Character Template

**//Name//**: (Name goes here)
**//Position//**: (Your position. Should correlate with the one held on the actual Wiki)

++ __**Skills**__ (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 6 per skill. The skills can be anything)

**I Am Your Skill**: 6
**I Am Your Skill Too**: 5

++ __**Pawns**__ (You start with 0 pawns)

++ __**Inventory**__

**SCPs:** (Start with none)

**Weapons:** (Start with one, +1 item)
* //The Fistgun// -- +1 to **I Am Your Skill**

**Equipment:** (Same goes here)
* //Lolzball// -- +1 to **I Am Your Skill Too**

++ __**Perks**__ (Perks are earned)

++ __**Hooks**__ (Hooks are character flaws or weaknesses, essentially the opposite of Perks. Add 1 extra skill point if your character has a Hook, and another extra skill point for every additional 2 Hooks after that.))
* //Rules Monkey//: -1 penalty to the next 3 rolls anytime someone break's your internal standards.

++ __**History**__ (Optional. Write a short blurb reminding us who your character is and how they got here.)

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