. You don't be invisible for so long without learning a few tricks of the trade. "…I c'n hear you!"

<Gerald> "Who are you?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Someone behind you laughs and smacks Gerald on the back of the head.>
<Gerald> "Ow!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"I can hear you too, honey." Someone runs a rough finger down the back of Claudia's neck.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <A different voice this time, in Russian. *"Take the blindfolds off, boss?"*>
<Claudia> "Mmhm." She doesn't seem terribly perturbed by this. "…soooo…"
<Samantha-Raelin> *"What the hell do you want?"*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The blindfolds come off without warning, abruptly exposing your eyes to the harsh light.
<Agent_Strelnikov> >

  • Gerald looks around.
  • Agent_Strelnikov blinks a few times, trying to adjust his eyes.
  • Claudia whines. "Awwwugh."

<Claudia> "Briiiight.”
<Gerald> "….What?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <A man in a finely tailored suit kneels down in front of Sam. *"Well look who it is."*>

  • Samantha-Raelin blinks the blindness away. *"I'm going to ask once more, what the hell do you want."*

<Gerald> "?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Someone behind Gerald smacks him on the head again.>

  • Claudia looks around, curiously testing at her bonds, more to see how they're tied then to escape.

<Gerald> "Ow! Okay, really. Stop hitting me."
<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"We just want paid, miss. That's all."* His mouth turns into a cruel smile.>
<Claudia> 5d6 I've played the bondage game…
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, I've played the bondage game…: 19 [5d6=4,6,4,1,4]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <You're all tied up pretty well. They knew what they were doing.>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Paid? Are you joking? Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"
<Samantha-Raelin> *

  • Claudia mutters under her breath. "Nice knots…"

<Agent_Strelnikov> <*"Let me guess, Southern Coal Products. Right?"* The smile is knowing.>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Typical, let me guess, Marshall Carter and Dark."*
<Agent_Strelnikov> <He turns away from Sam and looks at Claudia, reverting to English. "And you, my special friend.">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <He feels for her and begins touching her cheek.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Big plans for you. You're worth a lot of money, you know?">

  • Claudia blinks, and goes to bite his fingers. "Damn straight, I'm not cheap!"

<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, OM NOM NOM RAR FINGERS: 12 [3d6=2,5,5]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <He draws his hands back quickly as she nips at them. "Awww.">

  • Gerald understood 'Marshall, Carter and Dark.'

<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Anyway. Why are you here. Good question, good question." The man begins pacing back and forth in front of you.>
<Samantha-Raelin> "I swear to god, if you touch her, or any of my friends I am going to make your life pitiable by even the lowest, most foul creatures."

  • Claudia is kinda sad that she's not wearing her awesome new bodysuit. Fighting would be fun in that. Like a ninja or something.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Touch her? Touch her?" he repeats. "I'm not interested in touching her. Not my business, see.">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"…You, though." He draws in a breath, hissing a bit. "You….ho ho.">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"I am interested in touching you.">
<Claudia> "…Hey!"
<Gerald> "…."
<Claudia> "You keep your paws off her!"

  • Claudia is glaring, It's hard to tell this.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I can damn well guarantee that will be the last thing you ever do, even if I don't make it out alive."

  • Agent_Strelnikov sighs.

<Gerald> "Listen up buddy, if you lay so much as a finger on her, I will break your goddamn neck."

  • Agent_Strelnikov tries his best to free himself from the bonds, but they're done up too damn well. One of the guards smacks him with the grip of a pistol.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <Gerald's guard keeps smacking him on the back of the head, toying with him.>

  • Gerald stopped noticing the guards at this point.
  • Claudia keeps trying to mess with her bonds.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The suited man leans in close to Samantha's face, smiling still. "You're pretty clever, you know? Not many people get away from us when it comes to theft. But you already know that.">
<Claudia> 5d6 Ghooooostknots augh stupid knots
<Magic_8-Ball> Claudia, Ghooooostknots augh stupid knots: 21 [5d6=1,3,5,6,6]
<Gerald> 4d6 Agility
<Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Agility: 11 [4d6=1,4,3,3]
<Samantha-Raelin> "I know more about you than you do."

  • Gerald also attempts, but fails.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Mm. I'll bet you do." He turns to Gerald, laughing a bit. "And you. Her little boyfriend. How the hell did /you/ end up with her, eh?">
<Claudia> "I'll have you know he's VERY sweet."

  • Gerald glares at him.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guard smacks him on the head again for emphasis.>

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "He may not look it, but he's more of a man than most I've met."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Sweet, awww. We'll let you watch then.">
<Claudia> "Probably MUCH better in the sack than any of you louts, to boot."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Including present, annoying company."

  • Gerald blushes slightly. Bad timing, isn't it?

<Agent_Strelnikov> <He laughs and walks away, hands behind his back. Two guards step from behind and lift Samantha's chair up, carrying her to the center of the room.>
<Gerald> "Hey, hey!"
<Gerald> "HEY!"
<Claudia> "Heey!"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Oh please. You wouldn't do anything even if you weren't tied up.">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The guard smacks Gerald on the cheek, much harder this time.>
<Samantha-Raelin> *"Mmmm…you don't know what I could do for you, do you?"*
<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 Feminine Wiles
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Feminine Wiles: 19 [8d6=2,3,4,2,1,3,2,2]

  • Gerald raises an eyebrow. "Excuse me? Untie me, and find out."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <He leans down and whispers in her ear. *"Oh I know all kinds of things you could do for me."*>

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. *"I am going to enjoy tearing out your tendons while our best doctors keep you alive."*
  • Claudia starts absently trying to relax and squeeze her hands out of their bonds slowly.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <He laughs and looks at Gerald, still leaning by her ear. "Ah yes. The angry ones are always fun, aren't they?">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Idly he runs his hand through her hair.>
<Gerald> "….."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks at Gerald. "Don't worry, we're going to make it out of this."
  • Gerald nods.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Why don't you tell me what she likes, we'll see that she enjoys it too eh?">
<Samantha-Raelin> "I'd like you to shut up with the scary scary crap."
<Gerald> "She likes shooting people. Give her a gun, she'll have a blast."
<Claudia> "Yeah, I mean, it's great an intimidating and all for like…thirty seconds."
<Claudia> "Not so much in our line of work."
<Samantha-Raelin> "My previous boss makes you seem like a god damned angel in comparison."
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Alright then." He steps back and motions to the guards. "Go ahead, make him watch too.">
<Agent_Strelnikov> <"Kill the Russian. He's no use to us.">
<Gerald> "……"

  • Agent_Strelnikov doesn't seem too surprised by that.

<Claudia> "Ouch, tough break, Strel."

  • Samantha-Raelin still seems to be keeping her cool.

<Agent_Strelnikov> <One of the guards behind you chambers a round in his pistol and places it against Strelnikov's neck.>

  • Gerald is still trying to get out of his bonds.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Ruskie…don't worry…"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <There's the sound of breaking glass behind you. The guards who were covering you slump forward with holes in the backs of their heads, followed by camouflaged blurs surging towards Samantha.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Samantha's guards collapse in surprise, as the OMON troopers sweep the room clear with suppressed weaponry.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> [ ]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <Everyone gets some blood on them. Everyone.>

  • Samantha-Raelin grins. "What do you know. I was just bluffing."
  • Gerald looks rather confused.

<Claudia> "Called it."
<Claudia> "Well, not out loud."

  • Samantha-Raelin looks up. *"Mind untying me?"*

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The militiamen cut the bonds with their knives and help you to stand.>

  • Claudia blinks. She's literally a human made of a frosting of blood. Delightful and horribly unnerving.
  • Agent_Strelnikov stands up, twitching a bit.
  • Samantha-Raelin gets up, looking around. *"Where did the man in the suit go?"*
  • Gerald stands up, walks over, and hugs Sam.
  • Agent_Strelnikov grabs the nearest militiaman. *"Did you get the bastard in the suit?!"*
  • Samantha-Raelin hugs and kisses Gerald. "Told you we'd be alright."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <The men shake their heads. In the front of the building the sound of gunfire erupts.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <It appears our suited friend is making a break for it.>
<Claudia> "…What a dick."
<Samantha-Raelin> <From up on high, a Helicopter pilot flies his bird above the landscape. Seeing the dot in the suit running, he shouts to his passenger. He grins.>
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The suited fellow runs across a parking lot, to a nearby escape vehicle.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <From at least a thousand feet up, a lone figure drops, prostrate, from the helicopter. From what you can tell, he's on a crash course with the man, just as he enters his car.>
<Gerald> [OH SHI-]
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The man sits in his car with a grin on his face. Escape is sweet.>

  • Samantha-Raelin is now known as Raelin-Kondraki

<Raelin-Kondraki> 40d6 Kondraki it from Orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
<Magic_8-Ball> Raelin-Kondraki, Kondraki it from Orbit, it's the only way to be sure.: 137 [40d6=4,5,3,6,4,3,3,4,1,3,6,2,4,5,1,6,5,4,3,1,2,2,3,3,6,1,1,4,5,1,3,4,4,6,4,4,2,4,3,2]
<Claudia> "ohmigod"
<Agent_Strelnikov> <The man's smile disappears as the car explodes into a ball of blue and yellow fire.>
<Gerald> "….."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Kondraki!" He smiles brightly.

  • Raelin-Kondraki Kondraki walks from the wreckage, but not after lighting his cigarette off the man's burning corpse. "Yo."

<Claudia> "Holy SHIT."
<Gerald> "Er, hello Dr. Kondraki."
<Claudia> "I'm not sure if I should be horrified or turned on."

  • Agent_Strelnikov waves!

<Raelin-Kondraki> "Hey Gerald, Sam, Red…347."

  • Raelin-Kondraki walks up to him. "Somehow I knew you'd show up if you could."

<Claudia> "Don't worry, I've got paperwork. And I've only stolen like, two things! And I stole them from Marshall and Carter and whatever."

  • Raelin-Kondraki Kondraki shrugs. "You do have that distress chip implanted in the back of your neck."
  • Agent_Strelnikov checks Claudia. "Are you okays?"
  • Claudia smiles at Dmitri. "I'm okay. None of this blood is mine, so I'm good."
  • Raelin-Kondraki feels around the skin on the back of her neck. "…right. Having that removed immediately."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Goods. You ok Gerald?" Dmitri rubs his face where the pistol impacted him.
<Gerald> "Fine. They tried to hit me, but I've felt worse."

  • Raelin-Kondraki Kondraki looks over to Gerald. "Some boyfriend you are, can't even keep your girl from getting tortured and killed without violent intervention."

<Claudia> “Harsh…"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "He tried his best."

  • Raelin-Kondraki Kondraki shrugs. "I'm sure."

<Gerald> "Hey!"
<Gerald> "Nobody's been tortured yet."

  • Raelin-Kondraki looks up at him, and back to Gerald. "That chip transmits voice, right? Well you know what I said about Gerald being more of a man than most I'd known? It included you."
  • Raelin-Kondraki Kondraki blinks. "Ouch."
  • Agent_Strelnikov chuckles.
  • Claudia smirks.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "That was impressive accuracy, Doktor Kondraki."

  • Gerald smiles.
  • Raelin-Kondraki He grins. "I've had practice."

<Raelin-Kondraki> <The same helicopter lowers a rope ladder, and Kondraki makes haste to climb it. "See you back at base.">

  • Raelin-Kondraki is now known as Samantha-Raelin

<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Huh. Good timings."
<Claudia> "I'm impressed."
<Samantha-Raelin> "He's such a fucking showoff, I swear to god."

  • Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "He backs it up, though."

<Gerald> <Elsewhere, in the Moscow Military HQ, a colonel receives an incident report, concerning gunfire and a supposed car bomb. He sees Dmitri's picture in it. Swearing profusely, he yells at his guards, and throws a cup of coffee at the wall.>

  • Gerald nods, quiet.
  • Samantha-Raelin puts her arm around Gerald. "I thought your efforts were really sweet."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Although, it's really a good thing they showed up. He probably would have done some seriously sick shit."

  • Gerald kisses Sam. "Thanks for sticking up for me against Kondraki."

<Agent_Strelnikov> <Somewhere in a Moscow apartment block a woman worries about her husband, an OMON trooper. She watches out the window in a strawberry patterned dress, overlooking the White Sea Canal.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov nods to the troopers and offers some of them cigarettes in thanks.
  • Samantha-Raelin hugs Gerald. "It's not a problem."

<Agent_Strelnikov> "…Well. Go homes?"

  • Samantha-Raelin nods. "Go homes."

<Gerald> "It's been fun, but I'd like to go home."
<Claudia> "That was fun…"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Overall? Yes, it was."
<Gerald> "Minus the Chechens and auctions, of course."
<Samantha-Raelin> <As if on cue, several more helicopters touch down. Your bags and belongings are already on board.>
<Claudia> "I dunno, those parts were interesting!"
<Gerald> "We aren't taking a plane back?"

  • Agent_Strelnikov offers a cigarette to a nearby lieutenant. He smiles and takes it, then pulls out a cell phone to call his wife, whom he knows is waiting for him.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Nice fellow, he is."

  • Gerald nods.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Helicopters, apparently. Probably for security reasons."

  • Samantha-Raelin steps onto the chopper.

<Gerald> "Okay." He gets to the choppa.

  • Agent_Strelnikov looks around, lingering outside the chopper.
  • Samantha-Raelin looks to Strelnikov. "Coming?"

<Agent_Strelnikov> "….Just a minute." Something has caught his eye in a small plot of grass across the street.

  • Agent_Strelnikov runs into traffic, causing several cars and buses to screech to a halt and beep at him.
  • Agent_Strelnikov delicately plucks a small, white flower from the ground then runs back across the street and into the helicopter. He puts it in his breast pocket.

<Agent_Strelnikov> "Readies."
<Samantha-Raelin> <As they pack into the helicopter, they begin the long flight home. After such an eventful trip, the ride back was uneventful.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <Well, except for the swarm of Bear Bees.>
<Samantha-Raelin> <But that, my friends, is a story for another time.>

  • Agent_Strelnikov watches the city and countryside fall away.

<Agent_Strelnikov> If you look closely, you might see a few tears roll from his eyes. But only a few.
<Samantha-Raelin> "…bees."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Bees?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Oh, nothing."

  • Gerald leans up against Sam on the way back.
  • Agent_Strelnikov leans over and whispers to Claudia. "Thanks."
  • Claudia smiles. "…No prob."

<Samantha-Raelin> <FADE INTO THE SUNSET>

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