Name: Agent 'CarrionTrooper'
Position: Undercover Field Agent (South East Asia Branch)


Information Gathering: 4
Hacking: 3 (+1)
Homebrew Backyard Martial Art Kung-Fu Chop Suey: 4 (+2)
Hidden Passage Making: 2



  • Steak Knife — +1 to Homebrew Backyard Martial Art thingamajigger.
  • Tokalev — +1 to Homebrew Backyard Martial Art thingamajigger.


  • Laptop in hand — +1 to Hacking.
  • Environmental Suit — Less chance of being killed in hostile environment.


  • Explosives Mishandling: This character cannot deploy any explosives. Rephrased: When used by this character, any explosive weapon or equipment don't work, won't work, and will not work even under severe threats of existence.
  • Mistaken Identity: This character is often mistaken for something else entirely, even biometric sensors seem to agree with this fact. Roll a 1d7 whenever this character needs his identity established. Any number but 7 got his identity mistaken.
  • Slight Annoyance: This character is considered a mild nuisance to others, only when he engages in discussion.


Agent CarrionTrooper's profile

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